Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4524

“Calling someone?!”

Instructor Lin snorted disdainfully, “What, you still want to get helpers?!”

Ye Chen laughed, “Not really helpers, don’t you guys want to know Zhong Zitao’s whereabouts? I can call right now and arrange for someone to bring him in.”

Hong Yuanshan laughed coldly, “Kid, you really don’t know when you’re f*cking dead, you think you can get away safely by calling for two helpers? Let me tell you, in my Hong Yuan Shan’s territory, even if the King of Heaven came, he wouldn’t be able to take you away!”

Ye Chen laughed, “I don’t need anyone to take me away, after I finish cleaning up this old dog of yours, I will walk out of here on my own, by then you will be on your knees, crawling like a dog and barking like a dog to send me out.”

“f*ck you!” Hong Yuanshan was utterly furious as he pointed at Ye Chen and roared at Lin Jiantu: “Kill him! Immediately! Immediately!”

Zhong Yunqiu, who was at the side, panicked and he hurriedly said to Hong Yuanshan, “Godfather, we can’t make any rash moves yet, Godfather! After all, Zitao is still in his hands, and from what he said, it seems that he has accomplices outside, so if we act rashly, they might make a move on Zitao!”

Zhong Yunqiu was most worried about his son’s safety, and he didn’t dare to let Hong Yuanshan really do anything to Ye Chen before he saw him.

After all, in case Ye Chen was pushed to the limit and his accomplices tore the ticket outside, then this precious son of his would be lost.

Hong Yuanshan also knew that he had to make sure that Zhong Zitao was alive or dead, otherwise if anything really happened to Zhong Zitao, then Zhong Yunqiu’s promise of US$60 million for three years would definitely be in vain.

So, he looked at Ye Chen and said in a cold voice, “Kid, if Zitao can come back safely, I will let you die a painful death! Otherwise, I will make your life worse than death!”

Ye Chen smiled blandly, “Just you wait.”

After saying that, he took out his phone and sent a message to Wan Breaking Jun.

He told him to go directly to the Tesla at the entrance of the bar and bring in Zhong Zitao in the trunk once the vehicle was unlocked.

Afterwards, he said to Liu Manqiong beside him, “Miss Manqiong, that car of yours should be able to be unlocked remotely, right?”

Liu Manqiong nodded gently and asked with some confusion, “Ye Chen, who did you get to come and help?”

Ye Chen casually said, “A friend, you don’t have to worry, just unlock the car.”

“Good ……” Liu Manqiong took out her mobile phone and unlocked the vehicle remotely.

At the door, Wan Breaking Jun, with the two great kings of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall, was already standing in front of the Tesla waiting.

After the vehicle was unlocked, Wan Breaking Jun opened the trunk and saw an unconscious guy lying inside, so he said to Lu Haotian beside him, “Haotian, you carry him.”

“As you command, Hall Master!” Without thinking, Lu Haotian pulled Zhong Zitao out from inside with one hand and carried him on his shoulder.

The three of them then strutted into the Wave Club.

The little brother in charge of the guard at the door immediately stopped them and said in a loud voice, “There is no business here today, please leave!”

Wan Bajun frowned slightly and looked at him, asking, “Are you sure?”

The little brother was startled by Wan Breaking Jun’s murderous look and said in a panic, “I …… I’ll go and ask ……”

After saying that, he hurriedly turned around and ran in, shouting in a panic, “Sect master! There are three people outside who want to come in, oh no, four people, and one of them is carrying one on his shoulder ……”

Hong Yuanshan frowned and immediately guessed that the one the other man was carrying should be his own godson, Zhong Zitao, so he muttered under his breath, “Three people? Three people dare to come to my place and kick the can down the road? Don’t you know that I have more than a hundred people here? Let them in!”

The little brother scurried back to the door and said to Wan Bajun, “Please come in, gentlemen.”