Never Say Never Chapter 229-230

Chapter 229

After hanging up the phone, the lift door just opened, he looked at Fu Shen Yan and said, “Fu Shen Yan, I’m serious, you have to take her on a trip to M.”


After saying that, he left in a hurry.


I looked at him several times and wanted to ask, but I was afraid I would be exposed if I did.


So, there was silence.


At the red light intersection, he stopped the car and looked sideways at me, his voice was low and magnetic, “Going to M is too torturous for you and the child, we’ll go to the capital in a couple of days, I’ve already contacted the doctor.”


I froze and said after a moment’s hesitation, “You ……”


“The doctor said that at the last maternity checkup, plus you noticed it that time when you drenched yourself in the rain.”


He started the car, a slight sigh in his voice, and said, “It’s okay if you don’t want to talk about it, it’ll be fine later!”


I nodded, a little weary, “Tomorrow morning we’re going to pay respects to Grandpa, and in the afternoon you’ll accompany me to the yoga studio! The teacher said we need the father-to-be to practice with us, some of the moves need protection.”


He nodded, “What do you want to eat tonight?”


“Anything!” When it was all said and done, I was really sleepy, so I closed my eyes and prepared for a nap.


By the time we reached the villa, it was already dark and I was a little dazed. Fu Shen Yan didn’t wake me up, carried me back to the bedroom and put me on the bed.


It was probably because of the exercise during the day, so I slept very deeply.


I got out of bed and went out of the bedroom, seeing that the light in the study was on, so I knocked on the door.


A low voice came from inside, “Come in!”


I pushed the door and saw him reading a file on his desk. I walked over to him and saw the company’s back office system on the computer. Why is it still the same data?”


He glanced at me and a smile appeared on his tired face, “You haven’t been at Fu’s for nothing, it’s good to see the problems.”


I didn’t say anything, two years was enough time for me to learn a lot.


He didn’t give me an explanation, he just looked down and signed a few contracts, I didn’t have anything to do, so I sat leaning next to him and looked at the computer in disbelief.


But as I watched, I felt that something was wrong, and when I saw the red exclamation mark in the bottom right corner of the computer, I exclaimed, “Fu Shenyan, there’s a hacker in the company’s back office system.”


He didn’t rush to look at the computer, but looked at me with some surprise and said with a frown, “Have you studied computers?”


I froze and looked at the computer again, the red exclamation mark was still there, and Fu Shen Yan seemed to be intent on letting others see these things.


It took a moment to react to why he had put the questionable data in the company’s back office, it was just that he wanted to show it to those who wanted to see it.


“Er! No, I just took computers in college and briefly learned about some of it!” I was a bit vain in saying this.


Shen Yu’s computer skills were very good, he had briefly talked to me about some of it when he used to study how to hack into other people’s accounts, I basically didn’t learn much at that time, but briefly learned some of it.


The corners of his lips rose and he said, seemingly unintentionally, “Being able to spot intruders isn’t just a matter of taking a few computer cla*ses either.”


I opened my mouth, wanting to say something, but he had already closed his contract and looked at me, “Hungry?”


I nodded obediently, “A little!”


“I’ll make you anything you want to eat!” He said, getting up and turning the computer off.


Chapter 230

I didn’t have a particular desire to eat at the time, so I said casually, “All of them are fine!”


There are not many hackers in China who can hack into the backend of someone’s computer unnoticed, so what was the purpose of this person hacking into Fu’s?


The first thing that came to my mind out of human perception was Shen Yu, who can be described as a genius in this piece of computer.


But few people knew that he was highly skilled in computers.


“What are you thinking about, come and eat!” Fu Shen Yan called me from the kitchen.


I retracted my thoughts and entered the dining room, three times a soup on the table, I froze, originally thinking that he would just cook some noodles to make do.


After all, it was twelve o’clock in the morning and I didn’t think he would cook the main meal!


He put the dishes on the table, served rice and put it in front of me saying, “Eat more, sister-in-law Zhang will come over early tomorrow morning to make breakfast, we will eat breakfast and then go to the cemetery!”


If he hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten about it and nodded my head, “Yes, yes!” After a few bites, I lost my appetite.


Seeing that I had stopped eating, he frowned, “Not your appetite?”


I shook my head, “I’m not very hungry!”


Seeing that I didn’t eat, he didn’t force himself on me.




The bedroom!


After a long sleep, I couldn’t sleep at this time, Fu Shen Yan came out from the shower, saw me still lying down, raised his eyes and looked at the time, it was already two o’clock.


I can’t help but frown, “Adjust your biological clock over these days, you can’t sleep during the day except for naps.”


I bristled and gestured for him to look at his phone, “Just now Lu Xinran called you, I think there’s something for you.”


After saying that, I lay back on the bed and brewed sleep with my eyes closed.


He laughed and tossed the phone aside, wiped his hair and lay beside me, pressing his head against my belly, six and a half, the fetal movement wasn’t too obvious yet, but he was patient.


I didn’t like it and tugged at his shirt, “I can’t sleep any more if you’re like this.”


He looked at me, moved over to me, pulled my head onto his arm and said, “I’ve booked the flight for the day after tomorrow, so we’ll have time to go for another check-up in the next two days, so the baby will probably be born in the capital.”


I nodded and said, “Call Miss Lu back, it’s late at night, what if something happens to her?”


He put his arm around me and his voice was a little low, “Are you deliberately pushing me out?”


I didn’t want to say anything else, so I said, “Whatever you think, I’m going to bed.”


I leaned into his arms, so I closed my eyes to brew sleep, Fu Shenyan workload, stay up to this point, already sleepy, it did not take long to hear his shallow breathing.


I was sleeping too much, I really couldn’t fall asleep, I was afraid to play with my phone and disturb him, so my mind started to wander.


When it’s late at night, you either think about stories or food.


And I, for one, was the latter.


When I was a kid, the yard was huge and my grandmother would grow a lot of vegetables and fruits in the yard, especially before the autumn harvest, when most of the vegetables in the yard were ready to eat.


I loved tomatoes so much that sometimes when my grandmother came home late from work and I was too young to cook, I would pick some fruits in the yard and eat them, sometimes I could eat several tomatoes in one sitting when I was so hungry.


When I came to Jiangcheng, I never ate tomatoes again, the ones in the market didn’t have that taste.