Campus Master Chapter 153-154

Chapter 153

Seeing that Tong Lei had decisively refused the invitation of others, Ji Feng was in a good mood and secretly nodded his head. He knew Tong Lei’s nature, and it was not that easy for ordinary people to get close to her. Although this guy was tall and handsome, even before Tong Lei met herself, she might not accept such a person, at least Xu Mo was an example, Xu Mo was not worse looking than this guy and came from a good background, but he was equally unfaithful to him.

However, when he saw that Tong Lei had rejected him without hesitation, the boy’s face was a little embarra*sed, his face changed slightly, and then returned to normal, with a smile back on his face: “Tong Lei, your boyfriend is also a student of United University? Is he a freshman this year?”

Tong Lei was in the way and couldn’t just ignore it, so she could only nod casually and said, “Yes, Zhang Wei, my boyfriend will come to pick me up, I appreciate your kindness, sorry!”

This was yet another refusal, the firmness in her tone was already unquestionable, telling Zhang Wei in no uncertain terms that I would not agree to your invitation.

Zhang Wei’s brow furrowed: “Tong Lei, since your boyfriend is also a freshman at United University, he must also have to attend military training, right? He shouldn’t be able to find the time to pick you up. If you want, I can take you out of the barracks right now, my family still has some connections in this barracks and I can say something.”

Tong Lei Xiu Mei frowned slightly, “Sorry, Zhang Wei, I already have a date with my boyfriend.”

Zhang Wei was about to say something else when he heard a girl next to him take Tong Lei’s arm and say quickly, “Oh, Zhang Wei, don’t chase after him. If you keep pestering her, her boyfriend will find you in trouble!”

“Oh, in this part of Jiangzhou, I’m really not afraid of who will find me in trouble!” Zhang Wei said proudly as soon as he heard that.

“Talking big, you’re not afraid of the wind blowing your tongue.” The girl disdainfully brushed her mouth.

“You-!” Zhang Wei was instantly furious, but when he saw Tong Lei frowning, he couldn’t help but force his anger down again, took a deep breath and said with deep emotion, “Lei Lei, don’t you really understand my feelings?”

“Please call me Tong Lei!” Tong Lei got a little impatient, “Also, I already said that I have a boyfriend, he treats me very well, I don’t need to understand your heart.”

After saying that, Tong Lei pulled the girl beside her and turned to leave, “Bing Bing, let’s go!”

Just as he turned around, he saw a familiar figure standing under a big tree not far away, who else could it be if not Ji Feng?

With a faint smile on his face, Ji Feng looked at Tong Lei’s expression of surprise that was hard to conceal, and he immediately walked over with big steps. Only Ji Feng could have the deepest feeling of Tong Lei’s innocence and her loveliness.

Tong Lei’s small hands clutched Bing Bing beside her, seemingly looking both happy and nervous.

While beside him, Zhang Wei was looking at Tong Lei with a face full of anger, he had never had anyone dare to sweep him off his feet like this in all his life, even if any girl refused him in the past, they would at least be polite and would not dare to be so direct at all.

“When I get you into bed, I’ll see how you still pretend to be noble!” Zhang Wei looked at Tong Lei’s devilish figure that was still hard to conceal under the camouflage uniform wrapping, and could not help but say in his heart.

However, the next moment, he saw an image that left him dumbfounded.

He only saw a tall boy dressed in casual clothes walking quickly. He opened his arms, and Tong Lei then quickly threw herself into his arms like a bird returning to its nest, with a face full of sweetness.

“Ji Feng, you’re finally here!” Tong Lei’s pretty face was overflowing with a thick look of sweetness and happiness as she murmured in a low voice.

“Silly girl, I promised you that I would come to pick you up, so naturally I will definitely come!” Ji Feng gently stroked Tong Lei’s back and said with a smile.

At this time, everyone else just reacted, in this military camp where the rules were rather strict, such scenes of men and women making out were not very common.

“Oh~~!” The crowd immediately followed suit, with a couple of hundred students in a single squad, shouting together, making it a lively and boisterous scene.

When the crowd shouted, Tong Lei’s face turned red with shame and she hurriedly broke away from Ji Feng’s arms and took two steps back. The only thing is that her eyes are filled with a strong sense of shyness and happiness. China .

