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Campus Master Chapter 159-160

Chapter 159

Hearing Ji Feng if he readily agreed to do so, Xiao Yuxuan could not help but be a little surprised, and even …… a little disbelieving.

To know, if Ji Feng did what she said, then it would inevitably let Tong Lei know what happened between them, in which case, how could Tong Lei tolerate it?

However, when Xiao Yuxuan saw the sincerity in Ji Feng’s eyes, her heart couldn’t help but be rattled a little. At this moment, she believed without reservation that what Ji Feng said was absolutely true.

“Alas ……” Xiao Yuxuan sighed lightly in her heart, in reality, how could she really let Ji Feng pursue her openly and honestly? Wouldn’t that be clearly and unmistakably telling Tong Lei that I’m stealing your boyfriend?

Of course Xiao Yuxuan wouldn’t do such a thing, otherwise, what else would she have had to be embarra*sed about before? The reason she had to make such a condition to Ji Feng was just to test how much Ji Feng really meant to her, not to make things difficult for him.

Who would deliberately make things difficult for the person they like? At least not Xiao Yuxuan.

But Xiao Yuxuan did not expect that Ji Feng’s answer would be so crisp, which moved her to the core.

She knew that before she met Ji Feng, Xiao Yuxuan had almost been forced into a corner by Li Weidong, and the fact that Ji Feng was able to stand up for her without reservation had already touched her.

Now when she saw this determined look on Ji Feng’s face, Xiao Yuxuan felt as if she was seeing the scene again when Ji Feng stood up for her when he heard that she was being embarra*sed by Li Weidong.

Without Ji Feng, I am afraid that she would have been Li Weidong’s forbidden woman by now, right?

After experiencing He Dong’s shameless betrayal, seeing the kind of people who approached her with various purposes during her university days, and almost being forced to the brink by Li Weidong, Xiao Yuxuan had already seen clearly the coldness in the world. If she could meet someone like Ji Feng who treated her well without reservation, how could she have any more excessive demands?

Looking at Ji Feng’s resolute and handsome face, Xiao Yuxuan’s heart became soft and she almost couldn’t help but jump into Ji Feng’s arms like this.

However, Xiao Yuxuan still held back, not only because this was a public occasion, but also because of a girl’s reserve.

“What a silly boy.” Xiao Yuxuan said with love and hatred in her heart, and a look of affection flashed in her eyes, “This life is kind of ruined by your hands, how did I meet you!”

However, although there was a decision in her heart that she would not leave Ji Feng in this life, but seeing his somewhat expectant look, Xiao Yuxuan still intended to tease him.

Raising her head slightly, Xiao Yuxuan’s red lips lightly opened, “You promised so quickly, aren’t you afraid that Tong Lei will know?”

A look of bitterness flashed across Ji Feng’s face as he nodded honestly, “Of course I’m afraid, how can I put it, you and Tong Lei are equally important in my heart, losing either of you would make me ache for life.”

“Then you still promise me?” Xiao Yuxuan blinked her eyes twice, flashing in a flirtatious manner.

“Since you gave me this opportunity, I naturally have to grasp it.” Ji Feng said rightfully, if he said yes, he would have a 50 percent chance, if he didn’t, there was no chance at all, Ji Feng certainly knew how to settle this account.

The actual can’t, then tell Tong Lei explicitly, just like to Xiao Yuxuan, let them know their own feelings, as to how they will choose in the end, although Ji Feng has no bottom in his heart, but one thing he is very clear, if he does not try to fight, will certainly regret for life.

If he fought for it, but still didn’t keep them …… this might not be within Ji Feng’s consideration, no matter what method he used, he would definitely not let Xiao Yuxuan and Tong Lei leave.

“You!” Xiao Yuxuan looked at Ji Feng’s firm eyes and could only sigh lightly, “Alright, I won’t make things difficult for you, the previous condition is cancelled.”

