Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4150

In order to make sure that nothing is wrong, Ye Chen took out the information of Fei Hao Yang sent by Wan Bajun in his mobile phone, opened the photo of Fei Hao Yang, handed it to Hattori Kazuo and instructed, “Remember this person clearly, if he brings someone over later, you wait for him to come in and kill all his men, if he comes by himself, just tie him up and bring him in to me, got it? ”

How dare Hattori Kazuo say more, he quickly nodded and said, “Master Ye don’t worry, I understand ……”

Ye Chen nodded and added: “If he lets people come to explore the truth, you guys don’t need to do anything, just let them in.”

“Good!” Hattori Kazuo solemnly agreed and carefully stared at Fei Hao Yang’s photo again before speaking, “Master Ye, I’ve memorized Fei Hao Yang’s face!”

Ye Chen nodded his head slightly and waved his hand, “Since you have already remembered it clearly, then there is nothing more for you to do here, so go out!”

Hattori Kazuo breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly said, “Master Ye, then I will first leave ……”

After saying that, he hurriedly led the seven people to retreat out.

As soon as they left, Gu Qiuyi asked impatiently, “Brother Ye Chen, that Fei Hao Yang, why did he kidnap me?!”

Ye Chen said coldly, “I was tracking down that Qiao Feiyun when I was in Canada, but the kid disappeared after he came to New York. I just found out that that Fei Hao Yang, is actually Qiao Feiyun’s superior, they specialize in mutilating young girls for fun, and their methods are extremely ruthless, you should be their next target.”

Gu Qiuyi gritted her teeth and said, “This guy is too vicious! He put on such a big show to trick me! It’s so hateful!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and said, “Nui Nui, don’t worry, I will make him pay the maximum price.”

Gu Qiuyi couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Ye Chen, what are your next plans? Is it to kidnap that Fei Hao Yang?”

Ye Chen nodded and said firmly, “I will definitely not let them go, but right now I still don’t know the exact whereabouts of Qiao Feiyun, so since Fei Hao Yang is here, why not take this opportunity to give him a head start!”

Gu Qiuyi hastily reminded, “Brother Ye Chen, this Fei family is strong and is the second most powerful Chinese family in North America after the An family, if you move their young master, will this matter bring you trouble ah ……”

“Never mind.” Ye Chen casually laughed, “We didn’t kidnap the person either, we’re just witnesses.”

Chen Zhao Zhong couldn’t help but exclaim, “Young Master Ye, this is a wonderful solution! When that Fei Hao Yang comes over, those ninjas will kill his men and kidnap him, and even the six bodyguards who died just now can all be counted against them! We just need to put on a good show in front of the police, and we can watch the fire from across the river!”

Saying that, Chen Zhao Zhong added, “Young Master Ye, in that case, I dare to suggest that you don’t put these ninjas back, if the Fei family traces them, this matter will still be exposed sooner or later.”

Ye Chen nodded approvingly and said, “There is indeed this layer of risk.”

After saying that, Ye Chen asked Chen Zhaozhong, “Uncle Zhong, what good advice do you have?”

Chen Zhao Zhong busily said, “I heard that Japanese ninja just now say that the person who invited them here is the one you have been trying to find, Qiao Feiyun, right?”

“Right.” Ye Chen nodded his head.

Chen Zhao Zhong added, “Young Master Ye, you have been unable to find the whereabouts of Qiao Feiyun, according to me, Qiao Feiyun is probably hiding in the Fei family to advise Fei Hao Yang, and since the Fei family is powerful, has many industries, and is heavily guarded, it is really not easy to find him out.”