“Lei Lei, this is your boyfriend, right? He’s quite handsome!” Bing Bing walked over to the side, holding Tong Lei’s arm, and couldn’t help but laugh lightly and tease.

Tong Lei couldn’t help but blush and said in a low voice, “You’ve got your eye on him? Then let you have it!”

Bing Bing said with a smile, “Look at the way you talk, you don’t really mean it.

Tong Lei knew that Bing Bing was such a joking and big-hearted person, she couldn’t help but shake her head and laugh, “You, stop it, let me introduce to you, this is my boyfriend, Ji Feng.”

“Ji Feng is it? Hello, I’m Lei Lei’s roommate and her best friend, I’m Yang Bing.” Saying that, this girl named Yang Bing stretched out her small white hand and was about to shake hands with Ji Feng.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile, “Hello, it’s nice to meet you.”

Saying that, the two shook hands.

Yang Bing, however, giggled: “Handsome, you’re happy, but someone else is not!”

As soon as she said that, she heard a frowning voice from next to her, “Lei Lei, this is the boyfriend you were talking about, right? Well, I guess that’s all there is to it. How about this, since this is the first time we’ve met, after the military training exercise is over, I’ll be the host and we’ll have a meal together, how about that?”

“Zhang Wei, as I said, please call me Tong Lei!” Tong Lei couldn’t help but have her pretty face sink.

“Oh, that’s not all the same, besides, they’re all friends, why is there a need to make such a clear distinction?” Zhang Wei said playfully, while looking at Ji Feng, a provocative look flashed in his eyes.

Ji Feng gave a non-committal smile, “Lei Lei, let’s go first, there’s nothing to see in this final military training exercise.”

“Mm, but if you don’t participate, you’ll be deducted points!” Tong Lei was a bit worried.

Ji Feng laughed, “Let your brother make a phone call, won’t that be enough? By the way, where is Lei Zi? Why did that brat leave you alone and run off somewhere?”

When he left the barracks, Ji Feng specially arranged for Zhang Lei to keep an eye on Tong Lei, not to let others bully her, let alone let anyone hara*s her, but now when he came here to take a look, he was still in such a situation, and that guy Zhang Lei had disappeared, Ji Feng was furious and gritted his teeth, thinking that when he saw that guy, he would have to fix him severely.

The first time I saw Ji Feng’s face, I knew what he was thinking, so I couldn’t help but purse my lips and smile lightly: “You don’t know yet, do you? My brother is the captain of this squad, and now that the drill is about to start, my brother has been called over by the instructor to unify the tasks.”

“This kid actually became an officer?” Ji Feng couldn’t help but laugh dumbly, he could remember that this guy Zhang Lei was the most afraid of trouble, usually not to mention being a captain, he was not even willing to be a cla*s leader in his cla*s, unexpectedly he had such a big change in this month of military training.

“This friend, I wonder what to call him?” Zhang Wei on the side saw that Ji Feng and the others simply ignored his presence, his face suddenly became very unattractive, he couldn’t help but sink his face and asked in an unkind tone.

“Zhang Wei, what do you want?” Before Ji Feng and Tong Lei could say anything, Yang Bing said discontentedly, “Chasing girls isn’t like you, is it? People’s boyfriends have already found them, and you still want to stick your nose in the middle, that’s a bit unreasonable, isn’t it?”

“Yang Bing, that’s not right. You can even get divorced if you’re married, let alone now when they’re still just in love?” Zhang Wei shook his head full of concern and looked at Ji Feng, “Friend, do you have the guts to compete with me fairly?”

“Where’s the stupid B*****d from?!” Ji Feng snorted disdainfully, this person was really stupid, he had the nerve to say out what fair competition, Tong Lei was originally his girlfriend, why should he have fair competition with others?

The person who said that was really a fool!

If Tong Lei and Yang Bing were not here, Ji Feng would have wanted to greet Zhang Wei with a question: “Or else call your father and ask him if he is willing to compete with me for your mother on a fair basis? Didn’t you say that all married people can get divorced?”

Only, because there were Tong Lei and Yang Bing around, he naturally couldn’t say such words, but that snort of laughter also completely showed his disdain.

