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Campus Master Chapter 171-172

Chapter 171

“Good then, wrap it up for me ……” Xiao Yuxuan immediately nodded her head and said.

However, before she could finish her words, a woman’s voice that was so whispery that it made people sweat coldly suddenly came from the side: “Hold on, 40,000, we’ll take these two watches!”

Ji Feng’s eyebrows instantly furrowed, and when his eyes fell on the person who had spoken, a look of disgust flashed across his eyes.

“It’s you?” Ji Feng frowned and asked, “You want this pair of watches?”

The person who spoke was no other than the sister of Ji Feng’s former girlfriend Hu Xuehui, Hu Xueqin. Beside her, there stood a fat middle-aged man with a big belly, who was naturally her thuggish husband, Wu Changqun.

The weather in October, although it could not be said to be cold, but definitely not as hot as summer, Ji Feng had already put on a long-sleeved T-shirt, just because this season, although it was still hot at noon, the time in the morning and evening were already somewhat cooler.

However, in front of her, Hu Xueqin was wearing an ultra-short skirt and a halter top that could not even cover her belly button, with a blinding jewellery necklace around her neck and seven or eight gold bangles on her two wrists, emitting a blinding golden light under the light of the shop.

Wu Changqun was also wearing a short-sleeved shirt, and because of his obesity, he was sweating profusely at the moment, yet he still did not forget to deliberately shake the gold watch on his hand to show that he was well-off.

The two people’s performance, so Ji Feng can not help but slightly shake his head, the so-called wealth is not exposed, this couple is good, calculate just these jewellery and other things on their bodies together, at least more than 100,000. In Jiangzhou, a city where security is not too good, and the two of them are not like those big bosses with bodyguards, this is just like giving money to robbers!

But what surprised Ji Feng was that he didn’t see his old acquaintance Hu Xuehui beside the two. It was the November holidays, so Hu Xuehui should not be in cla*s. With her inflammatory personality, how could she not be with them?

“Who are you two? Don’t you know first come first served?” Xiao Yuxuan’s eyebrows immediately knitted together and she asked with a face full of displeasure.

“Humph! When buying something, naturally, whoever pays the highest price is the one who owns it, if you don’t have money, don’t come here to act like a big money!” Hu Xueqin looked like a proud swan, holding her head high with a smug look on her face. However, the thick foundation on her face, as well as the messy make-up, made her look not like a swan at all, but rather like a straw chicken trying hard to pretend to be a swan!

Xiao Yuxuan looked at this self-conscious woman in bewilderment and suddenly snorted with laughter!

She couldn’t help but shake her head and laughed at Ji Feng, “You know them?”

For such thuggish people in general, Xiao Yuxuan, who came from a good background, naturally did not want to say half a word more to them. It was not wrong to have money, but to flaunt it as a matter of pride was really not that necessary.

Ji Feng faintly shook his head, “I don’t know him, I just met him once.”

“Ji Feng!” Hu Xueqin was like having her tail stepped on, suddenly jumping up and screaming, “How dare you say you don’t know me? You poor boy born of a woman selling vegetables, what qualifies you to do this?!”

“What kind of woman are you born of?” Ji Feng asked indifferently.

Hu Xueqin was dumbfounded, yes, what kind of woman was she born to? Her parents, too, were just the most ordinary farmers in the countryside, and, too, the farmers she hated and despised the most!

“I’m proud of my mother, she was the one who used the small amount of money she earned from selling vegetables to feed me and put me through university.” Ji Feng gave her a look filled with mockery, “What about you, your parents are farmers, originally farmers are the most ordinary, but the greatest group of people. But you, you are partial to look down on farmers and poor people the most, really ……”

Ji Feng shook his head and snorted, did not even look at the iron-faced Hu Xueqin, took Xiao Yuxuan’s small hand and turned around, “Yuxuan, no need to generally argue with such people, it’s a flat loss of identity.”

Xiao Yuxuan spread a smile and said to the waitress lady, “Please wrap up these two watches, where can I pay please?”

