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Campus Master Chapter 115-116

Chapter 115

As soon as the middle-aged man spoke, Wang Weijun’s face suddenly changed, he glared at Ji Feng and said in a panic, “Report to the divisional commander, these two students disobeyed orders during military training, contradicted the leader, and dealt a vicious blow during the cut-throat, causing a soldier to still lie in the operating room. Go see the net .”

“Is that so?” The middle-aged man’s gaze looked at Ji Feng.

“Nonsense!” Before Ji Feng could speak, Du Shaofeng snorted angrily, pointed at Wang Weijun and said in a cold voice, “Wang Weijun, how dare you say that this matter is my fault and Ji Feng’s? It was clearly you who misbehaved and favoured Wang Xiaowu, and tried to get your men to teach me a lesson when I was not convinced, and now you dare to turn black and white upside down, it’s simply ridiculous.”

“Unbridled, the division commander is here, where is it your turn to talk nonsense here?!” Wang Weijun’s face turned pale and he snorted coldly.

“Aren’t you similarly spouting nonsense?!” Ji Feng said disdainfully.

“You ……” Wang Weijun was furious, but he was blocked from saying anything.

“I think that what happened in the training ground before, the head of Wang will definitely not admit it, and I don’t want to hold on to this point, but there is one point that I am confused about, and I hope that the head of Wang can answer it.” Ji Feng stretched out his finger and pointed at the still busy operating theatre and asked in a cold voice, “That Black Bear was a black boxer before, why did he turn into the driver of Headmaster Wang? No wonder Headmaster Wang confidently asked us to spar with Black Bear before, how can a few students, facing a master born so down from the black boxing ring, win?”

Next to him, Zhao Kai sneered, “Unfortunately, ah, the head of Wang did not expect that we really won ……”

The two sang in unison, and that highly mocking tone made Captain Wang’s face was a blue and white, so wonderful, while in his heart, he was even more shocked and angry.

How could he have imagined that these boys would seize on the issue of Black Bear’s identity and not let go?

Just this one issue, if pursued from above, would be enough to make Chief Wang anxious, and it was even possible for him to be removed from his post.

And once Du Shaofeng and Instructor Hu and the others heard this, they all cried out in their hearts, “High! To point out the problem in a single stroke, with sharp words, this is not something that a twenty-year-old youth could say! That’s really high!”

As expected, once the middle-aged divisional commander heard Ji Feng’s words, his face immediately sank: “Wang Weijun, what they said, is it true?”

“Division chief, this, this ……” Wang Weijun couldn’t help but tremble in his body and wanted to speak, but he was unable to defend himself.

When the middle-aged division chief took a look at this situation, he instantly knew that what Ji Feng and the others were saying should be true.

He gave Wang Weijun a fierce glare and turned his head to the two guards behind him and said, “Immediately control Wang Weijun and unload his gun, while informing the political commissar and several other deputy divisional commanders to come here immediately for a meeting!”

It was over!

As soon as he heard the division commander’s words, Wang Weijun’s face instantly turned miserable white, and he gave a resentful and incomparable glance at Ji Feng’s few people, with a gaze so resentful that it almost seemed to pierce through Ji Feng’s few people’s bodies. .com

“No! It can’t be over like this!”

A strong resentment surged in Wang Weijun’s heart, staring at Ji Feng with resentment, his whole body suddenly became agitated, fiercely pulled out the pistol on his waist and pointed at Ji Feng, “Little brute, if I go down, I’ll drag you on my back too!”

“Unbridled!” The middle-aged division chief’s face sank and he shouted angrily.

“That’s right, haha, I’m being reckless, my Lord Divisional Commander, you forced this!” Wang Weijun laughed crazily and pointed his gun at several people, “Don’t move, all of you, I’ll kill anyone who dares to move!”

“Wang Weijun, don’t force yourself onto a desperate path, drop your weapons immediately!” The middle-aged divisional commander reprimanded in a majestic manner, “Since you have made a mistake, you must be brave enough to take it on, look at what you look like now, a kidnapper? Do you look like a kidnapper or a madman?”

“I’m the one who’s gone mad, haha, but you guys forced me to do it?” Wang Weijun roared, “Division chief, I know what I did, since you want to investigate Black Bear, then everything will be found out, the result is that I will definitely be court-martialed, this is definitely not the result I want!”

“Is the current result what you want?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head with a smile and asked sarcastically, “Holding the division commander and us hostage with a gun and then running out of the barracks? You think you can run out?”

