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Never Say Never Chapter 181-182

Chapter 181

I wrinkled my brow, “You get your sense of belonging from me?”


He stopped talking and just stared at me.


I couldn’t understand it, so I was silent.


Jingcheng to Jiangcheng, which is just an hour’s drive, Shen Yu bothered to sit next to me, but didn’t say a word, just quietly looking out the car window with me the whole way.


“Dear pa*sengers, Jiangcheng station has arrived ……” the station’s radio rang out as the train stopped.


I got up and reached for the suitcase on the rack, but before I could reach it, it was taken away by a pair of alabaster hands.


It was all a change of clothes, not heavy, but not light either.


Shen Yu was half a head taller than me, so I looked at him, reached out to take the suitcase from him and said, “Thank you!”


He took the case in his hand, and with his other hand he took my hand that was holding the case, I wrinkled my eyebrows and instinctively tried to withdraw it.


He held it down, “It’s not safe with all the people!”


I frowned, “I know, let go!”


He didn’t move, and I withdrew it several times, only to have his grip tighten as the people in the carriage slowly made their way out, and we poured out with the flow of people.


There were whispers around us.


“Wow! This guy is so handsome!”


“Don’t be an idiot, can’t you see he already has a wife? His wife is even pregnant.”


“Yes, what a pity, his wife is so blessed.”




Shen Yu looked at me with a hidden smile at the corner of his mouth.


Ignoring his expression, I lowered my eyes and walked with the crowd.


The exit was crowded, I was pregnant, Shen Yu had the intention to protect, but the good news is that there were not many people around, and the journey was quite smooth.


After leaving the station, Shen Yu made a phone call and then took me to the side of the road.


I was a little impatient and spoke, “It’s out, let go of me! I’ll take a taxi back!”


He lowered his eyes and looked at me, his gaze light, “I’ve called someone to pick me up, I’ll take you back later.”


“No need!” I reached out to break his hand that was pulling me.


Pulled hard by him, he was somewhat forceful, “Listen, Fu’s stock has fallen back for a few days, not long but there are no stockholders who have held up in between, you’ve only just left Fu’s, don’t rule out that there will be stockholders who have suffered losses looking for you to settle accounts.”


“You don’t need to scare me, Fu’s is just a week in the downturn zone, not so much.” I don’t speculate in stocks, I don’t quite understand the reasoning behind this.


He gave me a look, kind of like he was looking at an idiot.


A black Bentley pulled up to the curb, and without saying much to me, he handed the suitcase to the man in black who got out of the car and pulled me in.


There were a lot of cars near the station, but at this point people were coming, and I was talking more and looking pretentious and pretentious, so I didn’t say much.


I got into the car directly.


Shen Yu sat next to me and said to the driver, “Go to the South Court Restaurant!”


I frowned, “Since I’m not going to Shanshui Residence, I’ll take a taxi back first.”


I was about to get out of the car when Shen Yu pulled me back, “It’s already noon, you’re not hungry and the baby in your stomach doesn’t care?”


I froze and said indifferently, “I’ll go back to Shanshui Residence to eat, Sister Zhang is here!”


He sneered, “If I’m right, you probably won’t be able to eat when you get back, after all, Fu Shen Yan has been in the police capital hospital for most of the month, and you’re indifferent, what husband do you think can stand such indifference?”


As he spoke, he tended to move closer towards me, in an ambiguous gesture.


I moved away, distancing myself from him, and said in disgust, “I wouldn’t necessarily be able to eat with you!”


“You can ignore me yourself!” As he spoke, his pair of dark eyes looked grimly out of the car window, the corners of his mouth rising with the arrogance and flair of a man who is unbearable.


Chapter 182

I looked back to see a familiar black Jeep parked just a short distance away at the station entrance, the window gla*s rolled down.


Fu Shenyin!


The man I hadn’t seen for half a month, his face was a little haggard, but it still didn’t detract half from his handsome and peerless appearance, his pair of black eyes, deep and without low look in our direction.


The gaze was unfathomable, prying out of sorrow and joy.


Out of instinct, I pushed Shen Yu, who was getting too close to me, away from me, but I didn’t want to raise my hand when Shen Yu grabbed me, with a smile at the corners of his mouth, and took me in his arms.


The corners of his mouth rose and he looked provocatively in the direction of Fu Shen Yan and spoke, “Drive!”


This was said to the driver!


As the window gla*s was rolled up and the car moved away, I pushed Shen Yu away, my chest heaving up and down with anger.


“Shen Yu, there’s something wrong with you!” He was obviously deliberately provoking Fu Shen Yan.


Releasing me, he leaned back in his seat, looking relaxed, “You just found out?”


I was speechless for a moment, so angry that I wanted to tear him apart, but in the end I could only give him a fierce glare and look out of the window and ignore him.


The car drove downstairs to the restaurant and got out. Shen Yu had ordered the meal in advance, so the waiter served the food as soon as we were seated.


I didn’t eat much because I was angry, but Shen Yu, who has always been elegant, ate a few bites and saw that I wasn’t eating.


Lazily, he raised his eyebrows towards me, “Not to your liking?”


I always felt that he was different from five years ago, but I wasn’t sure exactly what was different, so I shook my head slightly and said, “I’m not very hungry!”


He bristled and looked at me with one hand on his chin, “Aren’t pregnant women great eaters?”


“Mmm!” Not knowing what to say to him, I took a few more bites and said, “Maybe I’m not very hungry!”


He nodded, his eyebrows clear as he looked at me, his expression less unruly and gentler, “When did you fall in love with Fu Shen Yan?”


I was reluctant to talk about this topic, more so with him, my eyebrows couldn’t help but wrinkle up, “Shen Yu, this is my business!”


“You’re my sister!” He spoke, his voice was light but vaguely forceful.


I laughed a little, “You know we’re obviously not biological!”


He nodded, “Mmm!”


It felt like a fist on cotton, a thick sense of powerlessness.


I put my chopsticks down and spoke, “I’m full, it’s late, I’ll go back.”


He got up with me, “I’ll take you back!”


He used to be cold and scary, but now he was more like a piece of dog Sh*t plaster that he couldn’t shake off.


The car drove to the Shanshui Residence, a large villa area, under the boulevard in the height of summer, were there birds foraging for food pa*sing by.


He didn’t say anything, and I didn’t have anything to say.


The car pulled up under the villa and he looked over at me, “Aren’t you going to invite me down for some tea?”


“Not at your convenience!” Returning his three words, I got out of the car.


He followed me down and pulled me in, “Even if you don’t admit it, we are still brother and sister, when a sister gets married, there is no reason for a brother to not see his brother-in-law, Shen Shu, you can’t deny that in this world, you have no family, apart from me, your nominal brother, you have no one else.”


These words were like a dagger, incomparably sharp into my heart, so painful that I couldn’t breathe, looking at him I suppressed the depression in my heart, “Shen Yu, you can’t press your situation on me, you have no family, no friends, your heart is empty, you can’t use your situation to define me.”


I always knew he was lonely but never said so, but once the subject was opened there was no reason to stop, looking at his gloomy face I continued to speak, “I used to have a grandmother, now I have a husband and children and Muzi, I am not like you, you are an island so no one is near you.”