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Campus Master Chapter 61-62

Chapter 61

Another month pa*sed and the time entered November. Go to see the net -.7-K–o-m. Another end-of-month test, Ji Feng once again finished the exam with a low score in the middle and lower reaches.

Listening to the teacher on the podium boringly explaining the test papers, Ji Feng habitually slumped on his desk and closed his eyes to sleep. In reality, however, he was once again entering his mind and began to receive fighting training from his wise brain.

At the beginning, Ji Feng had only learnt some basic moves, but because his physique had long since improved from practising body building exercises, he had learnt these basic moves in just a few days.

The next step was to conduct combat practical training with the instructor that the system had conjured up.

This time, Ji Feng really suffered. According to the intelligent brain, the instructor in charge of training Ji Feng was based on a program written by one of the most famous military instructors in the Gamma system, which could be said to be the most rigorous program, and there was naturally no need to say much about his skills.

Even when learning the incredibly complex knowledge of machinery and weapons, Ji Feng had never had such a headache, that instructor’s hands were really powerful and a bit perverted.

No matter which direction Ji Feng attacked from, he couldn’t hit the instructor. That instructor’s two hands were like a wall poured with steel, blocking Ji Feng’s attacks without a hitch.

Not only that, what scared Ji Feng the most was the instructor’s attack.

When the instructor dealt with Ji Feng, it was always a single strike.

But it was under this strike that Ji Feng could not even defend himself and was directly blown away by the instructor’s punch.

You should know that although this was only a virtual illusion, you wouldn’t be injured if you were hit. .com however, the sensory simulation in it was still extremely realistic. That is to say, if Ji Feng was hit during the training, it would feel incomparably realistic, just like being hit in reality which is almost no different.

From this, one could tell what kind of pain Ji Feng would have to endure!

To be hit by a punch from one of the best instructors would be the equivalent of being hit by a speeding truck at high speed, and Ji Feng’s whole body would be blown away and fall in a heap in an instant!

Ji Feng couldn’t help but miss the days of practicing gymnastics, although it was very boring and even desperate at that time, it wasn’t as bad as life and death as it is now, right?

However, the words of the intelligent brain dissuaded Ji Feng from wanting to quit: “Master, according to the rules of the program, the master must follow the rules of the program from the moment he receives the training. If the master wants to violate the rules and quit in the middle of the process, he will be punished by the bio-current!”

After hearing this, Ji Feng immediately clenched his teeth honestly and persevered. Regarding that so-called bio-current punishment, Ji Feng had already tried it when he first entered this training system, and that feeling of pain and numbness all over his body, which was worse than death, was like being in hell.

“Ji Feng, grit your teeth, you will definitely be able to persevere!” Ji Feng secretly encouraged himself, “Isn’t it just getting beaten up, you’ll get used to it after getting beaten up. However, if you give up, the taste of bio-current is not that good!”

Just like that, Ji Feng finally persisted under this kind of self-hypnosis. The effect of persistence, of course, was also extremely remarkable.

From the beginning, Ji Feng couldn’t block a single move, and he was blown away at least dozens of times a night, and although he was sore and tired, he was able to get up, which was simply painful. In order not to get beaten up, Ji Feng was practicing hard while holding on.

So by the end of the day, Ji Feng could already last about a minute under the instructor.

Never underestimate this minute, you should know that when a person is fighting, the consumption of physical energy is simply unprecedented. For example, if two ordinary people are fighting, it is estimated to be over in just a few seconds or even a dozen seconds, but after it is over, I am afraid that the body is weak, and this is the most obvious example.

So for Ji Feng, this minute of perseverance was definitely a huge leap!

By now, Ji Feng’s strength had leapt again. Although he was still not a match for the instructor, it wasn’t as bad as being knocked away by the instructor just after the first encounter. Now he could already go back and forth with the instructor, fighting back and forth. Of course, it would definitely still be Ji Feng who would end up losing because he would feel tired, but the instructor was programmed to come out of the illusion and didn’t have that worry at all.

But even so, Ji Feng was already very happy, knowing that if it was him in the past, not to mention fighting, even if a slightly stronger person hit him, he wouldn’t have the slightest power to fight back.