The waitress was also a bit ashamed by Ji Feng’s remark, in fact, she also came out from the countryside to work, just that whenever her colleagues asked, she dared not admit that she was from the countryside, now that she thought about it, she was really D*mned.

Therefore, this waiter’s attitude towards Ji Feng was much more cordial: “Yes, please wait for a moment, two of you. Also, please go to the cashier’s desk to pay, so that when the package is finished on my side, you two can just get your watches.”

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “Okay, I’ll go and pay, Yu Xuan wait here to get the watch.”

Seeing that Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan were about to buy the watch away, Wu Changqun and Hu Xueqin were immediately on fire, being ignored by such a poor boy was a huge insult!

“Miss, how do you do things? Didn’t your manager teach you?” Hu Xueqin shouted shrilly at once, “I said I wanted you to wrap this pair of watches for me, how did you do it? How can you give this pair of watches to these two poor B*****ds?!”

“Call your manager out!” Wu Changqun also sounded like a successful person, trying hard to show his authority: “This is the quality of this salesman of yours, it seems that this shop of yours is not good either! What kind of crappy brand is it, how can you have such a salesman!”

“Pfft!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but laugh out loud, she looked at Ji Feng and laughed lightly, “If Vacheron Constantin is considered a broken brand, what other brand name watches are there in this world? These two people are also really ……”

At the end of her sentence, she couldn’t help but shake her head and laugh dumbly.

There are not many people who do not know the brand Vacheron Constantin, and it is not surprising. However, those who do not know this brand and still insist on posing as so-called successful people, putting up an upper cla*s appearance, but in reality are just a profiteer, but still insist on looking down on the poor and peasants.

Such a person is truly ridiculous.

“You woman, what are you laughing at?!” Seeing the smile on Xiao Yuxuan’s face, Hu Xueqin instantly became furious with shame and anger and shouted shrilly.

This time, Ji Feng’s face sank: “Hu Xueqin, do you have mad dog disease?! Why are you biting people here!”

It was fine for these two to talk about him, but now Hu Xueqin was throwing a tantrum at Xiao Yuxuan, which Ji Feng could not tolerate.

“What, being loud is great, huh?” Looking at the cold light that flickered in Ji Feng’s eyes, Hu Xueqin couldn’t help but feel scared and didn’t dare to speak as harshly as before, but, seeing that more and more people were gathered next to her, she couldn’t pull her face back after all and could only hold on.

“Kid, are you looking for trouble?” Wu Changqun couldn’t help but say in a majestic manner as well.

Ji Feng instantly snorted, “It’s you guys who are looking for trouble, right? Hurry up and get lost, don’t bother me here, or else, don’t blame me for not being polite.”

“Ha! You’re still not polite?” Wu Changqun burst out laughing, “Then I’d like to see how you’re not polite!”

“Ji Feng, forget it, let’s pay and then leave, there’s really no point in bothering with this kind of person!” Xiao Yuxuan whispered in Ji Feng’s ear.

Faintly shaking his head, Ji Feng sighed, “Forget it, you’re right, there’s really no point in bothering with this kind of person!”

“Want to go?!” Wu Changqun sneered, “I suspect that you simply can’t afford the watch, but came here to prepare to steal it or do other things that can’t be seen!”

“You’re sick, aren’t you?!” Ji Feng’s face turned gloomy, “Wu Changqun, I didn’t go looking for you, but you came to mess with me instead? Oh, fine, I’d like to see if you, a thug who spent several million on a scrap stone, can afford to buy a watch or not?!”

For this Wu Changqun, Ji Feng was already disgusted, only that he didn’t have the chance to deal with him before, and then because of various things, Ji Feng almost forgot about this person. But now, this guy came looking for trouble again, how could Ji Feng tolerate it?

He secretly decided that this time he would make Wu Changqun look good.

“Ha! I can’t afford it?” Wu Changqun burst out laughing, not putting Ji Feng’s warning in his eyes in the slightest, “Here, salesman, take this card and swipe it, the pa*sword is six sixes.”