“Lei Lei, let’s go, after a month of military training, you’ve gotten quite a tan.” Ji Feng ignored Zhang Wei and just took Tong Lei’s little hand and said with a smile.

Tong Lei spat out her cute little tongue and said softly, “You’re not allowed to wear makeup during military training, you’re not even allowed to apply sunscreen or anything like that, it’s weird if you don’t get a tan.”

“If you put it on, the instructor can still tell?” Ji Feng was greatly surprised, could it be that the instructor usually did not do his job and just stared at girls’ faces all day long?

Tong Lei giggled at once, “Where are you thinking of! It’s so hot, if you put something on and then train, the sweat will be left behind and it will make your face blossom. Unless you’re blind, everyone would know you’ve put something on!”

Indeed, in summer, sweat was just like money, and it flowed too hard during military training. Even if you put a hundred layers of cosmetics on your face, you can’t avoid the fate of being washed away.

“Oh, then let’s hurry up and go, we can’t continue to be exposed to the sun here!” Ji Feng took Tong Lei’s small hand and said to Yang Bing next to him, “Yang Bing, right? Let’s go together, you don’t have to worry about the military training exercise, Zhang Lei will take care of it for you!”

In fact, Ji Feng had no idea whether Zhang Lei would be able to take care of it, because he didn’t know whether the Tong family had any connections in the military camp or not. However, he didn’t count on Zhang Lei either, instead, he planned to wait until he got out of the barracks and make a call to the division commander that Second Uncle had introduced to him, so that he could help him out. It was just that now, in front of so many students, he couldn’t say much.

Yang Bing, however, shook her head: “Forget it, you guys go, it’s not easy to meet once, I won’t go with you guys to act as a light bulb, giggle ……”

Ji Feng also can’t help but have some good feelings for this bright girl, he nodded and said, “That’s fine, if you need help with anything, you can contact Tong Lei directly.”

With that, he pulled Tong Lei and was about to leave.

At this moment, Zhang Wei, who had been hung out to dry, became furious, from the moment the three Ji Feng spoke they didn’t even square him in their eyes, which made him become ashamed and angry.

“Hey, kid, you’re arrogant!” Zhang Wei said in a cold voice.

Ji Feng glared at him in disgust and was just about to speak when Tong Lei said, “Let’s go, don’t be ordinary with him.”

If she really provoked him, the matter would be a big deal, and then she would become the same as she was in high school in the foreign language department, and everyone would know that she was not a small person, so I’m afraid that not many people would really be friends with her.

Ji Feng smiled faintly and patted her little head lovingly, “You, forget it, let’s go!”

“Stand still!” Seeing that Ji Feng and Tong Lei were so uncaring, Zhang Wei immediately roared, “Now that the military training exercise is about to start, are you going to take our squad away when you come? And you, Tong Lei, do you have any sense of organisation and discipline in your eyes?”

“Go away and leave me alone here!” Ji Feng’s face instantly sank, some people really don’t know the sky is high, seeing that they can’t stop themselves, they even come up with something about organization and discipline!

“You-!” Zhang Wei’s face sank, “Kid, you’re the first person who dares to tell me to get lost!”

“Stupid B*****d!” Ji Feng couldn’t help but sneer, pulling Tong Lei with him as he was about to turn around and leave.

“Do you know who I am?” Zhang Wei took a few quick steps to stop Ji Feng and the two of them and asked with an arrogant face.

“Oh?” Ji Feng was really intrigued, he could kind of see that if he didn’t take care of things today, Tong Lei would inevitably still be hara*sed in the Foreign Language Department in the future, since that was the case, then he would settle things once and for all.

“I’d really like to know, who are you?” Ji Feng asked indifferently.

“Have you heard of the Han Group? My father is a shareholder of Han’s Group, there is nothing I can’t do in this Jiangzhou yet, let alone anyone who dares to offend me!” Zhang Wei said proudly.

“Big talk!” Ji Feng sneered, and suddenly his heart moved and he asked, “Which Han’s Group are you talking about?”

“Kid, you don’t even know about the Han Group, do you?” Zhang Wei had a contemptuous look on his face, “At a glance you’re just a bumpkin, how can you be qualified to be Lei Lei’s boyfriend? Let me tell you, there’s only one famous Han’s Group in Jiangzhou, the one that does textiles.”