“Why should it be cancelled?” Ji Feng was instantly anxious, “Yu Xuan, words can’t be uncountable.”

“Pfft!” Seeing Ji Feng’s anxious look, Xiao Yuxuan finally couldn’t help it and let out a giggle, then she tensed her face and hummed, “Can’t I change my mind?”

“No!” Ji Feng’s face instantly sank, fiercely wrapped Xiao Yuxuan in his arms once again, and viciously said, “Dare to keep your word, see how I will clean you up!”

Xiao Yuxuan’s smile just now, how could he not understand, dare to say, Xiao Yuxuan is deliberately teasing himself.

At the same time, Ji Feng couldn’t help but hate his teeth, his headache was killing him, but she still had the time to tease him, he should be spanked!

Xiao Yuxuan suddenly lost her colour and said in a panic: “I’m wrong, I’m wrong, can’t I? Ji Feng, come on, stop it, everyone else is watching!”

Ji Feng heatedly smiled, “It’s okay to stop, scream something nice, otherwise, the family law will be served!”

“Sh, what’s nice?” At this moment, Xiao Yuxuan was tightly held in Ji Feng’s arms, her plump buttocks were high up, seeing that Ji Feng’s big hand might fall at any moment, a strange excitement surprisingly rose in her heart, and she felt shy beyond measure, her mood was complicated.

“Like, what should you call me? Hubby, good brother, dear …… whatever you choose!” Ji Feng said with a bad smile.

“Bah! Luckily brother …… is disgusting!” Xiao Yuxuan’s shy pretty face turned red.

“Pah!” Just as Xiao Yuxuan’s words fell, Ji Feng’s big hand slapped her arse hard.

“Oooh!” Xiao Yuxuan subconsciously let out a trembling moan, her delicate body shook violently, and a hot stream of water unexpectedly flowed out of her lower body.

Xiao Yuxuan was dying of shame, how could she have imagined that her body would react in such a situation, was she born to be a s**t?

“Ji Feng, please let me go, I was wrong.” Xiao Yuxuan was ashamed and shocked, and her delicate body was still trembling slightly.

Ji Feng immediately smelled a strange smell, the kind of smell with the ghostly fragrance of Xiao Yuxuan’s body, making him understand what that smell was, he couldn’t help but widen his eyes, he didn’t expect Xiao Yuxuan’s body to be so sensitive!

“Hey, it’s fine for me to let you off, still the same words, scream nice.” Ji Feng also did not dare to continue to make a scene, this was in public, he naturally could not let Xiao Yuxuan make a fool of herself, she was his girlfriend, if she was seen by others, he would be at a big loss.

“Old, husband ……” Xiao Yuxuan’s voice was like a mosquito and she was so shy that she could barely lift her head.

“Well, that’s more or less the same.” Ji Feng nodded in satisfaction, wrapped one hand around Xiao Yuxuan’s small waist, held her elastic thighs with the other hand, and with a fierce effort, Xiao Yuxuan sat in his arms.

“You’re really a big bad egg, you have to watch me make a fool of myself to be happy, don’t you?” Xiao Yuxuan buried her head at his neck, her heart was shy and uncomfortable, but at the same time there was a hint of vague anticipation, that slap just now had given her an unprecedented stimulation.

Ji Feng smiled heatedly and did not say anything, but his heart was incomparably surprised. He just found out that Xiao Yuxuan’s body was actually so sensitive, if it was in bed ……

Ji Feng hurriedly shook his head, his own thoughts seemed to be a bit over the top.

But I don’t know why, every time I was with Tong Lei, seeing her clear and beautiful appearance, although Ji Feng also thumped his heart, but he would not frequently have aromatic thoughts. However, when he was with Xiao Yuxuan, Ji Feng would always involuntarily a*sociate himself with that aspect.

“Could it be that it’s because Yu Xuan is more mature and more flirtatious than Tong Lei?” Ji Feng thought for half a day and could only come up with such a reason.