He took out a bank card from his wallet and flung it directly onto the counter, “I want this pair of watches, wrap them up for me immediately.”

“Hold on, you haven’t said how much it is!” Ji Feng smiled, “I’ll give you fifty thousand.”

“Ji Feng!” Xiao Yuxuan immediately pulled his clothes, spending fifty thousand dollars on a watch was a bit extravagant, right?

“Don’t worry, it’s fine.” Ji Feng gave her a rea*suring look.

“Fifty thousand?” Wu Changqun sneered, “Isn’t it just that you got lucky at the trade fair and made a small profit of a few million? Hmph, I’ll offer one hundred thousand!”

“Half a million!” Ji Feng didn’t even move his eyebrows a bit and said indifferently.

The shop a*sistant was in a dilemma, and she hurriedly sneaked through the internal contact phone and called the manager, telling him what was going on here.

Not long after, the manager quickly ran downstairs and said in a panic: “Two, two! Don’t get angry about anything, let’s discuss it!”

“You’re the manager, right?” Wu Changqun gave this manager a condescending glance, “Just this pair of couple watches, I’ll give you 600,000, just give me the package.”

“One million!” Ji Feng sneered.

Wu Changqun instantly just choked, one million for a pair of watches, although not so much as to hurt his vitality, it was definitely quite a lot.

“What, no more money?” Ji Feng asked with a sneer.

“I’ll run out of money?” Wu Changqun was instantly furious, “One million one hundred thousand!”

The onlookers suddenly murmured, and some people’s faces even showed a sneer. Ji Feng had added 400,000 in one breath, while Wu Changqun had only added 100,000, so it was clear that his bottom line was not enough.

“One and a half million!” Ji Feng still had an unchanged face and said indifferently.

“One, one million seven hundred thousand!” Wu Changqun’s forehead was already starting to break into cold sweat.

“Two million!” Ji Feng snorted coldly.

The people next to him looked at Ji Feng with changed eyes and speculated, which family’s grandson was this, so wealthy?

“Two million two hundred thousand!” Wu Changqun roared.

Ji Feng smiled faintly, “You win, this pair of watches is yours!”

“You ……!” Wu Changqun froze, two million two hundred thousand ah, but the price of this pair of watches, just over twenty thousand, a waste of over two million!


Chapter 172

In fact, Wu Changqun definitely did not want to spend more than two million dollars on such a pair of watches. Ever since he was tricked by Ji Feng at the last trade fair with his bidding technique and spent several million dollars more than he should have, Wu Changqun had learned this trick.

This time when he happened to meet him, he wanted to use the same method to calculate Ji Feng, that’s why he acted so realistically, but he didn’t expect that although Ji Feng was young, he didn’t have the feeling of being overbearing, and didn’t fall for it at all, he just gave up.

This time, Wu Changqun was in a dilemma.

More than two million was a bit much for him, and although he could afford it, it was definitely not pleasant.

“Wu Changqun, please go and pay, more than two million should not be a lot for you, right?” Ji Feng smiled and said.

“Humph! Of course I’ll pay, it’s none of your business!” Wu Changqun snorted coldly, but his eyes kept glancing over the bank card on the counter. Inside that card, there was definitely not more than two million dollars!

Ji Feng turned his head to look at the manager of the watch shop and said with a smile, “Mr. Manager, this Boss Wu is a real big spender, I’m bidding against him, that’s called being out of my depth, I’m sure Boss Wu won’t do this kind of thing of beating up his face to make it fat!”

“That’s right, that’s right!” The manager was busy nodding his head.

Something like this kind of bidding between customers was what the manager was most happy to see. You know, this kind of bidding is different from bidding in an auction, and he, the manager, gets a commission for the extra money, and the share of the commission is not small.

The most important thing among rich people is their own face. This kind of bidding has often happened in the past and the manager was used to it and knew how to handle it.

So, the manager immediately said to Wu Changqun with a face full of excitement, “This boss, congratulations on buying this couple’s watch, we’ll wrap it up for you, please come over here to pay!”