“So that’s how it is ……” A smile suddenly appeared on Ji Feng’s face, “Then do you recognize Han Zhong?”

“Who?” Zhang Wei was stunned.

“Han Zhong.” Ji Feng said indifferently, “He’s my friend.”

Zhang Wei’s face became a little ugly, “Kid, you’re bluffing me, right? How could you possibly know Young Han?”

“So it’s really him!” Ji Feng shook his head and smiled, casually took out his mobile phone and dialed a number, but there was no answer. He then remembered that it was about to be a military training exercise, so it was naturally impossible for Han Zhong to bring his mobile phone.

Once he saw that Ji Feng didn’t get through, Zhang Wei snorted with laughter, “Hahahaha, you dirtbag still dare to pretend to be a big shot to bluff Laozi, and you dare to say you are Han Shao’s friend, you are simply shameless, what, you can’t pretend now, can you?”

Ji Feng was too lazy to be ordinary with him, and after thinking about it, dialed Du Shaofeng’s number. Other students were not allowed to bring their mobile phones, but Du Shaofeng, as the captain, should be able to do so.

“Ji Feng, why did you remember to call me?” The phone was connected and Du Shaofeng’s loud voice came from inside.

“Old Du? This is Ji Feng, you put Han Zhong on the phone.” Ji Feng didn’t make any courtesy and said directly. With Du Shaofeng and the others, there was no need to be so polite.

“Hey, pretend, I’ll see how long you can pretend!” Zhang Wei said disdainfully.

Next to her, Yang Bing was a little surprised and looked at Ji Feng, she could tell that Ji Feng looked subdued and a little impatient, obviously this could definitely not be pretending, perhaps, he was really annoyed by Zhang Wei.

Rei Lei’s boyfriend, what exactly was he?

“Old Ji, what is it?” Han Zhong’s voice finally came over and asked with a smile.

“The son of one of your group’s shareholders, what’s-his-name Zhang Wei, is here and forbids me to leave and wants to chase my girlfriend, so I’m not here to sue you!” Ji Feng said with a smile.

As soon as he said this, Han Zhong’s face on the other end of the phone changed. Of course he knew what kind of character that B*****d Zhang Wei had, and he couldn’t help but curse in his heart, “D*mn dog, who’s wrong to chase, why did you go after Ji Feng’s girlfriend? Is that girl something you can chase?

Think about the energy of Tong Lei’s elder brother Zhang Lei, that was a person who could call the chief with just one phone call.

“Old Ji, you give the phone to that B*****d.” Han Zhong said in a low voice as he forced himself to hold back his anger.

Ji Feng smiled faintly and handed the phone over, “Young Master Zhang, pick up the phone!”

“Humph, how dare you pretend with me!” Zhang Wei didn’t believe that Ji Feng really knew Han Zhong, he disdainfully took the phone, “Hello, this is Zhang Wei, who is it?”

“I’m Han Zhong, you’ve really grown up, how dare you mess with anyone?” The Han Zhong on the phone was furious and cursed angrily.


Cold sweat sprang up on Zhang Wei’s forehead, how could he not hear Han Zhong’s voice? His face changed drastically and he glanced at Ji Feng in fear, how did this kid really know Han Zhong?

Although Zhang Wei’s father was a shareholder of Han’s Group, he was far from being compared to the young master who was the head of Han’s Group ah, it couldn’t be easier for people to take advantage of this opportunity to kick his father out.

“This matter, you have to settle it to my brother’s satisfaction, otherwise, you know the consequences!” Han Zhong hung up the phone after saying these words.

Zhang Wei’s face was pale, and he even trembled a little as he handed the phone over, “This, this big brother, today is all because I didn’t know any better and offended big brother and sister-in-law, can, can you give a chance to make amends?”


At this moment, the surrounding spectators all stared in disbelief at the scene in front of them, was this still the arrogant Zhang Wei?

In the past month of military training, Zhang Wei had never looked at anyone with his nose in the air, but now he was scared to death because of a phone call from Tong Lei’s boyfriend?


Chapter 154

Ji Feng sneered and took the phone, and said indifferently, “Forget about today, Tong Lei is my girlfriend, I hope you won’t hara*s her again in the future, or else …… hum!”

