Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4398

As the saying goes, a chaotic fist kills a teacher.

Even a martial arts master could not possibly resist in the face of such a density of bullets.

This is why the rules of this world have always been in the hands of guns and missiles, not in the hands of these martial arts masters.

How could a body of flesh and blood resist the saturated attacks of modern weapons!

And Ye Chen, having withdrawn his aura and attention in advance, only instantly realised that something big had happened outside the moment the bullets whizzed past the door of his compartment!

Between lightning and fire, a lot of thoughts went through his mind.

Who was the enemy? Who was the target? Could Grandpa and Grandma’s family next door be in danger?!

At this instant, he looked at Xiao Churan, who was still engrossed in watching the opening video, and almost without thinking, he nudged a piece of aura into the back of her head, and Xiao Churan instantly lost all consciousness and collapsed on top of the sofa.

Ye Chen then rolled over and with a huge burst of strength, he instantly rushed from the floor-to-ceiling window of the compartment to the door with a single bound.

The moment he opened the door of the compartment inwards, two bloody corpses collapsed in the doorway!

The power of the special Dum-Dum bullets was so terrifying that when it hit the wrist, it could blow the whole wrist off, when it hit the arm, the whole arm would be torn apart, when it hit the chest cavity, the front was a small hole as big as a small thumb, while the back, was a cavity bigger than a bowl, the original Google meridians as well as the five internal organs had already been blown into pieces, it was unbearable!

The miserable state of the two men made Ye Chen’s heart angry.

Sure enough, there was no martial virtue!

People say that killing is just a matter of head, so it’s not enough to be unethical in martial arts, but to use such a cruel saturation attack, simply not even leaving the whole body of the opponent!

Since the door of Ye Chen’s compartment was open to the inside and there were no lights on inside, the other party’s attention was not on Ye Chen’s room at this time.

The man at the head of the group walked from a distance while sneering unrestrainedly, “What kind of bullsh*t eight-star martial artist is worse than a dog! Next time I change to 7.62 special armour-piercing ammunition, even a Ming realm Grand Perfection martial arts expert will be f*cking smashed to pieces!”

And at this time, that eight-star martial artist was still keeping his last shred of consciousness even though his body had been beaten into a sieve.

With his last ounce of strength, he reached out and pushed open the compartment where the An family members were, and then he lost consciousness and fell into the room with a crash!

At the last moment before he died, he thought that he had to inform the family head, even if it was just a few seconds in advance, so that he could be prepared.

Otherwise, with the soundproofing in the room, and the professionalism of these brazen bandits, it was likely that the An family would not even know to look back when they died.

The moment he pushed open the door, light instantly flooded in, and the An family members who were immersed in the opening video, realising the light coming from behind, turned their heads, and with this look, everyone was instantly horrified to the core, while several of the women and children had already screamed out in terror!

Just then, the opening video of the fierce planetary battle had also settled, the explosions and roars had disappeared, and the scene was instantly quiet as the woman warrior in the video fled alone towards the wormhole.

At this time, the screams of several of the An family’s women seemed extremely piercing.

However, the vip area itself had excellent sound insulation, plus it was not completely quiet outside, so it was impossible for such screams to be heard by the people outside.

An Chongqiu was the quickest to react at this moment, he pulled An Kaifeng violently and shouted out of the blue, “Kaifeng! You stay with me and block the front!”

An Kaifeng didn’t even think about it and roared through clenched teeth, “Good! We’ll kill both of us first!”

An Qishan then blurted out, “Chongqiu! Don’t be impulsive, negotiate the terms! No matter how much money they want, say yes without a second thought! The whole family is here tonight, we can’t afford to gamble or lose!”

These words from An Qishan caused the three sons of the An family to have their scalps tingled.

As their father had said, today, the two oldest members of the An family, as well as their four children, were all here.

In addition, there were three daughters-in-law and several grandchildren.

If they don’t survive today’s crisis, the three generations of the An family, the old, the middle and the young, the old and the middle generations, will be completely dead!

And how can there be a perfect egg under the nest?

If they succeed today, how will the remaining grandchildren, who are lucky enough not to be here, escape their pursuit?