Wu Changqun’s face immediately turned red, but he was a bit embarra*sed. He only had a few tens of thousands of dollars in cash on him, which was already considered a thuggish act. And in his bank card, he only had a few hundred thousand at most, and as for the company’s account, it was not something that could be touched casually.

So, in fact, he couldn’t afford to pay more than two million at all, even for the last jadeite raw stone fair, which was actually because he had deliberately mobilised funds from his company’s account.

Now, however, he was also just bringing Hu Xueqin to shop around, so where would he deliberately mobilise funds to prepare for bidding against others?

“D*mn Ji Feng! I blame this poor boy for letting himself be fooled once again!” Wu Changqun secretly hated in his heart, but he could not say anything, after all, it was him and Hu Xueqin who first made the bid with Ji Feng, and now that he was forced to this situation of riding a tiger, he really could not tell others.

However, Wu Changqun was unable to get the money.

What should he do?

Wu Changqun was already sweating profusely, and now when he was in a hurry, he was sweating even more, and his face was red.

Ji Feng couldn’t see what he was planning to do, so he hedged and smiled: “Could it be that Boss Wu thinks this price is too low? Even if you don’t know the brand name of Vacheron Constantin, you can still spend a lot of money!”

“Pfft!” Xiao Yuxuan couldn’t help but shake her head and laugh, whispering, “Little guy, you’re so bad.”

Ji Feng also laughed in a low voice, “People are rich, so they will naturally have the manners of a big money man.”

Xiao Yuxuan was dumbfounded and laughed.

And at this time, Wu Changqun suddenly realised that he had not only been counted by Ji Feng, but he had also been counted badly. Because Wu Changqun suddenly remembered that at the original jadeite trade fair, Ji Feng had made tens of millions of dollars!

If he had remembered that Ji Feng had tens of millions of dollars, he would not have bid against him. After all, two million was nothing to Ji Feng, who had tens of millions of dollars.

“This gentleman, may I ask what kind of packaging you need? Is it gift box packaging, or common packaging?” The manager asked with a smile on his face next to him.

He was very tactful in his question, only asking Wu Changqun what kind of packaging he wanted, which obviously meant that he was asking Wu Changqun to pay for it! If he didn’t pay, he wouldn’t be able to buy any packaging.

“This manager is very artful in his speech, worthy of being a manager.” Ji Feng smiled.

“Hey! Who are you guys to make us buy this pair of watches? We’re just bidding against that poor boy, we didn’t say we had to buy it!” Hu Xueqin also realised that the two million or so was not a small amount for Wu Changqun.

That manager just smiled, but didn’t say anything.

“If you can’t afford it, don’t bid on it!” Ji Feng said grimly.

“You’re the one who can’t afford it, if you can, buy it and show me?” Hu Xueqin screamed.

Ji Feng smiled indifferently, “I was going to pay, but you guys had to bid, and since you won, it’s only logical that you should pay!”

“You!” Hu Xueqin’s pretty face turned red with anger, but she didn’t know what to say, after all, Ji Feng was telling the truth, they were the ones who bid first.

“Little fellow, it seems that they won’t pay.” Xiao Yuxuan said in a low voice, “Otherwise, we’d better leave, there’s no point in staying here.”

Ji Feng nodded slightly, he had come to accompany Xiao Yuxuan to shop today, not to fight with people.

However, before he left, he still had to squeeze Wu Changqun for a few words, “Boss Wu, as a man, just be a bit more forthcoming, if you can afford it, pay directly, if you can’t, then get lost, don’t affect people’s business here!”

“Kid, you cut the crap!” Wu Changqun became furious and roared, “Whether I buy or not, it has nothing to do with you.”

Ji Feng smiled lightly, “Looks like Boss Wu is not going to pay! What’s the point of acting like a big spender if you don’t have any money?”

With a mocking smile, Ji Feng took Xiao Yuxuan’s small hand and walked towards the door.

Wu Changqun’s face turned red with anger, but he didn’t know what to say, even so, a sentence was blocked in his throat, suffocating him almost to the point of pa*sing his back.

