Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4123

But once the great families stopped paying for the ninja, then the profession lost its ground of survival.

Therefore, the Iga family, as it is now, would have to find a way to stand on its own feet.

With this in mind, his expression also turned serious as he bowed and said, “Father-sama, I understand what you have in mind! Please rest a*sured that I will do my utmost to complete this mission!”

Hattori Hanzo nodded in satisfaction and admonished, “Kazuo, when you go to America this time, you must be careful to keep a low profile, and when you enter the country, do not use your original identity, let alone let the Ito family know about it.”

At this point, Hattori Hanzo added, “I want you to go to America this time, I also want you to examine the situation in America, the environment for ninja to survive in Japan is already harsh, but America will definitely be much better, if it is suitable, we might as well bring all of the Iga family to America!”

“To America?!” Hattori Kazuo’s eyes widened and he blurted out, “Father, the situation in America is very complicated …… The local gangs are intricate, and the gangs formed by European, African, and Asian immigrants there are exceptionally strong in combat, and with the proliferation of guns in America, our ninja advantage will be greatly diminished when we get there.”

“No.” Hattori Hanzo shook his head, “It is the fact that everyone relies on guns to solve their problems that will show our unique ninja advantage, otherwise our employers on the American side wouldn’t have gone to such great lengths to invite us over this time! This proves that there must be a market and a demand for ninjas in America, so you can examine them properly before making a decision once you arrive.”

Hattori Kazuo nodded respectfully, “Yes father, I understand!”


Ever since Ye Chen had agreed to accompany Gu Qiuyi to the charity dinner, he had been thinking about what kind of reason he should use to explain this matter to Xiao Churan.

Because, not only did he have to accompany Gu Qiuyi to the dinner on the 11th, he also promised Gu Qiuyi that he would go to New York and Boston to support her concerts on the 15th and 17th, respectively.

The concerts were easy, after all, his wife Xiao Churan also liked Gu Qiuyi very much, so if he took her to the concerts, she would definitely be very excited.

The hard part was how to explain to his wife about going to New York on the 11th.

Just when Ye Chen had not thought of a good wording, Xiao Churan told him cheerfully, “Honey! Gu Qiuyi is coming to America for a concert!”

Ye Chen asked curiously, “You just found out about it?”

“Yes. ……” Xiao Churan said, “I’ve been so busy with training these past few days that I rarely pay attention to these news, I only found out about it today because I happened to see the promotional posters at school ……”

The first time I saw the posters, I found out about them. Gu Qiuyi has a concert in New York on the 15th and in Boston on the 17th, Boston is the closest to us, will you accompany me to see it ……”

Ye Chen then went along with her words and said with a smile, “If you really want to see it so badly, then why don’t you go to both shows.”

“Huh?” Xiao Churan said in surprise, “Isn’t going to both shows a little too greedy …… And …… And tickets must be hard to buy too …… Especially the New York station, New York has a large population and many rich people, so I guess it’s hard to grab tickets, Boston might be easier.”

Ye Chen then smiled and said, “Aiya, then your luck is really good, Gu Qiuyi’s team is saying that they want me to go to New York to inspect the feng shui of the New York concert venues, I was hesitating to say yes, since you want to see her concerts, then I’ll help you get the tickets for these two concerts along with it!”