Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4303

Ye Chen’s words sounded like thunder to the ears of every member of the Fei family, deafening!

Anyone could see that Ye Chen’s face was full of solemnity, not at all a test, let alone a joke!

Fei Xuebin’s face was pale at this moment, and tears were streaming down his face.

He knew very well that no matter what he said, there was no way he could save his son’s life.

If he said the wrong thing now, then I was afraid that his own fate would be very sad when his son died.

So, he could only touch and lower his head, not daring to look at Ye Chen, let alone answer.

Ye Chen did not let him muddle through, but asked in a stern voice: “Fei Xuebin! I am asking you once more! I killed your son, are you convinced?!”

Fei Xuebin was so frightened by Ye Chen’s words that his body instantly went limp. He was forced to retreat by Ye Chen’s aggressive stance, and his heart still collapsed, so he could only kneel on the ground, fold his hands and bow incessantly, while shouting loudly under his breath in despair, “I submit! I submit!!! I submit!!!”

As soon as Fei Hao Yang heard these words, his entire eyes went black and he nearly fainted.

Driven by a strong desire to live, he stared hard at his father with wide eyes and hissed and shouted, “Dad! You have to save me, Dad! You can’t just stand by and watch him kill me Dad!!!”

Fei Xuebin turned his face aside and said through clenched teeth, “You brought all this on yourself …… …… and I can’t save you …… ”

Fei Hao Yang shouted out of the blue, “You can’t be so heartless, Dad! I’m still the Fei family’s seed, no matter what, if you guys see me get killed with your own eyes, can you still live the rest of your lives in peace?!”

Ye Chen kicked him in the chest and said in a cold voice, “If you talk any more nonsense, I guarantee that you will be worse off than dead!”

Once Fei Hao Yang heard this, even though his whole body was in severe pain, he did not dare to say a word more, the two days of inhuman torture were much more horrible than hell to him, and he had already been terrified to the extreme.

At this time, Ye Chen asked Fei Xuebin again, “Fei Xuebin, I ask you again, your son, Fei Hao Yang, should he die?!”

Fei Xuebin closed his eyes and shouted in despair, “D*mn! D*mn it!!!”

Ye Chen nodded, again this. Looking towards Fei Hao Yang’s grandfather, Fei Shanhai, he looked at him and asked in a cold voice, “Fei Shanhai! I killed your grandson, are you convinced?”

Fei Shanhai immediately bowed down, not daring to raise his head, and said in a loud voice, “Mr. Ye, I …… am convinced!”

Ye Chen frowned and asked, “Are you really convinced?”

Fei Shanhai said repeatedly, “I am really convinced! I am really convinced!!!”

Ye Chen added, “You are the head of the Fei family, and you are ruthless enough to even spare your own father, so when you say you are convinced, I don’t believe it in my heart for ten thousand times.”