Secret Great Phoenix Chen Chapter 3947

In the US, even if a rich person buys a plane ticket or a car, they use the company’s money, and it is even more unlikely that an expense as large as Echo Dan would go to a personal account.

Therefore, Fei Jianzhong instinctively filtered this method of payment when he was preparing to bid for the Spring Return Dan.

Not only him, but all the tycoons who came to bid for the Spring Return Dan used this method, including those who had been successful in their previous bids, and all paid from their corporate accounts.

But Fei Jianzhong, who was a hundred times more careful than he should have been, had failed to calculate that the biggest risk of using a corporate account was this maximum emergency plan.

Once his son had successfully activated this emergency plan, he was the top leader of the group and naturally had enough power to freeze the group’s accounts in Swiss banks.

This is what is known as the collapse of a thousand-mile dike into an anthill.

“Without that US$200 billion, what else can I compete with for this Spring Return Pill?!”

Fei Jianzhong immediately clenched his teeth and cursed angrily with trembling hands, “This beast …… beast!!! He is usurping my position at this time, he is taking my life and does not want me to continue living!”

At this moment, the whole room heard Fei Jianzhong’s angry roar.

Everyone’s eyes were wide and they kept communicating in private.

Everyone could hear that the old man had been set upon by his own family.

If he couldn’t get the money, this Spring Return Pill, I was afraid, would be out of his reach!

Bernard Elnor, on the other hand, was at this point re-excited.

He had lost count of the number of times he had been desperate, excited, desperate again, and excited again today.

He felt that his heart was about to break.

If he had had so many more, he would have had a heart attack and burped right here before he could take the rejuvenation pill.

He was now staring at Fei Jianzhong, waiting for him to say something like he couldn’t afford it or pay for it.

That way, he would be able to get his hands on the Spring Return Pill for US$72 billion!

Fei Ke Xin’s heart, which had just been put down, was also raised back to her throat in this instant. Although she only heard an angry roar from her grandfather, she immediately knew that it must be her eldest uncle who had taken advantage of this opportunity to usurp the throne ……

At this moment, Ah Cheng on the phone choked out helplessly, “Master …… I’m sorry …… I really don’t have any way to help you, now I’ve been put under residential surveillance by the eldest young master, there are now at least dozens of mercenaries guarding the perimeter of my house, he has said that I am not allowed to leave the house even half a step before your death ……”

Fei Jianzhong roared in anger, “I’ll call that beast now!”

After saying that, Fei Jianzhong immediately hung up the phone and redialed