Never Say Never Chapter 169-170

Chapter 169

As the police arrived in the questioning room, the questioner was a middle-aged woman who sat opposite me with a serious and calm face, “Miss Shen, I’m sorry to have brought you here, thinking there were some legal issues involved, so I will need to conduct a recorded conversation with you next, I hope you will cooperate with me.”


I nodded, from the airport to here, I had gone from being terrified at first to being largely calm now.


The middle-aged woman looked at me and said, “According to our investigation, Fu has just had an audit done under public scrutiny this month ago, and you have already submitted the audit report to the economic network.”


I nodded, not saying much.


She continued, “I’ve read these reports and the audit results, and most of the approvals were given by you, for a moment about Fu’s financial deficit, may I ask if Miss Shen knows?”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, did not formally answer her question, just spoke, “Comrade police, you ask these, involved in breaking the law?”


She shook her head and smiled lightly, “No, but thought the series of questions that this leads to involves methods. There is a technology company under Fu’s name Huayu, which caused the accidental death of four workers six months ago due to problems with the security checks at the factory, but this was not dealt with reasonably by your company, instead hiding it at this time, eventually forcing a family of three to commit suicide by jumping off a building last night, causing another tragedy.”


“Four workers died accidentally?” I stood up from my seat in shock, “How could it be four people?”


Seeing my panicked face, not knowing what was wrong, she sneered, “You don’t have to pretend, you’re the one who ultimately handles all this, you should know better than us.”


I stared, having no idea what she was talking about, my mind completely lost, “I’m not pretending, I’ve only taken over the affairs of Huayu for just over a month, it was six months ago that something happened in the southern district, and six months ago Huayu wasn’t even under my management.”


She laughed coldly, “Miss Shen, I already knew about your rhetoric, indeed, on the surface you did just take over the Huayu case, but the reality is that you had already taken over Huayu a year ago when you took up the post of director of Fu’s, at that time, in order not to cause other comments, Master Fu privately transferred fifteen percent of Fu’s shares to your name, and Huayu was included in this among them.”


I was so incredulous that I didn’t even know how to argue for myself.


My mind was in disarray and I just shook my head repeatedly, “I didn’t handle the South Zone at all, I didn’t know anything about it.”


“Miss Shen, empty words, you have signed all the documents approved by Huayu in the past year, we can find out and you compare, frankly lenient, you are not the company’s legal person, only handled four accidental human life, just involved in mishandling it, this belongs to the nature of business cases, involving the development of Fu, and you only face the risk of being dismissed , there is not much harm to you.”


I looked at the middle-aged woman in front of me and my mind began to clear up, this was not a criminal case at all, it was just a business issue involving the company.


Calmly, I looked at the middle-aged woman in front of me and said, “I’m sorry, I can’t answer your question, what you are doing is already an illegal detention and I have the right to sue you for violating my human rights and making a private criminal enquiry.”


The problem with the Fu’s is that even if the investigation comes down, it is unlikely that I will be investigated, and in addition the Huayu’s case, I am only afraid that someone has deliberately designed the frame up.


Chapter 170

If I were to confess to these charges here, I’m afraid that if I leave here, I’ll become a street rat and everyone will shout, and my reputation will follow.


Seeing that I had calmed down and was no longer panicking, the middle-aged woman smiled and said, “Since Miss Shen is not going to talk to me, then please get a lawyer to take you out and talk to the shareholders of Fu’s and Jiangcheng!”


“I naturally will, no need for you to worry!”


Not being able to negotiate anything useful, the middle-aged woman didn’t force me to stay, she just let me call my lawyer to do the formalities and let me leave.


After leaving the prosecutor’s office, I went straight to Fu’s. I didn’t know the details yet, but I knew in my heart that the matter of Fu’s was definitely not that simple.


I stopped when I drove the car to a place not far from Fu’s. There was a dense group of people blocking the building of Fu’s.


I didn’t rush to get out of the car and called Cheng Junyu again, but no one got through.


I then called Qiao Zhongyan, and luckily he answered.


Speaking into the phone, I went straight to the point, “Mr. Qiao, the four lives of Huayu, I need an explanation!”


The voice on the other end of the line was a little lower, “Shen Shu, I think what you should be concerned about right now is whether or not Shen Yan will get out of the operating room alive.”


My brow hurt a little too badly and my spirit was running a little, “It’s my responsibility that he ran to the capital to die for nothing? One car accident isn’t enough, now another plane crash? Mr. Qiao, you can’t be too double standard, there’s no way you haven’t heard about what happened to Fu’s.”


“Fu’s matter, I have already explained people to deal with it, the matter of Huayu before you did sign, grandfather Fu in order to let you have protection in the future, a year ago gave you fifteen percent of the shares, you know this yourself, as for those signatures in the southern district, indeed all signed by you, this matter was decided by Shen Yan, you can wait for him to come out of the emergency room and ask him! ”


After saying that, he paused and said, “Shen Shu, I advise you, there are some things that should be given up, just give up!”


“What do you mean?” I seemed to have fallen into a big hole and couldn’t get out.


“Hang up first!” The phone was hung up and I sat frozen in the car for a while.


Looking at the dense crowd at the entrance of Fu’s, my heart was lost.


Muzi called, her voice was urgent, “Where are you?”




“I’ll pick you up, don’t go anywhere!” After saying that, the other end hung up.


Fifteen minutes later, I saw Muzi’s figure on the floor of Fu’s. Seeing her squeezing towards Fu’s building, I called her.


When I got through, I said straight away, “Look back!”


She turned around, saw my car, then trotted up to my car and looked to me and said, “Come on, let’s go back to the Cloud Copper Apartments and talk.”


Back to the Cloud Copper Apartments.


She looked at me, her face extra serious, “What’s going on with Huayu?”


I couldn’t make it clear and spoke, “Grandpa Fu transferred Huayu to my name a year ago, and then even though I wasn’t in charge of Huayu, many of the signatures were signed in my name.”


She froze, “So now the Huayu case is for you to take the blame?”


I nodded, “Not only that, the previous audits that ac and Credit were in charge of were also faulty, there were problems with the data reported by the two companies, the BIC’s have started investigating, I’m afraid that this time Fu’s stock market will plummet and if it’s not controlled properly, it could face bankruptcy.”


She walked around in a hurry and looked at me and said, “What do you care about Fu’s now, think about what you should do first? The headlines are putting all the problems on your head, some of the shareholders are very extreme, you need to be more careful, also with that Huayu thing, you might have to face a fine, it shouldn’t be a small amount, think about it first.”


After a pause, she looked at me and said, “But Fu Shen Yan’s side should be able to help you out, I’m just afraid that once this is over, you’ll have a hard time getting around at Fu’s.”


My head was hurting and I couldn’t breathe because of the pile of things going on, so I pressed my head into my knees and said, “Something has happened to Fu Shen Yan, he’s in the emergency ward at the capital hospital.”


She opened her mouth and said after a long time, “Why is everything crammed together?”


I shook my head, my heart clogging up.