“Little beast, shut up!” Wang Weijun shouted frantically, pulling over the political commissar next to him who was already so scared that his legs were weak, with his pistol against his head, “If I can’t run out, I’ll make you all die with me!”

Everyone tensed up, and the nurses and doctors in the corridor, seeing this scene, rushed back in fear, while some calmly called out emergency numbers.

“Wang Weijun, drop your gun now immediately and I promise you will be treated fairly, but if you want to escape, it’s a no-brainer!” The middle-aged divisional commander, however, loomed large and stepped forward, “Put the gun down immediately, I don’t want to shoot you down myself!”

“Stand still, if you take another half step forward, I will kill him!” Wang Weijun shouted as his gun was placed dead against the political commissar’s head.

“Oh, it’s really interesting, I really don’t know how a person like you got to this point!” Ji Feng shook his head, seeing this scene, he couldn’t help but laugh dumbly.

“Little brute, shut your mouth!” Seeing Ji Feng’s mocking expression, Wang Weijun only felt a wave of anger rush straight to his head, and his entire person was almost completely furious.

“It’s certainly okay for me to shut up.” Ji Feng smiled faintly and pointed at the pistol in Wang Weijun’s hand again, laughing, “Actually, I just want to tell you that the gun in your hand has no safety on and the bullets aren’t in the hall!”


Wang Weijun was instantly shocked and hurriedly looked down to check the pistol in his hand, but he didn’t notice in the slightest that the distance between Ji Feng and him had already shortened to something like three or four meters.


The moment Wang Weijun lowered his head, Ji Feng’s figure suddenly surged, and everyone saw a blur before their eyes, and they saw that Ji Feng had already arrived in front of Wang Weijun.


Ji Feng’s fierce punch smashed into the head of Wang Weijun who had not yet reacted, Wang Weijun did not even react before he fell down in response to the sound and his pistol fell to the ground.

At that moment, the two guards of the division commander immediately one pulled the hijacked political commissar aside, while the other immediately drew out his belt and tied up the unconscious Wang Weijun, while picking up the pistol.

“How stupid!” Ji Feng shook his head and sighed.

“Too stupid.” Du Shaofeng was also deeply impressed, “Even I, a person with a bad brain, knew that you must be lying to him, yet he still believed it!”

Wang Weijun, who had just woken up leisurely, happened to hear Ji Feng and Du Shaofeng’s sentiments, and immediately stifled his frustration and fainted again.

“Division Chief, since things are clear, can we leave now?” Ji Feng asked.

The middle-aged divisional commander waved his hand and said, “Yes, but this matter has also dragged you guys into it, in order to show our apology, you can choose to leave the camp early, and the military training will likewise give you an excellent evaluation, what do you think?”

Several people froze at the same time.

Only after a moment did Du Shaofeng say, “No, I want to stay here and continue the military training.”

He could not let go of Instructor Hu as a free chaperone, and since Wang Weijun could no longer afford to toss anything around, he was naturally still the captain.

Zhao Kai also nodded, “I’ll continue my military training too, to strengthen my physique, a rare opportunity.”

Han Zhong likewise chose to stay, after all, all the students were now in military training, if they left at this time, there would not be much to do.

Ji Feng laughed, “It seems that I’m the only one who chose to leave, huh, then we’ll see you in a month!”

Several people joked and laughed, and left with Instructor Hu.

Returning to the camp, Ji Feng quickly packed his things, put back on his original clothes and walked towards the camp gate.


A jeep stopped beside Ji Feng, and when he turned his head to look, the one driving was one of the middle-aged divisional commander’s security guards.

“This student, our divisional commander ordered me to give you a lift!” The guard said.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Where is your division commander?”

“The division commander is in a meeting with other leaders, discussing ways to deal with Wang Weijun, and couldn’t spare the time, so he asked me to see you off!” The guard replied.

Ji Feng nodded and also opened the car door and sat on the pa*senger seat.

The guard started the car and looked at Ji Feng, who was calm, and secretly wondered in his heart, “I don’t know what relationship this young man has with the divisional commander, you know, the divisional commander has never sent a person and a student before!”

But he didn’t know that Ji Feng next to him was also secretly saying at this moment, “This division commander has made quite a thoughtful arrangement, it seems that he should be an old subordinate or an old comrade of Third Uncle!”

When he had clashed with Wang Weijun earlier, Ji Feng had called that division commander’s number, which was the number that Third Uncle Ji Zhenping had already given before.