The two women, to be able to have one is already a lifetime of luck, if two have at the same time, it is simply a blessing that can only be cultivated in several lifetimes.

Ji Feng couldn’t help but scratch his head, he seemed a bit too optimistic, if Tong Lei knew about this, he might not know how much he would react.

“Ji Feng, hurry up and put me down, Xiao Ling went to the bathroom and might be coming out soon.” Xiao Yuxuan’s soft Wu Nong soft words made Ji Feng come back to his senses, he then remembered that today’s topic was not him and Xiao Yuxuan talking about love, but Xiao Ling asking for his help in racing.

Knowing that Xiao Yuxuan’s face was overwhelmed and afraid of his friends’ jokes, Ji Feng could only give a fierce squeeze on Xiao Yuxuan’s plump buttocks, causing Xiao Yuxuan to yelp softly, before releasing her.

“Little bad egg.” Xiao Yuxuan hurriedly sat back in the opposite seat and gave him a flirtatious white glance, her soft little tongue licking her lips without a trace, with a look full of endless temptation`.

“Simply a demon spirit!” Looking at her flirtatious look, the fire in Ji Feng’s heart rose up, wanting to grab her over again and love her fiercely, but Xiao Yuxuan seemed to have gotten defensive and was sitting a bit far away, making it inconvenient for him to do it, so he could only give up unhappily.

“You must have done it on purpose!” Ji Feng grunted.

“So what if it was?” Xiao Yuxuan flirtatiously threw a winks, “Anyway, you’ve already let me go, what can you do to me now?”

“Hmph, when I catch you, I’ll see if you still dare to say that.” Ji Feng said viciously, yet he couldn’t do anything, after all, his skin wasn’t thick enough to molest a woman in public.

Xiao Yuxuan just ate up this point of his and gently crossed her beautiful legs, deliberately tempting him without a trace, making him itch with hatred, but there was nothing he could do about it.

However, Ji Feng’s heart was completely relieved, Xiao Yuxuan’s attitude had undoubtedly indicated that she was willing to follow herself along with Tong Lei.

At the thought that he could have such a flirtatious girlfriend, Ji Feng’s heart was on fire.

Both seemed to understand what was in the other’s mind, smiling at each other, Xiao Yuxuan threw a wink, and Ji Feng’s fiery gaze was on Xiao Yuxuan’s body, the neckline was the object of his focus, this ambiguous and sweet game made them happy.

It wasn’t until Xiao Ling returned in the spirit of her face that the two were considered to have put an end to this ambiguous ** and became serious again.


Chapter 160

“Ji Feng, I am solemnly inviting you, I hope you can help us go on a racing trip, the reward or whatever, you can mention whatever you want, I have already said that as long as we can do it, we will definitely not be ambiguous.”

After sitting down again, Wu Ling’er looked much more composed, although the anger was still obviously forced between her eyebrows, but at least it was much better than the big grin she had when she first arrived here.

Ji Feng glanced at Xiao Yuxuan, but saw that Xiao Yuxuan’s pretty face was slightly red and she averted her gaze, not meeting his eyes at all.

The corners of his mouth pulled up a slight arc, Ji Feng understood that Xiao Yuxuan did not want her words to influence his decision.

After a moment of deliberation, Ji Feng nodded slightly and asked, “I want to ask you a question, it might be a bit presumptuous, I hope you don’t mind.”

“Go ahead, what kind of question?” Wu Ling’er was a little surprised, she was keenly aware that Ji Feng’s attitude seemed to have changed a little compared to just now, could it be that Xiao Yuxuan had persuaded him again after she left? A good sister is a good sister, although she says she won’t help, she actually still helps herself secretly.

Thinking about this, Wu Ling’er couldn’t help but feel anxious in her heart, and wondered if Ji Feng would agree.

“What I want to ask is, who are you going to race with and why, and also, why must you invite me to …… well, just these questions.” Ji Feng picked up his coffee and took a sip, asking indifferently.