But now it was completely different, because while training in his mind, the bio-current was also changing his body in parallel, which meant that the strength he showed in the fight against the instructor was actually his real strength.

This meant that even if the instructor really appeared in the real world, Ji Feng would have the confidence to last a few minutes under him.

“Master, your strength has been affirmed by the instructor, in terms of fighting learning, you have excelled, next, there will be fighting masters of different styles coming to fight against master, as long as master can last for more than half an hour, you will be considered to have pa*sed!” The intelligent brain said.

“Half an hour ……” Ji Feng’s face instantly collapsed, half an hour of continuous fighting, who could hold out? I’m afraid that even the most powerful fighting king in the world would definitely not be able to last for half an hour of continuous absolute high intensity fighting, this test condition is a bit too perverted, right?

Ji Feng was about to accept it when he suddenly heard the intelligent brain say, “Master, someone is looking for you outside, please exit immediately!”

The next moment, Ji Feng felt his consciousness return to his body, it seemed that someone was touching his arm, based on the position of the seat, it should be Zhang Lei.

“Lei Zi, what for?” Ji Feng raised his head, his eyes looked hazy, as if he had just woken up.

Zhang Lei had an embarra*sed look on his face and gestured for Ji Feng to look back.

Ji Feng immediately turned back and instantly found that Tong Lei was standing next to him at some point, and that clear and unparalleled pretty face seemed to be covered in frost at the moment, with a strong look of disappointment in his eyes.

“Didn’t this girl ignore herself? Why is she coming over now?” Ji Feng was a bit puzzled, ever since the last note incident, it was as if Tong Lei had returned to her previous icy state overnight, never staying after school at night, and never saying a word to Ji Feng even when walking across the cla*s.

Ji Feng was not in a hurry, he only thought of improving his ability as soon as possible, and when he had enough strength, he would then boldly pursue her, for now it was enough to let her know that he was fond of her.

But he didn’t expect that Tong Lei would come to his door at this time!


Chapter 62

“Cla*s President, hey ……” Looking at the frosty-faced Tong Lei, Zhang Lei immediately compensated with a smile, rubbing his hands together and laughing, “That, I don’t know what is the purpose of the cla*s president’s visit, huh?”

I don’t think it’s because my sister knows that I didn’t pay attention in cla*s and is looking for me to settle the score, right? Zhang Lei secretly thought, “If this girl goes home, I’ll really have to eat my words!

Who knows, but the next words of Tong Lei made Zhang Lei freeze, only to hear Tong Lei’s clear voice said: “Stay aside, it’s none of your business! Ji Feng, can you come out for a moment?”


Zhang Lei’s eyes widened, his elder sister came to Ji Feng on her own initiative? Hadn’t the two stopped seeing each other since a month or so ago? At that time, when he pursued the matter himself, Ji Feng also said nothing, so he thought that the two of them might have fallen out. Go to see the net .

In fact, if there was a real conflict, it should be Ji Feng who went to find Tong Lei to apologize, not Tong Lei who came to find Ji Feng. What’s more, with Tong Lei’s character, if the two really had a conflict and stopped talking to each other, it would mean that the conflict wasn’t really small.

But now …… Zhang Lei rubbed his eyes, trying to determine whether it was his own eyesight or whether he had hallucinated from his previous sleep?

Looking at Tong Lei’s calm face, although cold, but still clear and beautiful, Ji Feng nodded and said, “Yes, where are we going?”

“You just follow!” Tong Lei dropped a sentence and turned around to walk away.

Watching Ji Feng and Tong Lei’s figures go out of the cla*sroom one after the other, a chill flashed in Xu Mo’s eyes and he secretly gritted his teeth.

“Ji Feng, don’t think that with Zhang Lei protecting you, I can’t do anything to you, just wait ……” Xu Mo couldn’t help but want to get these two guys killed when he thought of Zhang Lei’s warning and that smug look on Ji Feng’s face, to show them that he wasn’t someone who could bully anyone!

But Xu Mo also knew that this was unrealistic, not to mention that his own old man would not approve of him doing this, and just from Ji Feng’s hands alone, Xu Mo knew that he was not something he could deal with single-handedly. .com

If you are looking for a social gangster, you will definitely find out that you did it, and then I’m afraid no one will be able to protect you.

