Never Say Never Chapter 21-22

Chapter 21

Fu Shen Yan replied, “Where did you go?” The question was asked in a cold and indifferent manner, but with a vague hint of displeasure.


“I went to the office.” I went into the kitchen and said, “I’ll cook you something to eat.”


Today in the hospital Lu Xinran made such a mess, probably he also did not eat anything, thinking here I do not have feel like meddling, are going to leave the people, care if he is hungry or not.


The actual fact is that you’ll be able to get a lot more than just a few of these.




“What …… is wrong?” Usually he looks at me, either cold or disgusted, today this look is too complicated, I somehow do not know how to cope, can not help but panic.


He did not say anything, I automatically understood that he did not want to talk to me, simply quietly shut up, cooked noodles for him, put it on the table and looked at him and said, “There are no ingredients at home, only eggs, you will just eat!”


I was about to go upstairs to wash up when he opened his mouth, “Marriage can be improvised?”


I froze and my heart ached for a moment, if it were normal I would have been silent, but at this moment I didn’t know why my eyes suddenly turned red and I looked at him and said, “Even if we can’t settle, haven’t we settled for two years?”


“Fu Shen Yan, I agree to the divorce.” I took out the signed divorce agreement that I had put in my bag and put it in front of him, saying bitterly, “I’ve already signed it, look at it, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau sometime and get the divorce certificate.”


I breathed out the words in my heart and panted, suppressing the sourness in my heart, looking at this handsome and cold face, I said, “Don’t worry about the child, I will give you and Lu Xinran a satisfactory account.”


When people make certain decisions, they always have to bear the corresponding consequences.


Without looking at Fu Shenyan’s face, I turned around and went upstairs, perhaps the last time we would have this conversation in this villa.


My wrist was violently tugged, “Account?” Fu Shen Yan spoke up, his voice suppressed with anger, seemingly a little bit on the nose.


Knowing that he was angry, I didn’t turn around and said, “I’ll take care of it and won’t let the child’s affairs affect Lu Xinran.”


“Shen Shu!” His anger reached a fever pitch, and my hand tingled with pain as he tugged on it. “What do you want to do? Divorce me? And abort it? And then walk away?”


“Or what?” Looking at him, the tears I had held back for so long still flowed down indefinitely, “What else can I do? Fu Shen Yan, didn’t you always want me to agree to divorce you and stay away from you? What’s wrong with me doing this now?”


Fu Shen Yan’s eyes suddenly became a little deeper, like a thin layer of frost covering them.


“You think you’re smart?” He laughed coldly, his long fingers squeezing my jaw, I was in pain and tried to break free, but he increased his strength, they were close, breathing against each other, “You have my seed in your belly, you are not qualified to decide whether he stays or goes.”


“I’m not qualified?” I laughed and looked at him word for word, “Lu Xinran is qualified?”


His dark eyes narrowed slightly and a bloodthirsty coldness came over him, “Shen Shu, you’re looking for death!!!”


Chapter 22

He shook off his hand, and not too hard, but there was a sharp pain running down my jaw all the way to my heart.


It hurt so much that my toes curled up.


I hadn’t recovered from the rain, and now I was locked in a tussle with him, and he suddenly let go of my hand, and I fell into his arms.


He had a strong palm and wrapped me in his arms. I had been exercising for years and could feel the strength of my muscles against his body, but I didn’t have much strength and didn’t want to argue with him at this point.


“You’ve grown up, you still know how to play dead!” His voice was low in my ears, tinged with unresolved anger.


He slapped my cheek so hard that it hurt a little, but I was having a hard time and didn’t want to open my eyes.


When I didn’t respond, it was perhaps his conscience that got the better of him and he picked me up across the room and then took me back to the bedroom.


I was placed on the bed and then I couldn’t hear any movement.


I thought he was too lazy to care about me, but I didn’t want to hear him calling Cheng Junyu a while later, as if the matter asked Cheng Junyu to come over to take a look at me.


In fact, the stone wasn’t that cold.


After about ten minutes or so, I was dazed and completely asleep when I vaguely heard Cheng Junyu’s voice.


“Shen Yan, have you thought about it, what are you going to do with this child?”


Fu Shen Yan seemed a little impatient, “It’s late, you go back to rest!”


Sometimes I sympathised with Cheng Junyu, an internationally renowned doctor himself, being called on by him day in and day out, it was quite stifling.


I was already sleepy, plus I had run quite a lot during the day, so I was so sleepy that I fell asleep completely in a daze.


In the middle of the night, I was dazed and aware of someone pulling me into their arms. I tried to open my eyes, but was too sleepy to do anything else.


The next day!


When I woke up Fu Shen Yan was no longer in the villa, I didn’t need to think about it to know that he should have gone to see Lu Xinran.


I had an appointment with Dean Lu in advance yesterday, and after I got up and washed up I went straight to the hospital.


Because she knew I was going to go there today, Mrs. Lu was waiting for me at the hospital entrance early. When she saw me, she was still a bit worried and said, “Is this baby really going to be aborted? Aren’t you going to discuss it with Mr. Fu?”


Knowing that she was heartbroken, I smiled and entered the hospital with her, “It’s fine, don’t worry!”


Dean Lu had already arranged for an abortion doctor, and when I entered the hospital, I went straight into the operating room after a basic checkup and there was nothing else wrong.


Mrs. Lu kept worrying, pulling me to try to persuade me to give up the abortion, “Mrs. Fu, although you are young, this will still hurt your body, you have to think carefully!”


I nodded, it was time for the operation and I patted her hand to rea*sure her, “It’s okay!”


I then followed a nurse into the operating room, the person doing the surgery was a middle-aged woman, when she saw me, she spoke, “Mrs. Fu, the anesthetic we will give in a moment is an epidural anesthetic, you will fall asleep in a moment, there is no pain in the surgery, don’t be nervous!”


I nodded and got on the operating table, and indeed, as she said, I was unconscious for a short time.


When I woke up again I was already in a hospital bed.


I opened my eyes and saw Fu Shen Yan looking at me grimly, his thin lips pursed tightly, the temperature in the ward couldn’t be lower, and his black eyes were filled with bloodthirsty indifference and anger.


I had never seen him like this before, and my heart thudded, and out of instinct I raised my hand to pull him away, but he shook me off.


I opened my mouth, but suppressed the words I was about to say, and closed my eyes to say nothing as I staggered away from his horrific gaze.


“Shen Shu, you are cruel enough!” Dropping the words, he turned around violently and walked away.