Campus Master Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3

“Humph, snobbish thing!” Rushing at the back of that obese nurse, Ji Feng coldly cursed.

“Feng’er, you’ve really grown up!” Looking at her son’s body, which was already half a head taller than her own, as well as the face that still had a hint of childishness on it, Xiao Su Mei couldn’t help but smile in relief.

When he clashed with the obese nurse, Xiao was afraid that Ji Feng would not be able to restrain his temper and hit the nurse, which would have serious consequences.

But the result made Xiao Sumei relieved, Ji Feng calmly led that obese nurse into the trap he had prepared long ago and let her make a fool of herself, which was more ruthless than even hitting someone with his hands.

“Mom, as I said, I won’t let you suffer a bit of aggravation in the future, let alone let anyone look down on you again!” Ji Feng said firmly.

“Mom believes in you!” Xiao Su Mei nodded her head gratefully.

Ji Feng suddenly remembered the words of that obese nurse just now and asked, “Mom, was I in a coma for three days?”

As soon as this was mentioned, Xiao Sumei suddenly got nervous, nodded her head in a panic and asked, “Feng’er, how do you feel physically now? Is there anything uncomfortable?”

A warm current flowed through Ji Feng’s heart, looking at his mother who had just turned forty and already had vicissitudes on her face, he couldn’t help but feel a twinge in his heart, just how much suffering had his mother suffered in order to raise herself!

“Mom, don’t worry, I’m fine. Look!” Ji Feng waved his fist and instantly felt a tiger’s wind, as if his body was full of strength, he couldn’t help but feel a moment of amazement, yet he was also overjoyed.

In the past, because he couldn’t keep up with nutrition, Ji Feng’s body was a bit weak, and this feeling of being full of strength was something he had never had before!

“It must be the strength from lying in the hospital for the past few days and resting well!” Ji Feng guessed so.

Looking at her son who did not seem to be pretending, Xiao Su Mei was then relieved.

Ji Feng said, “Mom, let’s go, I’m completely well.”

“Let’s go!” Xiao Sumei sighed lightly, if she wasn’t strapped for cash, how could she be willing to leave the hospital just after her son woke up?

As soon as the two of them walked out of the ward, they saw the obese nurse standing in the corridor, looking at them with a contemptuous expression. .com

Seeing the two leaving, the nurse muttered disdainfully, “Humph! Poor devils, how dare you be hospitalized without money!”

Ji Feng’s face instantly turned gloomy as he coldly snorted, “Humph!”

Xiao Su Mei patted her son’s back and said in a low voice, “Feng’er, forget it!”

Ji Feng took a deep breath, nodded slightly and said, “Mom, let’s go!”

Walking out of the hospital, Ji Feng couldn’t help but take a few strong breaths of the fresh air outside, the smell of medicine in the hospital was too pungent and made him uncomfortable.

“Feng’er, put your stuff in the car!” Xiao Su Mei rode the family’s only pedal tricycle over from under the parking shed not far away.

Ji Feng asked guiltily at once, “Mom, you haven’t been selling vegetables in these few days for the sake of taking care of me, have you?”

“Silly child!” When she came to the front, Xiao Su Mei smiled and patted Ji Feng’s head, “It’s all for your sake, if anything happens to you, what’s the use of making more money!”

Ji Feng rubbed the patted head and he laughed, he could feel his mother’s doting on him.

“Right, mum, it’s still early, I’m not going home, let’s go to school first!” Ji Feng suddenly remembered something and said, “I just started school and I missed three days of cla*ses, it’s better to make up for it early!”

Xiao Su Mei advised, “Feng’er, I’ve already asked for leave for you at school, so it’s better to go home first and rest for a day, it’s not too late to go to school tomorrow!”

Ji Feng shook his head and said, “Mom, I’m in my third year of high school now, I have to study hard, I’ll definitely strive for excellence!”