When he thought of this, Xu Mo could only shake his head helplessly, it seems that until the completion of the college entrance examination, he could not touch Ji Feng, he could only pursue Tong Lei with his ability. However, looking at the way Tong Lei is still so close to Ji Feng, Xu Mo is very intentional, no matter what means he uses to pursue, he can’t impress Tong Lei, but I don’t know what method that poor guy Ji Feng has used to get close to Tong Lei!

“I’ll definitely clean you up! Even if you go to university, I’ll make you regret it!” Xu Mo secretly gritted his teeth.

For Xu Mo’s thoughts, Ji Feng naturally had no way of knowing, he followed behind Tong Lei until he reached the end of the corridor of the school building, and only then did he stop.

Today’s Tong Lei was as beautiful and clear as ever, her long hair tied together and pulled up high. Wearing a pink jacket, tight jeans underneath, and a pair of pink trainers on her feet, there was nothing special about her at first glance, as many girls of this age were dressed in this way.

However, it is such an ordinary outfit that shows up differently on Tong Lei’s body.

The pink jacket made her pretty face look even more tender and white, and the skin of her exposed neck was so snowy that people almost dared not look at it. The tight jeans underneath highlighted her long and slender legs, and Ji Feng sometimes wondered if such a pair of beautiful legs would be red-hot if she was a leg model.

What attracts men’s attention even more is Tong Lei’s beautiful eyes, which are like a calm lake, clear and transparent, full of purity.

There are also two places that almost make people unable to take their eyes off, and that is the two hills that have taken shape in front of Tong Lei’s body, and the upturned beautiful buttocks that add a touch of charm to her in the midst of her innocence, and her beauty is beyond compare!

Seeing Ji Feng’s unbridled gaze poking around her body, Tong Lei’s clear pretty face couldn’t help a blush appear, and she pouted, “What are you looking at!”

Ji Feng snapped back to his senses, smiled sarcastically and shook his head, “I’m not looking at anything, I just find that you’re even more beautiful than before!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Feeling out of her element, Tong Lei immediately sank her face and asked in a deep voice, “Ji Feng, do you know why I’m looking for you to come out?”

Ji Feng shook his head in bewilderment, he was being trained by his intelligent brain when he was suddenly woken up by Zhang Lei, how would he know why Tong Lei wanted to come and find him!

Seeing Ji Feng’s bewildered look, Tong Lei was instantly furious, but after thinking about it, she reluctantly calmed down and said softly, “Ji Feng, I called you out today because I want to have a good talk with you!”

“Talk about what?” Ji Feng was still a bit confused.

“We talk about your grades, and your attitude towards studying!” Tong Lei said, “Ji Feng, let bygones be bygones, I’ve told you before that we’re just good friends, do you remember?”

Ji Feng nodded slightly and said, “Yes, of course I remember. If that’s what you want to say, then there’s no need to say it. You can treat me as a friend or not, it doesn’t matter to me, but you can’t dictate my thinking with your attitude and thoughts. Whatever attitude you have towards me is fine, all I know is that I like you, and that liking is getting stronger and stronger!”

Tong Lei was stunned, she had never thought that someone would actually say that they liked her so calmly and firmly. Although there were many love letters or confessions, and she never lacked suitors around her, there was really none like Ji Feng who was so straightforward.

For a while, Tong Lei didn’t know what to say.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this for now, I didn’t call you out today just to talk about this!” Tong Lei helplessly changed the topic, “Ji Feng, can you tell me why you did so poorly on the two end-of-month tests?”

Ji Feng nodded, “The reason I did poorly on the tests was because I didn’t do well.”

He didn’t explain much about anything, for him, not doing well on the exams was on the one hand to keep a low profile, while on the other hand, it was to sit in the last few rows of the cla*sroom.

After all, the high school curriculum was really insignificant to Ji Feng now, especially after learning about the machinery and weapons of the Gamma Galaxy, Ji Feng realized more and more that his country’s education system was really too helpless.

The nine years of compulsory education, learned countless formulas, words, chemical molecular formulae, etc., but, in the end, can really be used in the future life, how many?