Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 4482

Ye Chen suddenly laughed out loud, causing both Liu Jiahui and Fang Jiaxin to look shocked and angry at the same time.

Only then did they realise that the reason why Ye Chen had been mentioning the stunt of roast goose was not because he missed the taste, as he had said, but that he had just been deliberately teasing them all along!

However, Liu Manqiong was not surprised in the slightest, but was instead amused by Ye Chen’s sudden sharp turn of events, and the two of them, facing each other, laughed heartily.

Liu Jiahui’s face, too, became increasingly ugly as the two laughed.

A moment later, he slapped the table violently and looked at Ye Chen and shouted angrily, “Mr Ye, from the moment we met, I have treated you with courtesy and held you as my guest, but why do you want to humiliate me in such a deliberate manner?!”

Ye Chen was not nervous at all and laughed lightly, “Humiliate you? Mr. Liu, what do you mean by that? Even though this is your home, you can’t even let me laugh, right?”

Liu Jiahui said with a red face, “I invited you to my home to discuss cooperation with you, not to let you take the opportunity to make fun of me! This is too impolite!”

Ye Chen said with an innocent face, “Mr. Liu, what do you mean by that again? I was laughing just now because Miss Liu kept making me laugh, we are both young people, when she laughed I wanted to laugh along with her, so what’s wrong with that?”

Liu Jiahui said angrily, “But you obviously know what roast goose really means! Isn’t that statement you just made an admission that you did it on purpose?

Ye Chen had the word bewildered written all over his face: “A roast goose is a roast goose, what else can it mean besides being edible? The reason I said that just now was because I thought Miss Liu was intentionally teasing me and wanted to see if I could hold back my laughter, so I also had the intention to play a little game with her, which would also be a way to improve our understanding.”

After saying that, Ye Chen looked at Liu Manqiong very seriously and said, “It’s my honor to get a smile from such a beautiful girl like Miss Liu.

Once Ye Chen said this, Liu Manqiong’s expression instantly became a little unnatural.

She did not expect that Ye Chen would suddenly talk about himself, and in addition to flirting, there seemed to be a bit of seriousness in these words.

Liu Jiahui was also a bit confused at this point.

He was really confused as to whether Ye Chen was intentionally flirting with himself or whether he really intended to ingratiate himself with his daughter.

If it was the former, then with his own temper he would definitely not be able to tolerate it and had to settle the score with Ye Chen, otherwise how could he live up to his status today? What’s more, his own wife was sitting opposite him, if he was ridiculed in front of her, where should he put his old face?

But if the latter is the case, then the whole thing is going exactly as one would expect.

The reason is that one’s original idea was to pull out Gao Leng’s daughter and let her hook Ye Chen’s soul, and then one would strike while the iron was hot and finalise the cooperation with Ye Chen.

After the cooperation was finalised, with her daughter’s character, she would definitely not give Ye Chen any chance to take advantage of her.

In this way, one would be the winner with the last laugh.

Onlookers would say that this kind of trick was called an empty glove.

But in Liu Jiahui’s opinion, this is clearly a Road Runner expert fishing with simulated mimic bait.

In addition to fishing gear, ordinary people also have to prepare all kinds of bait and nesting materials, and try every possible way to make the fish in the water open up first, in order to catch half a catty of fish, playing ten pounds of nesting materials for rookies.

However, the road master is different, the road master only uses anti-real lures, the fish take the simulated lures into their mouths to be caught, the lures can be removed and continue to be used, as long as the technology is good, it can be infinitely reused, without paying any extra cost.