Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4169

The famous Ten Thousand Dragons Temple was now under Ye Chen’s command, this was definitely a great addition to the Ye family’s strength, don’t look at the fact that the Fei family had hundreds of billions of dollars in a*sets, but it was impossible for them to form a mercenary army of the size of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple.

Ye Chen then added: “As for those ninjas today, they are all forces under the command of a friend’s family of mine in Japan, and they had seen me before back on Mount Ye Ling, which is why they were afraid.”

It took Chen Zhao Zhong a long moment to digest what Ye Chen had said about this matter, and he could not help but sigh, “Young Master Ye, with your current strength, I am afraid that the Ye family can be ranked number one in the whole of East Asia as well as Southeast Asia!”

Ye Chen smiled faintly and spoke, “Just being number one in East Asia as well as Southeast Asia is not enough, the Saudi Royal Family in West Asia is second only to the Rothschild Family in terms of strength in the world, if the Ye Family wants to become number one in all of Asia, they must surpa*s the Saudi Royal Family, and if they want to become number one in the world, they must surpa*s the Rothschild Family, there is still a long way to go. ”

Chen Zhao Zhong nodded and said with emotion, “I believe that with your strength, Young Master Ye, it is only a matter of time before the Ye family stands at the top of the world.”

Ye Chen smiled blandly, “I hope that this time will be as short as possible.”

Chen Zhao Zhong could not help but be impressed by Ye Chen.

Previously, he did not believe that Ye Chen could make the Ye family stand at the top of the world, but now, looking at Ye Chen’s calm and confident look, he suddenly felt that it was not impossible.

This reminded him of Ye Chen’s father, Ye Changyang.

Even when Ye was at his peak, he had only dared to think of this goal as a beautiful vision, never daring to think that it could one day be realised.

However, Ye Chen, who was in his twenties, had already started to pursue this goal.

While feeling emotional, he could not help but ask, “Young Master Ye, what are your plans regarding that Fei Hao Yang? This person is a time bomb, the slightest carelessness will most likely trigger a huge side effect.”

Ye Chen laughed coldly and said, “Uncle Zhong, don’t worry, let alone a mere Fei Hao Yang, even if it’s Fei Xuebin or Fei Shanhai, I don’t put it in my eyes, the big deal is to abolish Fei Shanhai, Fei Xuebin and Fei Hao Yang’s lineage, and then pull back Elder Fei Jianzhong to become the head of the Fei family again.”

Chen Zhao Zhong asked in horror, “Young Master Ye …… you know the whereabouts of Elder Fei Jianzhong Fei?! The Fei family has been searching for him like crazy! To Fei Shanhai, as long as Old Master Fei doesn’t die, he won’t be able to sit securely in the position of family head!”

Ye Chen laughed: “Fei Jianzhong, and his granddaughter Fei Kexin, are all properly arranged by me. Originally, I was only returning a favor to Fei Kexin by saving the lives of her grandchildren, and I had no intention of helping them return to the Fei family, but since the Fei family has produced such an a*shole as Fei Hao Yang, who has set his mind on Nui Nui and Xiaofen’s heads, then I have to rea*sess this matter. ”

I have a feeling he won’t stop there, he might come back to do something else, if he doesn’t know any better, then I’ll take care of him too, and then I’ll ask Master Fei to have a chat with Fei Shanhai. ”

Chen Zhaozhong nodded and said, “Fei Xuebin himself is a straw man and has not made much of a mark over the years, but Fei Shanhai is still a man of some skill, otherwise he would not have seized the opportunity to usurp Elder Fei’s position.”

He said, Chen Zhaozhong added: “If we can get Elder Fei to come back to deal with him, it can indeed have a four-two-two effect, Elder Fei is in China, being fled by his own son’s power, his heart must also want to reverse the situation, once he catches the opportunity, with his style of action, he will never leave a way back for Fei Shanhai.”

Ye Chen shook his head, “If he just doesn’t leave a way out for Fei Shanhai, that’s not enough, if I let him come back, he will have to do so without leaving a way out for Fei Shanhai’s family!”