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Never Say Never Chapter 125-126

Chapter 125

“Not hiding from you, you’re wet!” I spoke, a little sleepy.


Fu Shen Yan let go of me and took the bath towel he had casually thrown aside earlier and handed it over, “You wipe.”


“It’s dry!” I rolled over and tugged on the covers to get ready for bed.


He lay down again and put his arm around my waist, “You’ll do it for me later!”


I didn’t say anything, my heart felt a little hard, “Fu Shen Yan, you feel guilty about me, don’t you?” It’s because of that guilt that you want to be close to me and make it up to me!


There was a scattered silence in the air, my eyes were closed, my heart was indescribably uncomfortable, can people and people just rely on guilt to go on forever?


“Not anymore!” His voice was low in my ears, and he placed a soft kiss on my shoulder, “I’ll do it right!”


I was speechless, not knowing what to say.


Time pa*sed little by little, being held in his arms, I was a little sleepy, the sound of his breathing in my ears, listening to the rhythm, I think he was asleep.


I rolled over and raised my hand to remove his hand from the small of my back, I didn’t want him to hold it back, I wrinkled my brows, “Fu Shen Yan, I can’t sleep with you like this.”


“Mmm!” He responded.


I ……


I was pressed by his hand and couldn’t help but open my eyes to look at the man who was close at hand and said in a very small voice, “Fu Shen Yan, I can’t sleep when you’re like this.”


“When you get used to it, you fall asleep.” He opened his mouth, his dark eyes opened, a little tired, “Be good, you’ll be asleep in a while.”


God knows, how torturous this was.


Slightly closing my eyes, it wasn’t long before I couldn’t fight the sleepiness and fell asleep.


This night, I slept a little tired and was woken up early by Fu Shen Yan, who opened his eyes in a daze and saw that he was breathing a little heavily.


As an afterthought, I found that he was holding my hand in ……


A moment of clarity, “Fu Shen Yan, you ……”


For a long time, he picked me up horizontally into the bathroom, placed me by the sink, embraced me from behind, pulled my hand while washing, his voice was somewhat low and dark, “Sleep again in a while.”


I nodded, it was only six in the morning, so normally I wouldn’t have woken up at this time. After washing up, Fu Shen Yan put me back to bed.


He then placed a light kiss on my forehead, “Sleep a little longer!” After saying that, he changed his clothes and left the room.


It wasn’t long before the sound of a car starting up came from downstairs.


I hadn’t said I had slept enough, and not long after Fu Shenyan left, I fell asleep again.


When I woke up again, it was already nine o’clock. I had just opened my eyes when Fu Shen Yan’s phone call came.


I lay back and picked up the phone, “Hello!”


“Awake?” The man on the other end of the phone seemed to be in a good mood.




“Get up and have breakfast, I’ll meet you at the office.”


I froze and instinctively said, “I’ll just eat at home.”


“Chen Yi is waiting for you downstairs.” He spoke, and there was a faint knock on the other end, so he must have been busy with something, and sure enough, a moment later he said, “I’ll wait for you!”


Then he hung up the phone.


I lay down and relaxed for a while, washed up and went downstairs to see Sister Zhang making tea and Chen Yi sitting in the living room in a suit with a cold face.


When she saw me, Sister-in-law Zhang smiled and said, “Little Shu, Mr. has asked a*sistant Chen to pick you up for breakfast.”


After a glance unless, Sister-in-law Zhang hadn’t prepared it, it should have been explained by Fu Shen Yan in advance.


I nodded my head and went out of the villa.


Arrived at the office.


Chen Yi took me directly to Fu Shen Yan’s office, poured me a gla*s of water and Chen Yi left, Fu Shen Yan was still in a video conference.


When he saw me come in, he got up and walked over to me, put a plate of sour fruit in front of me from somewhere, kissed me on the forehead and went back to the meeting.


I had not long woken up and had little appetite, so I sat on the sofa and looked at my phone for a while, and it was not long before Fu Shenyan finished the meeting.


He sat next to me, “Are you hungry?”


Chapter 126

I shook my head and put the phone away as he called Chen Yi, then took my hand and rubbed my fingertips, the corners of his mouth rising, “Is your hand still sore?”


I was a bit of an afterthought and only coldly understood what he meant, my face burned a bit and I drew back my hand, “What’s for dinner?”


“You’ll find out later!” He reached out, enveloping me in his arms and pressing my head against his heart.


I didn’t quite fit in and tried to pull back, but he circled my waist, “Let me hold you for a while.”


When Chen Yi came in he was carrying a bag with a number of small boxes in it, he put the bag on the table and left.


Fu Shen Yan had a call in, I knew he was busy and took all the boxes out, they were pastries and congee from Guang Han Ji.


I simply ate a few bites and seeing that Fu Shen Yan was quite busy, I did not bother him and prepared to go back to my office to work.


It was normal to meet Lu Xinran, so I wasn’t surprised. She was carrying a food box in her hand, and it looked like she was bringing food to Fu Shen Yan.


When she saw me coming out of Fu Shenyan’s office, she put her arm out and blocked my way, “Why are you here?”


That was the question.


Looking at her, I raised my eyebrows, “Miss Lu is wearing a brand name and a watch, so you think you are the only one in the world?”


It’s true that when you become a Miss, you have a different aura.


“Yes, I am I am more noble than you, and I am the only one who can match Shen Yan.” Her face lifted with an air of condescension.


I wasn’t in the mood to tussle with her and spoke lightly, “Well, you’re a good match!”


With that, I staggered away from her and prepared to go back to the office.


Unfortunately, when I went out this morning, I was wearing three centimetre high heels and there were two welcoming pines at the entrance to Fu Shenyan’s office, so in order to distance myself from Lu Xinran, I forgot about my feet.


So I tripped, and with the rush of walking, I didn’t have time to stand still, and I flung myself forward.


Out of instinct, I reached for something I could pull around me. Lu Xinran was close to me, so I pulled her out, but she was on seven centimetre high heels, so when I pulled, she fell with me.


So Lu Xinran and I both fell to the ground at the same time, probably out of motherly instinct, and I landed on my knees and elbows in a hurry.


Lu Xinran, who was going in the opposite direction to me, landed on her buttocks and screamed as she fell, “Ah ……”


The sound was so loud that it drew both Fu Shen Yan and Chen Yi to the scene.


Fu Shen Yan, who still had the phone in his hand, saw us both fall and frowned slightly, reaching out to help Lu Xin Ran up beside him.


He then walked over to me again, I was already being helped up by Chen Yi, looking me over from head to toe, he spoke in a deep voice, “Is everything okay?”


I shook my head and looked at Lu Xinran, who was covering her wrist in aggression, and saw that the back of her hand was scratched and bleeding, which looked a bit stark.


Staggering Fu Shenyan’s hand to help me, I spoke, “Miss Lu is injured, you take her to the hospital to be taken care of.”


I then looked at Chen Yi and said, “Can you help me over and sit down for a while?”


Chen Yi nodded his head and helped me to the sofa in the hall.


Lu Xinran was inexplicably dropped, pained and aggrieved, her tears had long since come down, and she looked at Fu Shen Yan pitifully, “Brother Shen Yan, it hurts!”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, then looked at Chen Yi and said, “Send Miss Lu to the hospital.”


“I don’t want to!” Lu Xinran spoke up, her eyes red, “Brother Shen Yan you take me there, otherwise I won’t go.”


“I still have work.” After saying that, he didn’t care what expression Lu Xinran had, and went straight into the office.