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Never Say Never Chapter 219-220

Chapter 219

The next day at noon, I had breakfast with Muzi before returning to the villa.


It was only when I got downstairs that I remembered that I had left my bag at Yun Tong’s flat and left my mobile phone there.


I opened the door and saw that there was no one in the living room, so I guessed that Fu Shenyan, the workaholic, had gone to the office, and Mrs. Zhang had also gone out.


After changing my shoes, I thought I would go to the study to look for some parenting books, but as soon as I opened the study door, I was choked by the strong smell of tobacco.


It was obviously daytime, but the curtains in the house were drawn up and it was dark and dreary.


“Fu Shen Yan?” I opened my mouth and saw a starburst flickering by the window.


I think he was still smoking!


I raised my hand to turn on the light and saw his gloomy gaze and scowl, “Turn it off!”


What was wrong?


I wrinkled my brow and walked towards him, “Didn’t you get any rest last night?” I faintly smelt the smell of alcohol and frowned, “Why have you been drinking?”


He didn’t say anything, his dark eyes fell on me and he extinguished the cigarette butt in his hand, “Where did you go last night?”


“Cloud Copper Apartments!” I frowned, “I told you yesterday!”


“Heh!” His voice was a little low and hoarse, and there was a hint of obvious ruthlessness in his words, “Shen Shu, how many things do you still have that I don’t know about?”


The smell of smoke in the study made me a little irritable, and being looked at by him grimly, I had a headache for a while, “What can I do that you don’t know? I only have these people around me, Fu Shen Yan, if you want to know anything, you can just ask, you don’t have to do this!”


“What? I asked you to tell me?” Perhaps because he had stayed up all night, his eyes were bloodshot and his chin had a scruffy look.


The way he looked at me also seemed extraordinarily gloomy.


I didn’t like this unexplained feeling and frowned, “Yes, I’ll tell you if you ask!”


He got up and the dark shadow covered me, “Who was the man you were holding at the airport yesterday?”


I froze for a moment and looked at him incredulously, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re spying on me?” The fire in my heart suddenly burst into flame, “Heh, Fu Shen Yan, what are you doing? Am I no longer free** to speak?”


I couldn’t stand his suffocating gaze, I couldn’t help but step back, but he held my shoulders down, “What’s the hurry to hide? You are my Fu Shenyan’s wife, shouldn’t I have a handle on your whereabouts?”


“Well, I should, whatever Mr. Fu does is the right thing to do!” Breaking away from his hands, I really didn’t want to be subjected to the smell of smoke and alcohol here.


Before I could get out of the study, my hand was pulled by him and I was smoothly encircled in his arms, “Not going to explain?”


I hated this feeling of lack of ***, and with anger in my heart, I said, “Explain what? It’s the same as what Mr. Fu saw, I went to see the guy I liked and spent the night tangled up with him in the hotel.”


Looking back at him, I spoke, blandly, “If you are satisfied with this explanation, can you let me go? The smell of smoke here is too strong for my liking!”


Fu Shen Yan’s gaze sank and sank, gloomy and terrible, “Shen Shu, I want to hear the truth!”


“That’s the truth! It’s what your Mr. Fu wants to hear!” If there was enough trust, there wouldn’t be any stalking and surveillance.


The hand he landed on my waist couldn’t help but tighten its force out of anger, “It seems we don’t have to continue talking.”


As he spoke, like a raging beast, he pushed me between the wall and him without the slightest gentleness and began to roughly rip my clothes off my body.


I sucked in a cold breath as he pushed me against my back, not making a sound as I allowed him to retaliate with his aggression.


Chapter 220

Within a moment his breath was a little ragged, his body reacting, he stopped moving, his eyes locked on me, “What’s the connection to him???”


Clearly, he still had a shred of sense.


Disgusted by the smell of tobacco all around me, I couldn’t help but frown and look at him coldly, “You’ll believe me when I say ????”


He nodded, his dark eyes a depth I couldn’t read.


“A friend from college, he came to Jiangcheng for something, I just went to pick him up!” The matter of illness, I did not mention, in black and white can not write down things, said to be meaningless, but rather look pretentious.


He looked down and whispered against my lips, “Is it still me here?” He pressed his hand to my heart.


My throat clogged and I couldn’t help but be dumbfounded, I opened my mouth and my voice was extremely small, “It’s you, it’s always been you!!!”


He lifted the tip of his finger to land on my chin, and with his eyes facing each other, he did not hide the longing in his eyes in any way, lowering his head and dropping a heavy kiss.


A little irritated, I held him back and said, “Go to the bathroom!”


The shadow on his brow heaved a few notches, and I pursed my lips, unable to say how depressing it was inside me; it was sickness, a sickness I had no way of telling anyone about.




He opened his mouth and wrapped his arms around me and went into the bathroom, a few times down, he was probably hard, his breath a little heavy, and pushed me against the wall, his slender body half crouched down.


I couldn’t help but be startled, holding his hand and shaking my head, “Fu Shen Yan, no …… way!!!”




He lowered me, his voice a little hoarse, “Good girl, let’s try, you can’t always rely on water!”


I shook my head, “No way!”


Seeing my firm attitude, he stopped continuing.


“Bear with it a little longer!”


I bit my lip, a little disgusted, “Fu Shen Yan, stop!!!”


It was really unbearable, so I might as well not do it.


As I spoke, I had already pushed him away and saw that his eyes were still unfulfilled.


I was born with an endless sense of frustration in my heart for a moment, and looked at him and said, “I’m sorry, I …… you go to Lu Xinran!”


This is true, between him and me, it seems that there is no way to continue even the most basic life as a couple.


No one can accept such a marriage.


Without looking at his face, I went straight back to the bedroom, rinsed briefly, and went to bed, my heart in turmoil.


It didn’t take long for him to follow me up, the water rattling in the bathroom, and it was about an hour before he came out.


Wiping the water from his body, he lay down beside me and scooped me up in his arms, his voice a little dark, “After the baby we’ll go to the doctor!”


I was silent, my heart clogged with pain.


“What if it’s not cured?” It was a disease of the heart, not the body.


His arm around me tightened, “It’ll be cured!”


A long silence began in the bedroom and after a long time I could hear the shallow breathing and he was asleep.


I lay in bed, unable to sleep, thinking about this and wondering if it might be okay to talk to Jon.


The climate was hot at noon, and the warmth of Fu Shen Yan’s body was itself relatively high, and at this point in his arms, I was hot and sweaty and moved slightly.


Was his hand tightened the force, “Do not move, good to stay with me for a while, did not sleep well last night!”


I ……


Fu Shen Yan estimated that the night did not sleep, this sleep until the night, I originally was not sleepy, but was his arms, can not do anything, simply can only follow him to sleep together.