He this cold hum, Zhang Wei suddenly can’t help but fight a cold war, just now Han Zhong’s phone call he can hear clearly, this guy in front of him is not only Han Zhong’s brother, moreover, it seems that even Han Zhong has to be careful with him, we are all people who have seen the world, Zhang Wei from Han Zhong’s tone has heard out, this Tong Lei’s boyfriend in front of him, must come from not small.

“This, this brother please don’t worry, in the future I will definitely not hara*s Tong Lei again, and if someone else hara*ses her, I will definitely help stop it.” Zhang Wei saw the wind and made the rudder, the wind shifted really fast.

Ji Feng instantly smiled faintly, “In that case, thanks a lot.”

“You’re welcome, you’re welcome!” Zhang Wei waved his hands in a panic, “Since you’re a friend of young Han, that’s …… what I should naturally do, huh!”

He was going to say, “Since you’re Young Han’s friend, that’s my friend too. But then he thought, even Han Zhong has to be careful with his friend, and he has just offended him, it’s already good that people will give him a good look, and he has to presume to be friends with him?

Although Zhang Wei is arrogant and likes to brag, he knows what to do and knows how to choose and how to talk to make people happy.

Ji Feng waved his hand, “In that case, then I’ll trouble you in the future, goodbye!”

With that, Ji Feng took up Tong Lei’s small hand and left in big strides.

Behind them, a crowd of students sat on the gra*s, staring blankly at the duo’s backs, their hearts astonished.

With just one phone call, Tong Lei’s boyfriend had intimidated Zhang Lei, who was usually as tugged as two-fifty thousand people? Look at him, just now he looked so imposing, but when he saw that Tong Lei’s boyfriend was bigger than him, he immediately nodded his head and fawned over him, not feeling ashamed.

Zhang Wei did not care at all about the stares of these students, he was even laughing coldly in his heart, these children who have not seen the world, what do they know?

This is only among the students, who do not like who they see, they can just show it or do not approach them. This is the nature of the students. To put it nicely, they are hot-blooded and full of a sense of justice.

If you put it more harshly, you don’t know how to live or die, you can’t see the situation, or you simply don’t know the hardships of survival.

Zhang Wei secretly despises these people in his heart, you look down on me, but none of you have a better life than me, I use my dignity for a moment, but in exchange for the possibility of making friends with a big and powerful person, in this way, I will have a better life in the future.

But what about you all? Hot-blooded? Can hot-bloodedness be a meal?

Zhang Wei knew the hardships and frustrations of those university students who went out to look for jobs after graduation. He would sometimes go to Han’s group to have a stroll, and he often encountered the situation where he was looking for a job and could not find a place to die.

Now when he looks back at these students, Zhang Wei only feels pity for them.

For Zhang Wei and the other students’ thoughts, Ji Feng was naturally unaware of them, and at this moment he was helping Tong Lei finish packing her traveling gifts.

“Ji Feng, I’m part of the squad, it’s not very nice for me to leave like this, is it?” In the makeshift dormitory, Tong Lei asked in a low voice while packing up her traveling rituals.

“What, still want to go back for the military training exercises?” Ji Feng asked with a smile.

“There’s always a beginning and an end!” Tong Lei pouted, looking adorable.

“Haha!” Looking at her cute look, Ji Feng couldn’t help but nod and smile, “Alright then, I’ll make a phone call for you and ask.”

A few moments later, Ji Feng hung up the phone.

“Okay.” Ji Feng carried all of Tong Lei’s big bag of household goods and other traveling gifts on his shoulders and smiled, “I’ve just greeted the leader in charge of your military training, since your squad is the first squad to come out, so we can leave later after you’ve participated in the first batch of military training drills.”

The so-called military training rehearsal is actually the last day of the military training, where all the squads walk along the playground in various steps, such as marching and so on.

As most of the foreign language students were girls, the head of the training department let them walk at the front of the line, which was a beautiful sight.

After getting all the things ready, Ji Feng carried Tong Lei’s salute and sent her to the military training squad again. China . Then Ji Feng sat down on his butt and waited for Tong Lei to finish her military training before leaving together.

“Hey, big brother Ji Feng is it?” As soon as he saw that Ji Feng was back, Zhang Wei lit up and hurried over, he didn’t know where he heard Ji Feng’s name from and called him big brother in one breath.

