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Never Say Never Chapter 223-224

Chapter 223

It was a good thing that after breakfast, Sister Zhang had to go out shopping so I was able to drag her to the hotel.


In the car!


“Your auntie is so experienced, it makes me want to come to your house to raise my baby.” She leaned against the car, holding the green mangoes she brought from the villa while nibbling on them, and spoke.


I lost my smile, “Anytime is welcome!”


Sister-in-law Zhang was an old man and had been in the Fu family for many years, and everyone in the Fu family treated him like their own.


“Huh, why do you keep so much medicine in your car!” She opened the box in the front seat and looked at the pile of medicine openings inside and looked at them curiously, “They’re all drugs to stimulate progesterone secretion, and some I can’t even read.”


She said, looking up at me, “Didn’t the doctor say to use as little medication as possible during pregnancy? Why are you taking so many of them? I haven’t taken any medication until now!”


Stopping at a red light intersection, I looked at the drugs and said, “I’ve been to the hospital a few times before by accident, and the doctors prescribed them, some by Dr. Cheng, to suppress pregnancy vomiting, and they were all fetus-preserving drugs.”


At the mention of Cheng Junyu, her face changed and she spoke faintly, “Oh!”


After giving her a look, I started the car and said mindlessly, “Aren’t you going to talk to Dr. Cheng about the baby?”


She pinched her brow and said with some impatience, “The baby is my own, what does it have to do with him, why should I talk to him, it’s not like I have nothing to do.”


Well, I didn’t ask any more questions and the car was parked under the hotel.


Looking at the time, 11am, “Why don’t you take some breakfast up there, Jon, the B*****d, is probably still awake!”


“The hotel will deliver it to him, let’s go!” She pulled me then up the lift and spoke, “The B*****d’s probably still dreaming.”


When I got to the door of the room, I knocked for half a day, but there was no movement, and Muzi clasped her hands with an expression like I had guessed right.


I took out my phone, ready to call Jon, but just as it came out, the door opened.


“Holy Sh*t, why are you two so early?” Jon’s eyes weren’t even open yet and he looked like he hadn’t woken up.


“Brother, it’s already 12 o’clock, what did you do last night? Even a pig should be hungry at this hour, right?” Woody glared blankly and staggered past him, ready to go inside.


He was stopped by an excited Jon, “Wait ……”


Muzi and I froze, “What’s wrong?”


Muzi gave his body a ma*sive look from the head and asked with narrowed eyes, “You boy didn’t ask a girl to spend the night last night did you?”


“Of course not!” Jon spoke up, a little sheepishly, “You two young ladies, going into a man’s room like that, aren’t you afraid of seeing something you shouldn’t?”


“Cut it out!” Woody was speechless, “We don’t know if you’re like that? I know what size trousers you’re using, what else did you see?”


I held my forehead, a little impressed with Muzi’s mouthiness.


“Who is it?” A voice came from the room and Muzi and I opened our mouths wide in shock for a moment.


Looking incredulously at Jon at the same time, we spoke in unison, “It’s a guy?”


“Jon, you actually F**king spent the night with a man? I’m F**king ……” Woody exploded.


I froze and saw that Qiao En’s face was already red, and for a moment I thought the voice was somewhat familiar, so I couldn’t help but push between Qiao En and go inside.


Coldly bumped into Chen Xing wrapped in a bath towel body, is out of the bathroom, four eyes, I like five thunderstorms.


Chapter 224

He froze too, his face a little unnatural.


“Holy Sh*t!” Woody followed in, “How could it be you two?”


“No, will you two let me explain?” Jon was a little exasperated, “Can you guys rot your eyes and look at people Ki.”


Woody looked at him and pointed to the upper bodies of the two men and spoke, “It’s like this and you’re still not rotten?”


I ……


The scale of the words, big enough!


Jon was speechless, “Are you a woman, why are you so out of scale??”


I looked at Muzi and nodded, “You tighten up a bit!”


Muzi bristled and shrugged her shoulders, “It’s like this, I can’t say anything?”


Looking over at Chen Xing, I was a little embarra*sed, “You guys ……”


Chen Xing did not look too good, a little huffy, looked at Qiao En and said, “You explain clearly to me, or I’ll get you killed.”


Qiao En wanted to cry and spoke, “I went to the bar last night to get high and brought him back by accident!”


“An accident?” Woody’s eyes widened, “Accidentally you brought a guy back?”


“He was drunk and got beaten up by a woman, if I didn’t know him from before, I’d pay attention to him!” Qiao En glared at Chen Xing, “You got yourself drunk, if I didn’t bring you back, you would have been strong for that woman.”


Chen Xing frowned and pinched his brow, guessing he was drunk and had no memory of it.


Looking at him, he said, “You don’t know to send me back?”


Jon was speechless, “I know where your house is?”


Chen Xing ……


After looking at the dark blue on Chen Xing’s face, I guess it was **not** unlike what Qiao En said.


Woody looked at the hilarity and gossiped, “You two are lying in the same bed, and both drunk, nothing happened?”


“I’m a pure man, don’t get involved.” Chen Xing spoke, his temper not small.


Muzi bristled, feeling bored, and looked at Qiao En, “Hurry up and clean up, we’ll go out to eat later.”


In a moment both Qiao En and Chen Xing went into the bathroom, Muzi smiled with an open face, “It’s not much, they all showered together, is it hard to save water?”


The hotel bathroom was actually very large, all two men, not really surprising, hard by Muzi thought less childish.


The phone vibrated, it was a text message from Fu Shen Yan, “Where?”


Me: “Hotel!”


Fu Shenyin: “Meeting a friend?”


Me: “Yeah!”


Muzi C*cked her head and looked over, “Fu Shen Yan has been very strict with you lately!”


“Probably because of the baby!”


After that, I saw Fu Shen Yan send a message, “I’ve enrolled you in a study cla*s, I’ve sent you the cla*s time and address, remember to go there!”


Looking at the message he sent, I held my forehead and could only reply, “Okay!”


I put my phone away and looked at Muzi, “Are you planning to go to yoga for pregnant women?”


“No!” She shook her head, “I’m planning to stay back in the country after Jon goes back to M.”


I nodded and didn’t say much more.


Chen Xing and Jon came out of the shower, both changed.


Chen Xing looked at me with a light frown, “You guys know each other?”


“Mmm! College cla*smates and friends!”


“Let’s have dinner together!” This kind of thing was just a coincidence, listening to Qiao En, Chen Xing should have known Qiao En back in college.


I was just a bit surprised, Chen Xing was a few years younger than us, what did Qiao En know him for?