Before Ji Zhenping returned to Yanjing, he had given Ji Feng several numbers, from the political world to the military to the business world, in every aspect, and that divisional commander’s number was one of them.

In fact, if not for the fact that there was no good way to deal with Wang Weijun, Ji Feng really did not want to use these numbers, after all, if he got used to using them, he could form a dependency, which was not what Ji Feng wanted.

However, after thinking about it, Ji Feng still sent a message to that divisional commander about the squad where Tong Lei and Zhang Lei were, asking that divisional commander to help take care of the two, or at least not to make them suffer too much.

It was already two hours later when he stepped onto the streets of Jiangzhou once again.

Looking at the bustling crowd on the street and the tall buildings, Ji Feng, who was standing at the bus stop, could not help but wave his fist, “One day, in this prosperous city, there will be a place for me, and those tall buildings will eventually have one that belongs to me!

After suppressing the great emotion in his chest, Ji Feng returned to his calm. The reason he chose to end his military training early was that he actually wanted to take advantage of this month to get familiar with the city as soon as possible, while looking for suitable business opportunities.

However, before that, there were still things like traveling gifts to be put back to school.

Just then, a refreshing fragrance reached Ji Feng’s nose, and immediately afterwards, his afterimage saw a delicate figure.


Chapter 116

Ji Feng couldn’t help but turn his head to look and couldn’t help but feel a moment of amazement. Go to see the net .

About four or five metres to his left, there stood a stunningly beautiful woman. This woman looked about twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, with a head of big wavy curly hair cascading down her back, a tall figure, and wearing purple high heels, she looked to be fully one meter seventy-five, not much shorter than Ji Feng.

What was most striking was that this woman was wearing a black Korean version top and a pair of pencil trousers underneath, the slightly tight trousers that completely outlined her moving curves and those long, slender thighs.

Even though the upper body was a Korean version of the dress, which was very loose, it could not hide her proud figure, especially the pair of proud breasts, which made people look sideways.

In fact, this woman was only dressed in the simplest of OL outfits, but it gave people a stunning feeling.

Ji Feng’s gaze fell on her face again, and his heart fluttered even more.

This was definitely a face that was enough to move the heart, whether it was the delicate features or the pair of eyes that seemed to speak, it all gave people a thrilling feeling.

A superb beauty!

These four words immediately came to Ji Feng’s mind, and he believed that if his nemesis Zhang Lei were here, he would have opened his mouth to say these words.

Indeed, this woman was enough to be called a superb beauty.

In Ji Feng’s opinion, among the women he knew, I am afraid that only Xiao Yuxuan could be compared to her. It could be said that the two should be indistinguishable from each other, with the same stunning beauty and the same almost perfect figure.

Of course, if one had to differentiate, Ji Feng would have to admit that the woman in front of him would be even better. Not because this woman was more beautiful than Xiao Yuxuan, but her body carried a kind of mature charm that Xiao Yuxuan didn’t even use.

That’s right, it was a mature charm.

This kind of charm, and age does not have much to do with it, because at first glance, she and Xiao Yuxuan should be about the same age. However, somehow, Ji Feng was inclined to feel a different kind of charm from this woman.

Well …… Ji Feng thought hard about it and finally came up with a word: young woman!

That’s right!

The actual sense is that Xiao Yuxuan is not married and is still untouched, and can only be considered an older girl.

But this woman in front of her was definitely a beautiful young woman, and that was the difference between her and Xiao Yuxuan.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing.

The first thing that happened was that the young woman turned her head around and gave Ji Feng a fierce glare with disgust in her eyes.

Ji Feng was stunned, who had he provoked?

After a second thought, he understood. I guess this woman felt that she was gawking at her and that’s why she glared at herself with such disgust, right?

Thinking about this, Ji Feng was relieved and simply returned a smiling look before turning his head away and no longer looking at the woman. After all, it was rude to keep recklessly ogling people like that. What’s more, one’s behaviour had been noticed by others!

Looking at the time, it was almost five o’clock in the afternoon, a time when the rush hour from work had begun, and the number of vehicles on the road had obviously increased and had become congested. .com More than that, there were even more pedestrians, and within a short while, the bus stops were already full of people.

Because this is not quite the city centre, there are fewer buses here, and there is only one bus to do to get directly to the university city. Ji Feng looked at the stop sign and found that this bus was going to stop leaving at 5:30.

