Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4570

To Ye Chen, he only wanted to take Liu Jiahui to the airport.

If Liu Jiahui wanted to take Fang Jiaxin with him, or if Fang Jiaxin herself wanted to go along, Ye Chen didn’t see any problem with it.

Anyway, the moment Uncle Zhong came out of the customs office at the airport this afternoon, that was when he and Liu Jiahui would show their swords, so there was nothing wrong with having his wife there to witness it.

However, the only thing Ye Chen didn’t want was for Liu Manqiong to follow along too.

After all, after these two days of getting along, Ye Chen recognized Liu Manqiong as a girl, and Ye Chen did not want her to witness his conflict with her father.

What’s more, Ye Chen himself had concealed something when he came to Hong Kong Island and approached Liu Jiahui this time, so he did not wish to tear off his disguise in front of Liu Manqiong either.

According to his plan, he would not have any further contact with Liu Jiahui’s family after he had properly dealt with all the issues at the airport, and his encounter with Liu Manqiong would come to an end after this meal.

Liu Manqiong did not know what Ye Chen had in mind, she originally hoped to go there together, it did not matter who she picked up, what was important was to be with Ye Chen.

However, when she heard that Ye Chen did not want her to come along, she could only nod and spoke, “I have to go back to Tsim Sha Tsui after the meal, so I won’t accompany you guys.”

“That’s fine.” Liu Jiahui didn’t feel anything wrong and said with a smile, “If Mr Ye’s friend is also willing to stay at our house, we will prepare a family dinner at home in the evening, and you can join us then.”

Liu Manqiong asked Ye Chen, “Mr. Ye, are we still going to the snack street in the evening?”

Ye Chen didn’t give a clear answer, but spoke, “Let’s see what happens this afternoon.”

“Good.” Liu Manqiong also knew that since there were guests coming and possibly staying at her house, I was afraid that her plan to go to the snack street alone with Ye Chen would have to be postponed, so she said, “Then I will wait for your news this afternoon.”




After eating, Ye Chen and Liu Jiahui’s family, together with the three of them, walked out of the restaurant.

Liu Jiahui said to Fang Jiaxin, “Wife, you’d better take a car by yourself and I’ll take one with Mr. Ye.”

Fang Jiaxin agreed without a second thought, “Okay, I’ll take the one in front.”

Ye Chen said to Liu Manqiong at this time, “Miss Manqiong, take care of your safety on the road.”

Liu Manqiong nodded, smiled faintly at Ye Chen and spoke, “Mr. Ye remember to give me a reply this afternoon.”

“No problem.”

As he watched Liu Manqiong get into the Tesla, Ye Chen suddenly felt a bit of intolerance and reluctance in his heart.

Whether he left Hong Kong Island after today’s business or not, Liu Manqiong would learn the true purpose of his visit to Hong Kong Island after the matter had pa*sed.

At that time, she would definitely be very disappointed with herself and think that she was just putting on a show for the past two days, or even intentionally deceiving her.

In his heart, Ye Chen did not want her to be hurt because of what he had done.

However, he also knew very well in his heart that if he wanted to completely solve Uncle Zhong’s trouble this time without hurting Liu Manqiong, I was afraid that it would be an impossible task to accomplish.

No matter what Liu Manqiong’s relationship with her father was, he had deceived her in the first place, and this alone would definitely disappoint and hurt her.

At this moment, Ye Chen somewhat regretted his previous decision of accepting Liu Jiahui’s invitation and staying at Liu Jiahui’s house.

If he did not live in Liu’s house, at least he would not have had any encounters with Liu Manqiong.

And now that the wood is gone, even if he regrets it, it is impossible for him to choose again ……