Originally, he had wanted to take advantage of the argument with Ji Feng to pretend to be extremely angry and brush himself off, so that he could escape from this place that was extremely embarra*sing for him.

However, when Ji Feng finished saying this, he immediately left, which made it impossible for Wu Changqun to leave even if he wanted to.

“Sister, brother-in-law!” Just then, a voice came from outside the door and almost collided head-on with the two of them, Ji Feng.

“Be careful!” Ji Feng pulled Xiao Yuxuan and dodged to the side, and the man from outside also hurriedly stopped in his tracks, and when they met with each other, they were stunned beyond belief.

“Yes, it’s you?” Hu Xuehui looked at Ji Feng in shock, “How come you’re here? Ee? Teacher Xiao? You’re here too?”

“Yu Xuan, let’s go!” Ji Feng ignored Hu Xuethui’s question and just glanced at her lightly before directly striding out.

Xiao Yuxuan froze, hurriedly nodded to Hu Xuethui, and followed.

Hu Xuethui couldn’t help but be stunned, but it was too late to think about it, she turned her head to look and found that her sister and brother-in-law were surrounded by people in the middle, with people pointing and pointing, all whispering.

“Oh, beating a swollen face, no money and still bidding frantically with others, now, shame on you?”

“What do you mean by “fattening up with a swollen face”? Can’t you see? He was already a fat person, right? Only, this fat person is only fat, his waistband is not as fat as his stomach.”

“It was all caused by that sultry woman, if she hadn’t taken the initiative to mess with that young couple of others, how would she have ended up in such an awkward situation?”

“Yes, that woman dresses so demurely, she is probably one of those out for sale, hey, this man is no good either, he even started a fight with someone over a woman who is out for sale, he can’t live with his own sins!”


The two people being talked about are her sister and brother-in-law. Especially her brother-in-law, Wu Changqun, who was a big boss and a big shot in her eyes, was now being mocked in such a way.

Hu Xuehui resisted the urge to flee in disarray and continued to listen, and soon understood what had happened.

It turned out that her sister and brother-in-law had actually gone to take the initiative to bid against Ji Feng!

Thinking of this, Hu Xuethui’s face changed, a blue pale.

At this moment, a burst of laughter suddenly came from the shop, and Hu Xuehui immediately turned her head to look, only to find that brother-in-law Wu Changqun and sister Hu Xueqin were walking out with red faces and two cups. In their wake, the crowd laughed.

“I say, this manager, you’re not going to get your commission, are you?” A customer said laughingly.

The manager shook his head helplessly and laughed, “I can’t help it, in our line of work, we can often meet all kinds of customers, although the vast majority are gentle and successful people, but there are also many hooligans and gangsters and the like, pretending to be successful people, this is also a very helpless thing.”

“Hahahaha ……” A crowd of people burst out laughing, obviously in their opinion, Wu Changqun is that rogue gangster, while Hu Xueqin, is out for sale, the two are really a perfect match!

Hearing the laughter of the crowd, Hu Xuehui was so ashamed that she almost wanted to find a crack in the ground!

She suddenly remembered the glance that Ji Feng had given her before she left the shop, the look in her eyes seemed to be full of contempt and mockery, as if to say, “See, the person you thought was your big money brother-in-law at the beginning turned out to be such a person, how ironic!”


Hu Xuehui turned around and ran away from the shop, subconsciously, tears flowed out of her eyes and spilled into the air, but she was oblivious to it.

At this time, Ji Feng and Xiao Yuxuan walked out from the side again.

After glancing at the direction Hu Xuehui ran away, Ji Feng smiled faintly and walked into the shop with Xiao Yuxuan.

After the drama just now, the manager no longer wanted a commission either, so Ji Feng bought the two couple watches at the original price without any problems.

Walking down the street, Xiao Yuxuan suddenly asked, “Ji Feng, you seem to have something against Hu Xuehui!”

Ji Feng faintly shook his head, “Let me target her, she doesn’t deserve it anymore!”