Seeing that her son was so insistent, Xiao Su Mei stopped persuading, but nodded happily and said, “Good then, mum will go buy some meat this afternoon, and when you come home from school in the evening, I’ll give you a good tonic!”

Ji Feng smiled and nodded, then separated from his mother and went to school.

Looking at her son’s back, the smile on Xiao Su Mei’s face gradually turned into a sad look as she murmured in a low voice, “My son is about to rely on college, but this tuition fee ……”

She gritted her teeth and whispered to herself, “No matter what method I use, even if I have to smash the pots and pans, I have to let Feng’er go to college!”


Once again stepping into the gates of the second middle school in Mang Shi County, Ji Feng seemed to have a feeling of regaining his life. Three days ago, just in the playground of the Second Middle School, Hu Xuehui had uttered those desperate words.

“It’s all in the past!” Ji Feng said firmly to himself, “Ji Feng, you are not alone, for the sake of your hard-working mother, you must also rise to the occasion. You look to let others look down on you, but yet, you can’t let your mother be looked down upon as well as you!”

After straightening his clothes, Ji Feng walked towards the cla*sroom with a calm face.

The cla*s Ji Feng was in was the sixth cla*s of the senior year of Mang Shi Second Middle School, on the first floor of the teaching building.

It was around ten in the morning and the school was very quiet, all should be in cla*s.

When he arrived at the cla*sroom door, Ji Feng said to the teacher who was lecturing, “Report, I’m late!”

The teacher was a middle-aged man in his fifties, wearing a pair of eyes and looking very kind, he nodded and said, “Come in!”

As soon as Ji Feng entered the cla*sroom, the eyes of all the students in the cla*s were focused on him, with looks of gloating, contemptuous disdain, and sympathy.

Ji Feng walked calmly and naturally to his seat and sat down. On his right side, which was originally Hu Xuehui’s seat, now sat a boy.

This boy, named Zhang Lei, had been in the same cla*s with Ji Feng since the first year of high school, and was also Ji Feng’s only friend. Only, no matter how hard Ji Feng tried, his grades were only mediocre, so not outstanding. But Zhang Lei is different, this kid seems to never read books except for cla*s accidents, but every time he takes an exam, he is always stable in the top ten of the grade, and even more stable in the top three within the cla*s.

Together with Tong Lei, the cla*s six leader, who is recognised as the flower of the second secondary school, and Xu Mo, the deputy cla*s leader, the three are known as the three sharp knives of cla*s six, which shows how good Zhang Lei’s grades are!

Only, from the appearance, no one would think that Zhang Lei was a good student. A head of yellow hair, an open top and a flowing look, this was Zhang Lei’s trademark dress.

As soon as Ji Feng sat down, Zhang Lei tilted his body and said in a low voice, “Crazy, are you alright?”

Ji Feng shook his head and laughed in a low voice, “Nothing, just sunstroke!”

Zhang Lei skimmed his mouth, obviously not believing, and said, “I heard about you and Hu Xuehui, a snobbish woman like that, don’t want it, don’t think too much about it, wait for school to be over buddy take you to a seafood restaurant to rub a meal, is that interesting enough?”

Ji Feng couldn’t help but smile, a warmth flowing in his heart. He knew that of the forty students in the cla*s, the only one who could sincerely comfort himself was Zhang Lei, his friend!

“Below, continue with the lesson!” As the teacher on the podium continued to lecture, Ji Feng took out his books from his desk and prepared to make up for the homework he had missed.

Just three days into the school year, there weren’t a lot of lessons to learn, and Ji Feng just seemed to be taking it easy, so by the time cla*s ended, all the content he had fallen behind on had already been read.


The bell rang at the end of cla*s, and Ji Feng also happened to have finished reading all the lessons.

“I say madman, are you alright?” Zhang Lei next to him came over, his eyes narrowed and smiled, “We’re in a physics cla*s, what are you reading with English?”