He couldn’t help but frown, he didn’t expect there to be so few buses here. You should know that the place where the university city is located is a high-tech economic development zone built in Jiangzhou only a few years ago, where there are a large number of high-tech enterprises, and some large multinational companies or well-known domestic companies have branches there or their headquarters are directly there.

Logically, the traffic problem must be the first thing to be solved, but now it seems that there is still a need for improvement.

However, on second thought, Ji Feng was dumbfounded. Although those companies were located in the development zone, it was said that most of those who worked there would rent houses near there, and as for the bosses or executives of those companies, they must have bought houses elsewhere.

But who has ever seen a boss taking a bus to work?

What’s more, this place is in the middle of nowhere, although it is still very prosperous compared to a small county like Mang Shi County, but for Jiangzhou, it can only be considered a suburb.

It is also understandable that such places are not easily accessible.

Shaking his head slightly, Ji Feng sighed lightly: “If I had known, I would not have been polite to that driver and let him take me to the entrance of the school directly, so I would not have had to be like this now, unable to get a taxi. Alas, a public car, not using it for nothing.”

Earlier, because he was worried that that divisional commander would need to use a car, Ji Feng didn’t let the divisional commander’s driver take him directly to the school, but instead got off here according to the map, which now seemed to be a completely wrong decision.

Not only was Ji Feng sighing, but the others who were waiting at the stop sign couldn’t help but complain too.

In fact, it was also Ji Feng’s bad luck that he didn’t come early and didn’t come late, but came here at this rush hour after work.

Jiangzhou was an economic centre, with tens of millions of people in the city, so one could imagine how many people would be on the road once the rush hour came.

It was almost half past five, but the bus that Ji Feng was waiting for had not yet come, and the traffic on the road was worryingly congested, while the number of people at the stop sign was growing.

“If I can’t, I’ll just run all the way back to school, big deal, I’ll just consider it exercise!” Ji Feng said secretly, he finally had a personal experience of the buses in Jiangzhou.

No wonder it was often said that in Jiangzhou, the average time an ordinary white-collar worker spent on the road was an hour and a half if he took the bus to work, which was simply too horrible.

Ji Feng was not the only one who was anxious, others could not wait any longer and simply took a taxi.

However, where else could they get a taxi at this time, all the taxis that pa*sed on the road were full, making those who wanted to take a taxi unable to help but stomp their feet in anger.

“Here it comes!”

At this moment, I don’t know who shouted, everyone’s eyes immediately looked, only to see a bus was driving slowly, that speed is probably not as fast as riding a bicycle.

“It’s finally here!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but shake his head and smile bitterly, and looked at the time, surprisingly it was almost six o’clock.

However, as soon as the bus stopped, Ji Feng was dumbfounded.

When the door of the bus opened, the people in the bus didn’t even use to come down, the people underneath it all gathered around, frantically squeezing into the bus, fearing that they wouldn’t be able to get on.

The chaotic scene made Ji Feng’s mouth open wide and he didn’t come back to his senses for half a day.

“This is a bit too crazy, right?!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but mutter, “Why can’t we just line up?”

If there was a queue, the speed of getting on the bus would be at least twice as fast as this, but on the contrary, all these people were scrambling to be the first to push their way up, making the scene chaotic.

“Perhaps, this is the characteristic!”

Ji Feng shook his head with a smile and followed the end of the crowd, waiting for everyone else to go up before he got on.

And at this time, he inadvertently saw that beautiful woman again. She had a hesitant look on her face, as if she was considering whether or not to get into the car.

In fact, Qin Shujie felt unlucky today.

She was supposed to meet with a client today to discuss business, but unexpectedly, the client changed his mind on the spur of the moment, causing her to make a trip for nothing.

As she was in a hurry to pick up her daughter from kindergarten, she called the 4S shop and asked them to tow the car away for repairs, then she went to the bus stop and prepared to take a taxi to hurry back.

However, what she didn’t expect was that taxis were so difficult to get, and after standing here for almost an hour, she didn’t get a single one. She was still here when her daughter was about to leave school, so she became anxious.

However, looking at the incomparably crowded bus in front of her, she really did not want to squeeze in with these people, but after looking at the time, she gritted her teeth and came to the end of the crowd.

An ethereal fragrance wafted into Ji Feng’s nose once again, and he immediately knew that the one standing behind him must be the beautiful young woman from before who had come to his side. However, he did not turn around. God knew if he turned around, the other party would think he was a pervert.

