Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4329

The An family watched Gu Qiuyi’s private jet take off before they turned around and returned to the villa with reluctance.

The old lady even burst into tears after Gu Qiuyi left and choked up as she said to her children, “This is the good fruit that your sister has planted for your father and for us …… If she hadn’t arranged this marriage for Chen’er, I’m afraid your father would not have been able to overcome this hurdle today ……”. I’m afraid your father wouldn’t have been able to pa*s this hurdle ……”

An Chongqiu also could not help but sigh: “Mom, you’re right, if it wasn’t for Miss Gu’s blood-saving pill, Dad would have pa*sed away tonight ……”

The old lady said seriously, “We owe the Gu family a great debt of gratitude for this, so we must thank them personally for their kindness, and I think that when your father is a little better, we should all go to Yanjing and thank Nui’s father in person.

An Chongqiu nodded, “Mom, you are right, such a big favor, we really need to thank him in person, but Dad’s memory is rather poor now, I’m afraid he will soon forget such things, when he hears that he has to go to Yanjing, I’m afraid he will not want to go.”

An Chongqiu knew very well in his heart that after his sister’s family’s accident, the old man had always been very repulsed by Yanjing and Jinling, and in his daily life, he would slap the table and curse angrily even when he heard the names of these two places, and his current memory happened to be stuck shortly after his sister’s death, so if he was asked to go to Yanjing under such circumstances, he would definitely be very repulsed.

Hearing this, the old lady nodded slightly and sighed, “This is indeed a problem, let’s see the state of your father when the time comes, if we can talk to him and let him know what the situation is, perhaps he can still accept it, the big deal is to tell him once a day.”

Saying that, the old lady sighed and added, “In fact, I want to take your father with me to Yanjing, there is another private intention ……”

Several people hurriedly looked at the old lady, waiting for her to say more.

At this time, the old lady said seriously, “I want to take your father to the Ye family to see your sister, and by the way, to lift all the bad blood with the Ye family for so many years.”

After a pause, the old lady continued: “Over the years, although we have not had any contact with the Ye family, and even your father’s heart was once very dissatisfied with them …… but, after all, the Ye family is your sister’s in-laws, not to mention, although the whereabouts of Chen’er is still unknown, but his body flowing, is the Ye family and the An family’s The future if Chen’s son is found, for his sake, we are also bound to and the Ye family to release the former suspicion, rather than then break the divide, it is better to talk about it earlier, so that when we find Chen’s son, we will be able to give him a complete and harmonious family, by then he has the support of both the An family and the Ye family, can also be on the right track as soon as possible, you think?”

An Chongqiu pondered for a moment and nodded, “Mother, I agree with your decision.”

An Kaifeng also said seriously, “Ma, I share the same view as big brother.”

An Zhaonan and An Youyou also followed suit without thinking, expressing the same attitude.

The old lady nodded in relief and lamented, “What I’m most worried about now is that your father won’t be able to wait for the day when Chen’er returns, we’ve been searching for Chen’er for twenty years and have found nothing so far, I don’t know how much longer it will take to find his whereabouts ……”

Speaking of this, the old lady’s eyes reddened and she sighed, “A year or two might be okay, but three years, five years, ten years or eight years, he definitely won’t be able to wait ……