Wu Ling’er was stunned, not understanding why Ji Feng would suddenly ask these questions, but on second thought, if he agreed to race, these questions were indeed all closely related to him, and it wasn’t strange for him to ask.

So, Wu Ling’er said truthfully, “If you agree, no surprise, the person you are racing with should be Sun Zixiong, the king of underground black cars in Jiangzhou, this person’s driving skills are very powerful, very few people in the whole Jiangzhou are his opponents, so we can only look for you.”

“Why do you want to race with him?” Ji Feng asked.

“Ji Feng, since your racing skills are so good, I believe you must have often shown your skills in underground racing, there are only so many places in Jiangzhou that are suitable for racing, and they each have their own turf, but this Sun Zixiong has recently been trying to steal that road that we race on, so naturally we can’t tolerate it, so both sides have set up a competition next month, and if we lose would give up that road, but if we won, Sun Zi Xiong’s road would also be ours.” Wu Ling’er said.

“A bunch of fops who have nothing better to do!”

After listening to this, Ji Feng frowned and cursed, “If I remember well, there is only one regular racing road in Jiangzhou, and the so-called underground racing you are doing now is actually illegal.”

Wu Ling’er’s eyebrows knitted slightly and she was about to get angry, but when she saw Ji Feng’s look of disgust and disdain, somehow she managed to hold back her anger.

“So what if it’s illegal? Everyone plays like this, as long as there are no major problems, the police won’t care.” Wu Ling’er grunted.

“It’s not that they don’t care, it’s that they don’t dare to care!” Ji Feng disdainfully brushed his mouth, “I want to ask, Wu Ling’er, how much is your salary a month? Five thousand? Or seven thousand?”

“Why are you asking this?” Wu Ling’er hummed.

“I’m afraid that your salary for a year put together is not enough to cover the amount of money you consume in one race, right? Where did you get that much money?” Ji Feng snorted, “All day long you think you’re great, you think you’re so capable, playing racing ……”

As Ji Feng’s snicker kept ringing out, Wu Ling’er’s face became increasingly ugly, and in the end, her eyes were filled with anger, almost as if she wanted to eat Ji Feng.


Ji Feng’s leg was kicked, needless to say, it must have been Xiao Yuxuan who couldn’t look away.

Ji Feng, however, just sneered and asked, “Miss Wu Ling’er, if I remember correctly, the reason why you knew that my driving skills were good was because we met on the morning of the 29th of September on the Pan Mountain Highway, wasn’t it?”

“So what if I did?” Wu Ling’er asked in an unkind tone.

Ji Feng sneered, “So what? Ha! You’re really justified! Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for my driving skills, with the speed of those dozens of sports cars of yours, if any ordinary person was driving a car, they would have been hit by you guys long ago, and when the time comes, car destruction and death would be light, once a chain rear-end accident happens, what kind of consequences would it cause, have you thought about it? Of course, if you guys die, then you deserve to die, but what about the people who were innocently hit?”

Wu Ling’er’s face instantly changed, she bit her lips tightly, and her delicate body couldn’t help but tremble a little.

However, it was undeniable that Ji Feng’s words were right.

The night before she met Ji Feng on the Panshan Highway, it was because she had just made an agreement with Sun Zixiong, and someone had proposed to go to practice overnight.

As a result, that practice was overnight, and it was only after they met Ji Feng the next morning that they were all deeply shocked, and only then did they each go home.

Looking back now, the situation at that time was indeed as Ji Feng had said. With the exhausted state they were in after practicing all night, if the person driving at that time was not Ji Feng but an ordinary person, the probability of having an accident would have been too great.

“How can you behave like this and still have the face to come and ask me to help you with your racing? It’s simply a travesty of the world! Miss Wu Ling’er, please remember that I will never, and will never, help a group of dudes who never take other people’s lives seriously to go racing!”