Besides, Ji Feng didn’t have to look at a beautiful woman, so he just shook his head and smiled, and when he saw that the people in front of him were finally almost crowded, he started to lift his legs and prepared to get on the bus.

Just at this time, a leg in pencil trousers stepped on the pedal at the door of the car at the same time, and Ji Feng and Qin Shujie squeezed together at the same time.

“You!” Qin Shujie was wearing high heels, which was already inconvenient, and as a result, when she was squeezed by Ji Feng, her body suddenly lurched and she was about to fall down.

Ji Feng was quick with his hands and grabbed Qin Shujie’s arm, and a tender and slippery sensation immediately came over him. Ji Feng didn’t have time to think about it, his other hand held her waist and held her upright.

“Shameless, let go!” Qin Shujie’s body stiffened and she instantly snarled.

Ji Feng was stunned, how was he shameless for holding her up with good intentions?

He didn’t know that by ogling the other party at the stop sign just now, he had already been defined as a pervert by Qin Shujie, and now that Qin Shujie had almost been squeezed, he instantly decided that it was Ji Feng’s intention.

After skimming his mouth, Ji Feng honestly let go of his hand while taking a step back and waiting for the other party to go up first.

Qin Shujie fiercely glared at Ji Feng before getting into the car.

Doing a good deed and still being scolded, really …… Ji Feng shook his head with a bitter smile and followed him up.

At this time, another big man behind squeezed up, the car suddenly could no longer be crowded, the beautiful young woman stood next to the coin box, Ji Feng could only stand in the doorway, and the big man squeezed together.

The car was slowly moving, but Ji Feng couldn’t help but frown. The big man next to him had a strong smell of sweat, and when he opened his mouth to breathe, the breath he exhaled was also very unpleasant.

I can’t help it, bear with it!

Ji Feng could only shake his head and smile bitterly, who let this be the last bus, moreover, to take the bus, one must be mentally prepared to endure the crowdedness.

Leaning against the door, Ji Feng put his luggage at his feet and closed his eyes to recuperate.

However, after less than a few moments, Ji Feng suddenly felt a strong wind coming from in front of him. He opened his eyes suddenly and abruptly found that the beautiful young woman in front of him had turned back at some point and, moreover, she was slapping at herself.

“Holy Sh*t!”

Ji Feng cursed and backed up violently, but found that he was already against the door and there was no way to retreat. He gritted his teeth and fiercely raised his hand to block.


The beautiful young woman slapped Ji Feng’s hand, and a hot pain immediately came from Ji Feng’s hand, causing his eyes to immediately narrow and shoot out a harsh glare.

“Why did you hit me?!” Ji Feng asked in a cold voice.

“Shameless person, should be beaten!” The beautiful young woman was however, her pretty face was red with anger, and her beautiful eyes were full of anger as she glared at Ji Feng, as if she was looking at a ten evil villains.


Ji Feng was instantly furious, he had repeatedly tolerated, but he had ended up in such a situation?

“This lady, please also say clearly, how exactly am I shameless?!” Ji Feng forced himself to hold back his anger and asked in a cold voice. No matter who else it was, being beaten and scolded for such a reason, there would definitely not be a good temper.

“You still don’t dare to admit what you yourself have done? A shameless person is shameless!” The beautiful young woman sneered, “If you dare to do shameless things again, I’ll call the police!”

“D*mn it!” Ji Feng gritted his teeth, he had kept his eyes closed before and had no idea what was going on, so how was he shameless?

He was just about to speak when he saw that beautiful young woman humming with extreme contempt and turned around again, leaving a back to Ji Feng.


Ji Feng took a deep breath and said, “We good men don’t fight with women, today count me unlucky, how come I met such a crazy B*tch when I went out!”

He took a few deep breaths before suppressing his anger, but in his heart he was helpless, he couldn’t fight with a woman, right?

Shaking his head with a bitter smile, Ji Feng leaned against the door and closed his eyes again. Only this time he left an eye out and didn’t really close his eyes, but squinted slightly, and to outsiders it looked like he was almost dead shut.

The car continued to drive slowly, but Ji Feng kept an eye on all the movements around him, he wanted to see why that woman was beating him.

For a while at first, there was no movement, only the strong smell of sweat from the big man beside him filling the space around him, making it uncomfortable.

However, after a short while, Ji Feng’s eyes suddenly stared and he cursed in his heart, “Holy sh*t, that’s actually what happened!”