Ji Feng looked at him with a smirk, thinking that although this kid was cheeky, he was also a guy who knew how to advance and retreat, it seemed that this had a lot to do with the environment he came from.

“It’s too awkward to call Ji Feng big brother, or else this way, I’ll call you Brother Feng from now on?” When Zhang Lei saw that Ji Feng didn’t resent his approach, he got into the spirit and said with a smile.

“Suit yourself!” Ji Feng smiled indifferently, “Your name is Zhang Wei?”

“That’s right, that’s right.” Zhang Wei laughed heatedly, “So what, Brother Feng, I was blind before, don’t take offense, just now I called Young Han, he already scolded me, and I know I was wrong.”

Ji Feng nodded and said, “It’s nothing, they’re all young people. By the way, your father is a shareholder of Han’s Group?”

“Just a small shareholder.” Zhang Wei smiled shyly.

“That’s also remarkable.” Ji Feng nodded and said, he had also heard some about Han’s Group from Han Zhong, it was very powerful, to be a small shareholder in it, his connections and financial power must also be too much stronger than ordinary people.

In front of Ji Feng Zhang Lei did not dare to be proud of himself, this young man opposite who seemed to be even more handsome than himself was a character that even Han Shao had to be careful in his dealings, to be proud of himself in front of him, Zhang Wei was not stupid enough to do that.

“Brother Feng, I really envy you, to have a girlfriend as beautiful as your sister-in-law.” Zhang Wei smiled heatedly and whispered again, “Then what, Brother Feng, I suddenly remembered something, it is said that quite a few people are hitting on sister-in-law’s idea again ……”

Ji Feng glanced at him, “How do you know? Who all are there?”

Zhang Wei suddenly smiled sarcastically, “Brother Feng, to be honest, I know a few of those people, most of them are people with some family history or some origins, but you can rest a*sured, Brother Feng, as long as I am in the Foreign Language Department, I will never let sister-in-law be hara*sed.”

Ji Feng looked at him and deliberated slightly before saying, “Bring your mobile phone.”

Zhang Wei was stunned and said in a panic, “Brother Feng wants to use a mobile phone? No problem, I just bought this phone at the beginning of the school year, Brother Feng will take it first, and I will prepare a better one for Brother Feng when the military training is over.”

“What are you talking about!” Ji Feng was immediately made to cry and laugh at his words, dare this guy think he was asking for his phone?

Ji Feng took the phone from Zhang Wei’s hand with a good-natured and amused look, glared at him and casually dialed a few numbers, “Remember, this is my number, if someone hara*ses Tong Lei and you can’t stop it, either call Tong Lei’s brother, or, call me directly, remember?”

Only then did Zhang Wei suddenly realize, I told you, since Ji Feng was a powerful person, how could he covet a mobile phone for himself?

“Brother Feng, don’t worry, I will definitely do what you said.” Zhang Wei was instantly excited, not only did he not have a grudge against Ji Feng this time, but he had even gotten closer, this was really something to gain and something to lose.

“Alright, as long as you keep an eye on it.” Ji Feng said, “But I can tell you, first of all, you can’t hara*s Tong Lei, remember?”

He was not willing to let this guy Zhang Wei take a chicken feather as an arrow and approach Tong Lei in the name of protecting her and play himself as an ingrate when the time came.

Zhang Wei hurriedly said, “Brother Feng, how dare I. I swear to God, if I have second thoughts about my sister-in-law again, let me be struck by lightning!”

“Come on, talking so loudly, are you trying to invite everyone over?” Ji Feng glared at him, for this person who could casually hang an oath on his lips, Ji Feng did not quite dare to trust his oath. But one thing was still clear to Ji Feng, and that was that this guy was definitely a man of vision, the only way to see the wind is to have a good vision, obviously, Zhang Wei would never dare to easily throw his words to the wind.

This way Ji Feng will be much more at ease, at least, in the future, even if both himself and Zhang Lei are not around, Tong Lei can have one more person to look after her even if she encounters any trouble.

“Alright, not much else to say, call up Han Zhong sometime and have a drink together.” Ji Feng patted Zhang Wei’s shoulder and said with a smile.

