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Never Say Never Chapter 237-238

Chapter 237

I nodded, got into the car and started it.


I sat in the corridor of the hospital and let the wind blow through me, a little cold and my heart clogged up.


It shouldn’t have come to this, so why did it end up like this?


I waited in the corridor for an hour before Shen Yu came out of the operating room and was wheeled into the ward by the nurse.


The doctor told me to go and do the hospitalisation procedures, I didn’t quite understand the situation and couldn’t help but block the doctor and ask, “Doctor, how is he? Will there be any after-effects?”


The doctor smiled and said, “There is nothing serious on the epidermis, he will be fine after a few days of recuperation, but he has had surgery on his leg before, and it will take a hundred days to break his bones, so I will arrange for him to have a film taken later to see the details.”


I nodded repeatedly and said thank you a few times before going to the ward.


Because of the anaesthetic, Shen Yu was lying on the hospital bed, unable to move. When he saw me enter, the corners of his mouth rose, looking in a good mood, he said, “Don’t run around, sit down and talk with me!”


I ignored him and looked at him and said, “Call someone to come and look after you! It’s getting late, I’ve got to get back.”


It was getting dark outside, and I didn’t know how I was going to face Fu Shen Yan when I went back now.


He fiercely sank his face, somewhat gloomy, “I’m here, there’s no one else but you, if you have something to do, just go!”


Seeing his look of self-loathing, I was a bit speechless for a moment, wrinkling my brows, “Then I’ll find you an escort.”


“Shen Shu!” He looked at me, the shadow on his brow a little heavy, “Do you hate me in particular and want me dead? Don’t even want to look at me?”


“No!” In the end he hadn’t done me any substantial harm, he was just shocked to see what he had done with his own eyes.


“You know I don’t have any other family in this world anymore, only you, there have been countless times over the past five years that I have tried to find you all and I have held back, I originally thought I could have survived those dark moments on my own, but I never thought I would meet you in A City.”


He looked down at the wound on his hand, his mood was extraordinarily low, “The fire of a star can start a fire, after I met you again I didn’t want to be separated from you, I wanted to be the same as we were when we were kids, the same – to live well with each other, couldn’t I?”


I didn’t know what to say for a moment; a crippled childhood had left him searching for a place of peace of mind for the rest of his life.


After a pause, I said, “Shen Yu, I’m married, I have my own family and children and a husband, you can stay in my world, but you can’t affect my life.”


“What’s so good about Fu Shen Yan? He’s cold and brutal and doesn’t love you at all, so why do you have to have him!”


Seeing his emotion, I stopped the conversation and looked at him, “Get well and I’ll find you a carer to look after you.”


Without waiting for him to say anything, I hurried out of the hospital


It was already dark and I had driven Shen Yu’s car when I came to the hospital, so I had to take a taxi to get back.


I was a bit apprehensive, not knowing how to go in and face Fu Shen Yan.


But no matter how you avoid it, it’s all about the meeting, sooner or later.


When I opened the door, the hall was dimly lit, and I could see that only the kitchen light was still on, as Mrs. Zhang usually likes to primp things when she has nothing to do.


Chapter 238

I was relieved to see that there was no one in the hall after I changed my shoes.


When I entered the kitchen, Mrs. Zhang heard the commotion and froze for a moment, saying in shock, “Aiyo, why are you walking without a sound, you’re scaring my old bones.”


She patted her heart and looked at me and said, “You just got back, aren’t you hungry? Come and see what I’ve stewed.” With that, he removed the lid from the pot on the stove.


A strong fragrance came to me, and as I smelled it, I couldn’t help but feel a little hungry and smiled, “What did you cook, Sister Zhang? It smells so good!”


She smiled and said, “It’s carp, I’ve added some special seasoning to it, so it smells very good.


Sister Zhang wouldn’t let me touch anything in the kitchen, she thought the smell of oil and smoke was bad for pregnant women, so she didn’t want me to stay in the kitchen much.


So, I went to the table and waited quietly.


It didn’t take long for her to serve a bowl and look at me and say, “Worry about burning it, wait for it to cool a bit.” Placing the soup in front of me, she couldn’t help but look at me.


I blew on the soup and naturally I noticed that she had something to say.


After a pause, I opened my mouth and said, “Sister Zhang, if you have anything to say, just say it, I’m listening!”


She smiled, a little unnaturally, and said, “Xiao Shu ah, according to reason I should not get involved in the affairs between you and your husband, but I have seen it all clearly in my eyes, and I am also a person who has been there, if I do not say anything, you couple will go further and further apart in the future, and I feel sorry for Master Fu.”


I smiled lightly knowing that she had good intentions, “Sister Zhang, don’t think like that, all these years you have taken care of me in the Fu family, I have remembered it in my heart, I have long regarded you as my elder, if you have anything to say, just say it, we as juniors, always have to listen.”


She sighed, “Ai, sir has been in the study since he came back, I see he seems to have hurt his back a bit, you can bring some soup up later, talk to him properly, and help him see if the injury is serious?”


“He can’t hear a word my wife says, talk to him properly, don’t fight, couples quarrel at the end of the bed, there’s no such thing as an overnight feud, if there’s anything, say it openly, don’t keep it inside.”


I nodded, but I was a little worried, so I looked at Sister Zhang and said, “Sister Zhang, serve me a bowl of soup, I’m going up to see him now!”


She gave a tsk and laughed, “There’s no hurry, you’re pregnant and you probably haven’t eaten anything at night, so you should think about the baby too.


Knowing that she was also worried about me, I blew a few mouthfuls of the soup that was still hot, I took a few sips and looked at Sister-in-law Zhang and said, “You go ahead, I’ll finish it right away.”


Seeing this, sister-in-law Zhang smiled and went into the kitchen.




Outside the study.


I hesitated for a moment and paused before raising my hand and knocking on the door.


A moment later, a low voice came from inside, “Sister-in-law Zhang, go back and rest, I don’t have an appetite!”


“It’s me!” I spoke, biting my lip slightly, my forehead so tense that it was about to sweat.


There was silence for a moment before the voice inside said in a low, harsh voice, “Come in!”


Relieved, I pushed the door open and looked at the cold-faced man at the desk.


Holding the soup, I paused and said, “Sister-in-law Zhang said you haven’t been eating anything, she has stewed carp fish soup, do you want to try it?”


With that I walked over to him and placed the soup next to him, my eyes falling on his back.


It was the same suit as before, and because it was black, there was nothing but the faintly visible marks left by the shovel.