Ji Feng glared at him, closed his book and hummed, “Do you think everyone is like you, learning it and knowing it? I’ve missed three days of cla*ses, if I don’t make up for it, how am I going to get into university? Also, don’t call me crazy again!”

Zhang Lei hemmed and hawed and didn’t care, “You were already crazy!”

“You guy!” Ji Feng shook his head and cursed with a laugh.

As the two of them joked, Ji Feng couldn’t help but relax, he knew that Zhang Lei was comforting himself in disguise. It was only in front of his friend that he could truly relax.

Shaking his head and smiling, Ji Feng prepared to take out the textbook he had read before, in which there were two questions he could not understand and wanted to ask Zhang Lei for advice.

But suddenly, Ji Feng was stunned.

Ji Feng found that as his mind went back to those two questions, the book he had read before flashed clearly in his mind as if he was playing a movie.

“Is this …… unforgettable?!” Ji Feng thought dumbly.


Chapter 4

“Could it be because of the heatstroke the other day and falling on the ground, so it broke my head?” Ji Feng was in some disbelief about the change in himself!

Throughout the morning, Ji Feng was in shock, and in order to confirm whether the scene before was his hallucination or not, he took out all of his textbooks and specifically picked out what he hadn’t learned yet to read. Go to see the net .

After reading it, he immediately closed the book and did not look at it any more. After waiting a few moments, he then began to recite it in his mind.

The results both shocked and delighted him, even the most complex English words or reasoning formulas that he had never learnt before, he was able to recall them clearly and say them word for word!

After repeated verification, Ji Feng found that the previous scene was not his hallucination, but a fact!

Ji Feng looked at the textbook dumbfounded, his heart bursting with ecstasy, “He really has the ability to never forget!”

Why did such a change occur?

Ji Feng was soon puzzled again, he knew his ability, usually it took him a few days to recite a text, compared to now it was a world of difference.

After thinking about it for half a day, he could only shake his head and stop thinking about it, but in his heart he was secretly happy.

With the ability to never forget, this meant that in the next year, he would be able to make up for all the homework he had missed in the past and be able to get into a very good university!

Or even, be able to do a lot of things that he wanted to do before but couldn’t …… The ability to never forget is definitely not just used to get into university!

When Ji Feng thought of the excitement, he couldn’t help but scratch his head, and his face was slightly red with excitement.

Next to him, Zhang Lei suddenly asked suspiciously, “I say crazy, why are you so abnormal today? …… Shouldn’t you really be crazy?”

“Go to hell!”

Ji Feng glared at him and scolded with a smile, “I wouldn’t be mad if you were mad!”

“Still being able to curse means it’s normal, okay, okay!” Zhang Lei let out a long breath and laughed, “Seriously, I was really afraid that you wouldn’t be able to take the blow and have some kind of problem in your heart. .com Crazy, that snobbish woman Hu Xuehui, it’s not worth you grieving for her!”

Ji Feng could hear that Zhang Lei’s concern was sincere, and a warm current could not help but flow through his heart, shaking his head and laughing, “Lei Zi, you are right, that kind of woman is not worth my grief for her. So, I’ve already forgotten about her!”

From the moment he saw his mother’s tears at the hospital, Ji Feng had already decided that he would forget about Hu Xuehui, and even if he remembered occasionally, it would just be a commonplace memory without any special meaning!

He habitually swept a glance towards the front and finally landed on Hu Xuehui who had been transferred to the front rows, remembering his own foolishness in the past, he couldn’t help but shake his head and smile.

Growing up, there is always a price to pay!

Fortunately, Hu Xuehui had proposed a breakup early, which also made Ji Feng wake up early. If not, Ji Feng would not have known how long he would have been addicted, and it was not even possible that he would have misplaced his life.