Here, Ji Feng was already stern, “Also, if I ever find out that you guys still dare to act like this, the police may not dare to control you, then I will do it for the police, what you are relying on, I will find out exactly what you are relying on and deal with it together with your reliance at that time!”

“Bang!” Ji Feng slapped the table fiercely, “If you don’t believe me, just try it!”

“Ah!” Wu Ling’er was violently startled and immediately lost her colour. Although she was a bit big-hearted, but since she grew up, no one had ever dared to talk to her like that.

“Ji Feng, why did you get angry for a good reason, don’t get angry!” Xiao Yuxuan saw this and hurriedly persuaded Ji Feng. Other people might not know, but Xiao Yuxuan was very clear, with Ji Feng’s status, if he really wanted to deal with Xiao Ling and her friends, not to mention that they were defenseless, even the family they relied on, I’m afraid that in a minute, they would be destroyed in smoke and cease to exist.

Originally, Xiao Yuxuan still had some blame in her heart for Ji Feng being too hard to talk to, but when she listened to those words just now, she realized that Xiao Ling Racing was actually in such danger, which was not only dangerous for herself, but also very dangerous for others, no wonder Ji Feng was furious.

However, just such a good sister, Xiao Yuxuan could not bear to watch Xiao Ling being scolded like this, she could not help but say softly, “Xiao Ling, actually Ji Feng is right, it is really too dangerous for you to play racing, how about, forget it?”

Wu Ling’er was silent, just tears welling up in her eyes.

Xiao Yuxuan then couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh, she knew this good sister’s temper the best. In fact, Little Spirit was not bad in nature, only that since she grew up with divorced parents, although she never lacked in terms of money, she did not have the love of her parents.

In order to attract her parents’ attention, she had been very rebellious since she was young, and as a result, she had gradually developed such a big personality. Because of this, when Xiao Yuxuan was forced by Li Weidong, Xiao Yuxuan did not tell Xiao Ling the details because she did not want Xiao Ling to beg her parents because of her own affairs.

Xiao Yuxuan knew best how antipathetic Little Spirit was to her parents.

“Wu Ling’er, these words of mine are not just for you, but also for those fox friends of yours, and that whatever rival of yours, Sun Zi Xiong, please tell them that if you dare to mess up again, I will let you know what regret means!”

Ji Feng stood up and directly took out two notes and put them on the table, “Yu Xuan, that’s it for today, I’ll leave first.”

“Wait a minute!” Wu Ling’er suddenly called out, instantly drawing the eyes of the other customers towards this side, “Ji Feng, who are you to lecture me? Aren’t you likewise a racing expert yourself? Do you dare to guarantee that you’ve never participated in underground racing?”

A person with such superb car skills, if she said she had never participated in real racing, Wu Ling’er would not believe her to death, such car skills could only be honed by real intense racing, and could not be practiced normally.

Ji Feng frowned and shook his head in disappointment: “Really unrepentant, you still don’t know to review your mistakes now, instead you still come to question me? Oh, there’s no harm in telling you, I have indeed never participated in a single match, not even half a match!”

“That’s not possible!” Wu Ling’er obviously didn’t believe it.

Ji Feng gave her a disgusted look, “You love to believe it or not, but you’d better take my words to heart, otherwise, there’s no pill of regret for sale in this world.”

After saying that, Ji Feng left the cafe without looking back.

Whether he heard about it or saw it with his own eyes, there were too many incidents of such rich kids racing cars causing harm to ordinary people, and Ji Feng’s heart had long been filled with anger. In the past, he was powerless to change this status quo, so he couldn’t say anything.

But now it was different, his status and position made him capable of changing things around him, and if he still turned a blind eye to it at this time, he absolutely could not do it.

Not to mention that Wu Ling’er was Xiao Yuxuan’s friend, even if it was Xiao Yuxuan, as long as she dared to do such a thing, he would definitely not show any mercy when he reprimanded her.

If you don’t take other people’s lives seriously, what respect do you get from them?