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Never Say Never Chapter 215-216

Chapter 215

The new Fu’s business has been in the hands of Fu Shen Yan, who has just taken over the business and is expanding into new projects in other areas, and this has become quite a big deal, with many students at Jiangcheng University posting on forums praising the vision and talent of the new ruler.


Qiao En, who had nothing better to do, wrote a post on the forum analysing the decline of Fu’s business at the hands of Fu Shenyan, citing ten reasons.


This post was not even posted on the headlines by the Jiangcheng reporter.


After all, it was a defamatory text, and later the Fu family approached Qiao En privately, and I don’t know exactly what happened, but in the end Qiao En wrote another apology letter.


He slumped helplessly on the pa*senger side and said somewhat feebly, “Sinful fate! I can’t hide from it!”


I lost my smile, “There’s a spare room at home, you can stay at my place if you don’t like hotels!”


“Stop it!” He spoke, shaking his head, “I want to live a few more years, I’ll figure it out myself.”


After briefly telling him about the past few years along the way, he frowned slightly, “Why didn’t you speak to Fu Shen Yan about your kidnapping? It’s much easier to let him investigate than to do it yourself.”


After all, it was a cure, I had nothing to hide, “Fu Shen Yan’s feelings for Lu Xinran I myself for a while who is not clear, if it was Lu Xinran who was behind it, I’m only afraid that by then I would just be asking for trouble, I might as well investigate it myself in secret.”


“F**k!” He was a little grumpy, “I say you get married once, why do you make such a mess of yourself? There’s nothing good about this posh wife of yours.”


Not very nice indeed.


It wasn’t long before we arrived at the restaurant.


Parking the car, I went into the restaurant with him, and Muzi came over early, found a seat, and waved excitedly when she saw us, “Here, here!”


Jon smiled a little beckoning smile, “Here, baby!” He drew a lot of stares with that one.


The guy was good looking and with his sungla*ses off, he looked like a big star in this restaurant.


Some girls whispered, “Why is this guy so good-looking? Is he a star?”


“I don’t know, it’s either a star or a model, but look at the woman beside him with a big belly, she’s not married, is she!”


“It’s possible! Sure enough, all the good men are already married.”






Sitting in his seat, Jon elbowed me and looked at Muzi and me, “Hear that? No shame in taking me out!”


Woody bristled and gave him a blank look and said, “Don’t be self-absorbed, it’s like walking a monkey, so many people watching, trouble!”


“Tsk!” Jon wasn’t happy, “I’ve not seen you for a few years, why are you talking less and less?”


“OK!” I cracked, “You two lovebirds, you have to argue over a meal.”


The two men looked at each other and stopped talking.


These two have been arguing since they met, that’s probably how some people get along in this world, after all, there are all kinds of things in the world.


“Huh!” As he ate, Jon suddenly looked at the door with a puzzled look on his face.


Woody gave him a look and said lightly, “Monkeys see their own kind?”


“Can you talk?” Jon didn’t have a good look at the door and said, “I did see an acquaintance.”


Inevitably curious, I looked back over and it was indeed an acquaintance, it was Chen Xing, and he had a little girl with him.


The same one from last time!


Turning back to Jon, I couldn’t help but be curious, “You know him?”


He nodded, “More than know! I almost …… did back then.”


He didn’t say the rest, but looked at the girl beside Chen Xing and said, “This girl is still following him like a tail!”


Chapter 216

“It’s none of your business if someone else is in love, why don’t you just eat properly?” Woody chucked a lump of meat into his bowl.


Jon withdrew his gaze and said ungratefully, “I don’t eat meat!”


“You’re like a woman, Jon, you’re not bent, are you?” Woody had nothing better to do than to irritate people.


He said, “You’re bent because you don’t eat meat? Then all the monks in the temple are bent?”


These two were pure boredom.


I glanced back at Chen Xing and saw that he had already taken the little girl to find a seat, our side was far away so we were basically invisible.


After we ate, Jon tugged me and Muzi and said, “You two need to go get high with me tonight! I’m not going to leave me at the hotel after I’ve been back for so long, are you?”


Muzi was speechless, “What’s the point of getting high? Can you see that we are both pregnant? You’ve got two pregnant women with you ……”


“Holy Sh*t! Two pregnant women? Li Muzi, why do you have a baby in your belly too? Where’s the baby’s father?”


Jon was a little excited, so his voice got a few notches louder.


Drawing stares from the next table, I gestured for him to keep his voice down and spoke, “My pregnancy is also her pregnancy, both pregnant, you know we’re pretty much the same as conjoined sisters, don’t think too much about it!”


Muzi didn’t want anyone to know!


Seeing this, Muzi breathed a sigh of relief and looked at Jon, “Such a good brain, it’s a pity you don’t become an editor.”


“Holy Sh*t!” Jon stammered, “You’re the one who doesn’t think twice about what you say!”


When we left the restaurant, it was getting dark and my phone was running out of battery, so Jon tugged at me and said, “Please, you guys just hang out with me for a while before we go home!”


Muzi was speechless, “You’re a big man, you’re so abrasive, and Shen Shu is pregnant! How can you get high with me?”


Qiao En bristled, “Who says pregnant women can’t have fun, just don’t drink, besides, I’m here, we have to talk about some issues, she’s got all those things in her heart, if she doesn’t talk about them, you want her to suffocate the baby in her belly?”


Woody was stunned and looked at me instead, “Why don’t we go and talk together?”


I nodded, threw my phone into my pocket and said, “Bars and ktv are not suitable, the smell of alcohol and tobacco is too strong, let’s go to a cafe!”


“What cafe, what cafe is open in the middle of the night, let’s go to the hotel!” Jon spoke up and pulled me and Muzi into the car, saying, “We’ve all slept in the same bed, so what’s the point of being ashamed?”


Woody shrugged his shoulders, not feeling anything.


It is also true that the university will have no money, go out on vacation, in order to save money basically sleep in a room, together for a long time, but also not how to take Jon as a man.


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re getting into.


Woody is too annoyed, lazy to pay attention to him, simply closed his eyes to sleep, I listened quietly, he looked at me and said, “the most obvious state of pre-depression is a low mood, should sleep when not sleep, should not sleep when sleep, mood is not high, do anything can not raise the interest ……”


I listened, a little annoyed, so I changed the subject and said, “Have you stabilized over in M? Are you going to be there for the long haul in the future?”


“Of course not!” At the traffic light intersection, he held the steering wheel and said, “I’ve finished studying psychology and I’m ready to go back to the capital, open a clinic and live my little life.”