Looking at that once incomparably familiar back, Ji Feng was very calm, but in his heart he was only making up his mind: “Don’t bully the young man into being poor! Since you like money so much, I’ll go and work hard to earn money until I have more money than I can count. Only, I don’t do it to make you regret it, or to gamble, but for my mother. I will make all those who once laughed at her and scorned her, regret it. But all this, with you, Hu Xuehui, no longer has anything to do with ……”

Once again, he took a deep look at Hu Xuehui’s back, and Ji Feng simply withdrew his gaze, from then on, the two were strangers, even if they pa*sed by, they would never know each other again!

Seemingly sensing the gaze behind her, Hu Xuehui, who was sitting in the third row, looked back, but saw that Ji Feng was calmly looking down at his book, sometimes with a frown on his face, sometimes with a smile on his face, seemingly very engaged.

She disdainfully brushed aside her mouth, a poor man, what’s the use of trying harder, even if you get into university, can you afford to go?


The afternoon pa*sed uneventfully, and soon it was time for school to end. The first day of school, so there was no evening study. Ji Feng politely refused Zhang Lei’s invitation to treat him at the seafood restaurant, and was ready to leave school!

In Ji Feng’s opinion, between friends, even a comforting look was enough. The fact that Zhang Lei was able to comfort him a few times was already the best pick-me-up gift.

Zhang Lei also knew Ji Feng’s temper, so he didn’t say anything more.

After the two of them parted, Ji Feng ran all the way back home where his mother, Xiao Su Mei, was busy in the kitchen.

“Mom, I’m back!” Ji Feng shouted.

Xiao Sumei poked her head out of the kitchen and was suddenly full of smiles, “Feng’er, go upstairs first, mum will be ready to fry another dish!”

Ji Feng wanted to go and help, but after looking at the kitchen which was already packed with people, he could only nod his head and smile, “I’ll go then!”

The house where Ji Feng’s mother and son now lived was in the old city of Mang Shi County. The houses here were all private self-built private houses, most of them were three or four-storey buildings without balconies, just like those humble hostels, with the doors of the rooms connected side by side, facing the corridor.

Most of the houses here are rented out, such as the building where Ji Feng now lives, and are mostly inhabited by people with low incomes. For example, Uncle Zhang on the first floor is a rag collector, and when Ji Feng was small, his mother, Xiao Su Mei, sold them to Uncle Zhang after she collected scraps.

Another example is Auntie Wang on the ground floor, who is a small vegetable vendor, just like Xiao Sumei.

Because the landlord had set up a communal kitchen and a large bathroom in the courtyard, when it was time to cook, everyone would crowd together and knew each other very well.

The people who came here to rent a room, apart from the landlord, were almost all poor and worked at the bottom of the social ladder, so they were all very amiable and sometimes helped each other out, which was also very cozy.

The house rented by Ji Feng’s mother and son was on the third floor, originally a large room, but because Ji Feng had grown up, Xiao Su Mei let the landlord partition it off, usually the outside room served as the living room, at night, it was Ji Feng’s bedroom, the dining table for dinner became his desk, and the poor quality sofa became his single bed!

Sitting on the sofa, Ji Feng was a little hesitant, wondering if he should tell his mother about the changes that had happened to him.

After thinking about it for a long time, Ji Feng decided not to tell his mother for the time being, but to wait until after the college entrance exams were over, and then give her a surprise!

Thinking of his mother’s happy appearance, Ji Feng couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

“Feng’er, come down and help serve the dishes!” Mother Xiao Su Mei’s voice suddenly came over.

Ji Feng immediately opened the door and ran down.

Under Xiao Sumei’s attentive preparation, the four dishes and one soup dinner was sumptuous, and looking at her son’s wolfish appearance, Xiao Sumei was overjoyed.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into.

“With the ability to never forget, it’s definitely no problem to get into university, but how long will this ability last? Will it be gone after a few days?”

Ji Feng’s mind rambled on, and it was not until late at night that he sort of fell asleep and drifted off into dreamland.

Just then, in his mind, a voice that sounded like a synthesized voice suddenly rang out, “Complete integration with the host is complete, Smart Brain One, activate!”