Zhang Wei was indeed a villain, but in Ji Feng’s opinion, sometimes a true villain was far cuter than a hypocrite, and when interacting with this kind of person, as long as you grasp the right proportion, you might be able to play a big role at critical moments.

Soon, the time came to 9:30 am, and the military training exercise was about to start. The squad that Tong Lei was in had already started to a*semble, and Zhang Lei had also returned from his instructor.

“Crazy?!” When he saw Ji Feng, Zhang Lei obviously froze, then a smile appeared on his face, he quickly came to the front and punched Ji Feng fiercely on the chest: “When did you kid come over, why didn’t you contact me?”

Zhang Lei’s punch on Ji Feng’s body was not even a scratch, and Ji Feng glared at him with no good grace, “Contacting you? Why should I contact you?”

“Crazy man, taking gun pills?” Zhang Lei was surprised and asked, “Why are you talking so impulsively?”

“Hmph, I have to ask you, what did I tell you before? Let you protect your sister, how did you do it?” Ji Feng told what had just happened between him and Zhang Wei.

Zhang Lei’s eyes instantly widened, “, Zhang Wei that son of a B*tch I’ve seen him in a bad light for a long time, I’m going to beat him up.”

“It’s already settled.” Ji Feng hummed.

“Solved?” Zhang Lei couldn’t help but chuckle, “Crazy, I never thought you would be jealous too!”

“Get lost!” Ji Feng scolded in no good humour, “Forget it this time, Tong Lei wasn’t hurt, if there’s a next time, I’ll beat your brat to a pulp!”

Zhang Lei brushed his mouth, disdainful. But remembering Ji Feng’s skill, he could only shut up, who made him unable to beat Ji Feng?

“Alright, the military training drill is about to start, hurry up!” Ji Feng also knew that Zhang Lei, a person who was usually big-headed, mainly wanted to give him a warning today, otherwise, if he continued to be so careless in the future, something might happen.

Zhang Lei was also more or less apologetic, he scratched his head and said, “Then I’ll go over first, I’ll talk more about it later.”

Looking at the somewhat demoralised back of this good brother, Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile slightly.

The military training drill went well, and with the Foreign Language Department being the one at the front of the line, the duo of Tong Lei and Zhang Lei came down very early.

“Ten minutes, I’ll only give you ten minutes.” Ji Feng looked at his watch and laughed heatedly, “Lei Zi, after ten minutes, we’re leaving.”

“Crazy, you take me for a superman, huh?” Zhang Lei was furious, “Ten minutes to pack your luggage, buddy it would take at least five or six minutes to even change clothes, right?”

“Then I don’t care!” Ji Feng said with a bad smile.

Tong Lei giggled on the side and didn’t speak up to help Zhang Lei.

“You guys are ruthless!” Zhang Lei said through gritted teeth and hurriedly ran to the dormitory to pack his things.

When the three of them arrived at the place where Ji Feng had parked, Zhang Lei couldn’t help but rub his eyes, “I say crazy, is this your car?”

Although they had long been aware of Ji Feng’s origin, seeing Ji Feng suddenly drive over in an Audi was more or less difficult to adapt to. One should know that in the past, Ji Feng had said that he would not rely on his family, let alone ask for a single cent from them.

“I bought this car on my own, although I asked for a relationship for the driving licence, but the money is still my own.” Of course Ji Feng knew what Zhang Lei was thinking and explained.

Zhang Lei was immediately even more surprised, “Where did you get so much money?”

“Picked it up!” Ji Feng laughed heatedly, put his luggage in the trunk, opened the car door and sat in.

“Lei Lei, you take the pa*senger seat, I’ll sit in the back.” Zhang Lei hurriedly opened the car door and allocated the seats, then he got into the back seat and directly laid down, with his two feet up on the car door.

“Aiya, it’s really comfortable but lying down, it’s too comfortable!” There was air conditioning in the car, compared to the hot weather outside, it was a world of difference, Zhang Lei immediately shouted out in comfort.

“Brother, can you have some decency?” Tong Lei complained discontentedly.

Zhang Lei laughed heatedly and didn’t correct himself, but forked off the topic, “So what, crazy, you haven’t said anything yet, where did you get so much money to buy a car?”

