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Never Say Never Chapter 177-178

Chapter 177

Muzi still wanted to speak, I held her and stopped, looked to Shen Yu and said, “Good!”


Pulling Muzi to sit down, the woman in green cheongsam moved elegantly and placed a delicate and elegant porcelain cup in front of us all the time, smiling lightly and sweetly, “Please taste the tea, both of you!”


Woody was unmoved, looking towards Shen Yu, her hand still pulling me, and said angrily, “Shen Yu, if you have something to say, say something!”


“Have your tea first!” Shen Yu opened his mouth, with a bit of thinness between his eyebrows.


I didn’t move my cup of tea, I just looked at him and said, “It’s late, just say what you have to say, drinking strong tea at this hour is not good for sleeping at night.”


The woman smiled sweetly and did not make a sound.


Shen Yu did have the corners of his mouth rise, more than a little mocking, “Rarely are you so calm, I thought you left your husband’s company in such a mess, even if you don’t drink tea you shouldn’t be able to sleep.”


He said, “If you count the time, he should be five months old, so it’s still too late to induce labor.”


“Shen Yu, you’re heartless!” Mu Zi cursed out loud, her already fearful face suddenly covered with hate.


Shen Yu frowned, a little unhappy, and raised his eyes to look at the man in black who was guarding the side and said, “It’s too noisy, please ask this young lady to go out for some dessert.”


The man in black walked over to Mu Zi and made an inviting gesture.


Alarmed, Mu Zi stared at Shen Yu, “What do you want?”


Shen Yu didn’t reply, he just looked at me, “Be good, let’s talk so you can go home safely, little Shu, brother just misses you too much, nothing more.”


Sweeping a glance at Muzi, he sank his eyes, “If we keep arguing, you know, it’s hard for me to control my emotions.”


It was a threat, a threat without making a sound.


Looking over at Muzi, I saw her looking at me with a worried face, I couldn’t help but pat the back of her hand and say soothingly, “It’s okay, go eat something and wait for me for a while.”


“Xiao Shu ……”


Muzi wanted to say something else, but I stopped her, “Go on, I’m fine!”


Seeing this, she didn’t say much more, she just glanced at Shen Yu, her anger uncontrollable, “If you dare to hurt her half a bit, I’ll fight you for your life!”


Shen Yu raised his eyebrows and did not make a sound.


A moment later, Muzi left.


The woman in green gave me a new cup, a different kind of tea, looked at me and said, “Miss Shen is afraid of insomnia, you can drink some black tea, don’t worry about insomnia, drink with confidence!”


“Thank you!” I smiled lightly and spoke.


Shen Yu gave her a look, her eyebrows frowning slightly, as if she was somewhat to blame for her selfishness.


The woman closed her mouth, smiled sweetly towards me, and made no more noise.


Shen Yu took a few sips of tea, a pair of black eyes looked at me, “Since you left Fu’s, you don’t plan to divorce Fu Shen Yan?”


I was a bit amused, “Mr. Shen is now taking care of other people’s private lives?”


He raised his eyebrows, “Between you and me, is there still a need to divide between public and private? Xiao Shu, you know that by leaving him, I will make your life better.”


“Do I look bad now?” There was a big fuss about Jiangcheng Fu, and I wasn’t surprised that he knew this.


He put the teacup in his hand on the table, his eyes sank slightly, “Xiao Shu, you know, I know you better than you do, don’t try to play hard to get with me, you know very well that Fu Shen Yan is not where you belong, leaving him is the best decision.”


“Heh!” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Is Shen always joking? Even if I leave Fu, I am still Fu Shen Yan’s wife by marriage.”


Chapter 178

“Tch!” He took a sip of tea, his eyes pressed down, his gaze landed on me, his voice a little shady, “You’re so confident, it’s a little surprising to me, I just came out of the capital yesterday, and it was rumoured among the capital’s gentry that Mo Dong and Lin had found instrumental sons-in-law, who seemed to be surnamed Fu.”


Speaking of this, he couldn’t help but smile, “I wonder where your family’s Fu Shen Yan is now?”


Shen Yu had the intention of disgusting me, his words I just took as a whisper and said indifferently, “If there’s nothing else for Mr. Shen, I’ll leave first.”


He sneered and looked at the woman in green beside him and said, “Hu Ya, tell my dear sister about the capital!”


I wrinkled my eyebrows, a little impatient, “No need, it’s late, I should go now!”


“There’s no need to rush Miss Shen, you’ve come, so why not just take it as a story, why be in such a hurry!” Hu Ya opened her mouth, her eyebrows still carrying a bit of idleness between them.


Strangely enough, this Miss Hu’s temperament did not look like that of a woman from a smoky alley.


“Listen?” Shen Yu opened his mouth and looked at me with his chin pinned.


I didn’t say anything, taking it as a tacit agreement. I had heard so many stories, and I wasn’t missing this one.


Hu Ya smiled lightly, refilled a cup of tea for me and spoke, “Mr. Shen and I spent a few days in the capital, but we heard some news, all from Mr. Fu!”


After a pause, she said, “Perhaps not all of it is true, Miss Shen just consider it good to hear a gossip.”


“Thanks a lot!” I opened my mouth, more or less guessing in my heart.


Counting the time, Fu Shen Yan had stayed in the capital for most of the month, during this time, I had not received any phone messages, even if he was in the emergency room, he should have come out in the next few days.


It’s funny to say that I struggled to shed the decision, not knowing at all what it was that I couldn’t let go of.


“Mo family in the capital is three generations of official family, so in the capital is also the name of the people, Mo Zhi Zhi is the Mo family’s Mr. free, many years ago only fall in love with Lin Ivana this one woman, Lin Ivana is not any big family woman, so the Mo family does not agree, thus later Lin Ivana will with a big belly alone to leave the capital, later met someone bad, daughter was lost, these two people are also all these years People who are trapped by love, Lin Ivana relied on the favor of Chen’s chairman, step by step, changed the birth, and with the devotion of Mo Zhi Zhi, also recovered the lost and found daughter.”


When she said this, she couldn’t help but look at me, and then at Shen Yu, whose gaze sank slightly, and then didn’t make a sound.


She then continued, “Miss Shen is also aware that Lu Xinran is the daughter that the two of them lost and found, and the Mo family in the capital has also recognized Lin Ivana’s identity, and at the same time, they have also returned Miss Lu to her ancestors, and the original Lu Xinran has also changed her name to Mo Lin. The family has found top teachers from all over the world to teach her. The Mo family has found top teachers from all over the world to teach her;


When I heard this, I got a little impatient, “Miss Hu is it? I want to know what your purpose is.”


She smiled lightly, but calmly said, “Yes, Miss Shen doesn’t care about someone who doesn’t matter to you, but Miss Shen should at least care about your husband, right?”


I laughed a little, “So I still need to know about my own husband from someone else’s mouth?” I couldn’t help but sigh, “You two are probably overthinking this, and thank you for your knowledge of my private life, but my husband, whatever he is, I think I should at least trust him and not get something irrelevant out of someone else.”


“Ta-da!” The water cup in Shen Yu’s hand was suddenly put down, landing on the table with a resounding echo, “If you really didn’t care you wouldn’t have left Fu’s with a black back, Shen Shu, if you really don’t care, for the sake of your pride, it’s better to divorce Fu Shen Yan in advance.”