Ji Feng laughed: “I was in the military training camp for a week before, but something went wrong and I left the camp, then I happened to attend a jadeite raw stone trade, I was quite lucky, I actually won the bet and made a small profit.”

“A small profit? How much did you earn?” Zhang Lei instantly came to life and asked after him.

“More than forty million!” Ji Feng shook his head slightly and said ‘indifferently’, while the corners of his mouth pulled up a slight curve, secretly smiling badly in his heart.

“More, how much?!” Zhang Lei sat up at once, his head banged against the car, he hurriedly covered his head and rubbed it for a while, “Crazy, how much did you just say?”

“Ji Feng, you made over forty million?” Tong Lei was also surprised, her small face was full of shock, forty million plus ah, that’s not four thousand dollars, how many people, even if they spend their whole life, can’t earn that much money!

Ji Feng nodded and said, “Well, more than forty million, I bought a relatively large raw stone, and it turned out to be an extremely fine jadeite, so I sold it for these money ……”

He told a detailed account of the trade fair at that time, of course, naturally omitting the transgressions with Hu Xuehui and her sister and brother-in-law in between.

Even so, Zhang Lei and Tong Lei both listened with their eyes glazed over and stared blankly at Ji Feng.

“Crazy, are you saying that you just bought a stone for a few hundred dollars, then sold it for millions, and borrowed money to buy another stone and sold it for tens of millions?” Zhang Lei asked, baffled.

Ji Feng nodded: “This business of gambling on stones is actually like this, there is a saying that one slice of heaven and one slice of hell, if you win the bet, you might make a fortune, but if the bet collapses, you might not be able to turn around for many years.”

“Then you still dare to gamble?” Zhang Lei stammered.

Ji Feng laughed, “Why not go and gamble since I’m bored anyway? Even if I lose, it’s only a few tens of thousands of dollars at most, and it’s naturally better if I win.”

“You’re bull!” Zhang Lei gave a thumbs up, indeed, a mindset like Ji Feng’s was the mindset that was truly suitable for gambling, to fight for a small amount and dare to fight, it would be strange if such a person did not achieve anything.

At this time, Zhang Lei couldn’t help but feel that he really wasn’t wrong in setting up his old sister and Ji Feng together in the first place.

So, my eyes are still very good! Zhang Lei thought beautifully.

The performance of Tong Lei was much better, she was not very attached to money. For her, as long as she had enough money to spend, she never pursued a luxurious life like other girls, but she was still sincerely happy that Ji Feng had earned tens of millions of dollars, which was a huge sum of money.

This was also what Ji Feng liked most about her, not being ostentatious and not worshipping gold.

“Crazy, since you suddenly have tens of millions of dollars, are you going to lend me some?” Zhang Lei didn’t know what ghost idea had occurred to him again and suddenly asked.

Ji Feng was stunned, “Are you short of money?”

“Of course I’m short of it!” Zhang Lei immediately shouted, “Crazy, you don’t know my buddy’s situation, the old man at home is too strict with me, although he can’t do anything about it now, but he doesn’t give money, Lei Lei still has at least a thousand yuan a month to live on, but me, I only have six hundred, how do you think I should live!”

Looking at Zhang Lei’s bitter look, Ji Feng and Tong Lei simultaneously laughed dumbly.

“Don’t worry, you won’t be able to starve!” Ji Feng laughed.

“I knew it, I didn’t make you a buddy for nothing.” Zhang Lei was instantly happy and smiling.



Xiao Ling threw the kun bag onto the table and sat down on the sofa with a huff.

Xiao Yuxuan was watching TV in the living room, and when she saw her roommate in this state, she couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong? Who P*ssed you off again?”

“Don’t mention it.” Xiao Ling said glumly, “I’m going to race against my rival next month, and this morning I went to practice with my friend, but I met an eccentric guy on the way, that racing skill is simply perverted, never slowing down in big corners and small turns, my companion was all blown away.”

“You, a girl, why do you have to play any racing!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but feel amused, everything else was good about this roommate, but her personality was too much like a boy, and she also liked to race cars.

“Can’t girls just race cars?” Xiao Ling shook her head slightly and sighed, “This time, the opponent is very strong, if we fail, I’ll be in big trouble. Alas, if only we could find the owner of that Audi, if only that person could represent us in the race, we could definitely win.”