Never Say Never Chapter 241-242

Chapter 241

“Fu Shen Yan, this is the living room!” If he goes on like this, I won’t be the only one embarra*sed when Sister Zhang comes back later.


“Go to the bathroom!” Said, he already picked me up, crossed to the bathroom, turned on the shower, put me on the edge of the bath, wrapped his arm around my waist, lowered his head and attached himself down.


I do not a shock, “Fu Shenyan can not ……”


His voice is low, magnetic and provocative, grabbing my hand and interlocking his ten fingers ……




After tossing and turning for nearly an hour, I went limp in his arms and let him wash and clean me and find me clothes to put on.


He carried me in his arms and placed me on the sofa in the living room before he went to wash.


A wolf that has not been fed is the most vicious, and I have experienced this.


Shen Yu had a lot to do and made several phone calls, Fu Shen Yan was in the bathroom, I answered the phone, a little tired, “What’s wrong?”


“Are you still awake?” Hearing this voice, he Xing was up too early and had nothing to do to be bored.


“Already up, what’s up?”


“I want to eat the three fresh noodles you cooked, you can bring them to me later!” The tone of voice, just like a child.


I frowned, a little annoyed, “Auntie Caregiver will make it for you, I have something to do later.”


“Shen Shu.” He increased his tone, “If you don’t bring it to me, I’ll come and get you.”




After holding back, I spoke, “Okay, I’ll do it for you later.”


After that, I hung up the phone straight away.


When Mrs. Zhang came back from shopping, she was a bit surprised to see that I was already up, saying, “Is there something going on today? Why are you up so early?”


“Nothing, I slept early last night, so I woke up.” I said, “Do you still have fresh pork at home?”


She nodded, “Yes, I bought some more today, what’s wrong? What do you want to eat today, I’ll make it for you.”


I smiled and said, “I’ll eat whatever you make, save some for me later, I need to cook some noodles to take to the hospital.”


She froze, paused, looked at me and wondered, “Is that the gentleman from yesterday?”


Fu Shenyan came downstairs, I smiled and said nothing more, and returned to the living room to sit down.


I saw him change into a suit and sit down next to me, turning on the TV, looking like he had some time to spare.


I frowned, “You don’t have any plans today?” With so much going on at the office, he doesn’t have time to stay here and watch TV shows with me, does he?


He raised an eyebrow, “I’ve booked a flight to the capital for the evening, have you forgotten?”


If he hadn’t said this, I would have forgotten.


Confused for a moment, I said, “Do I need to bring anything with me?”


“No!” He put his arm around my waist, “Chen Yi is all set up over there, let’s go over there for a few days and take you to meet your aunt!”


“Shall we go and have another maternity check up?” It’s almost seven months old, the baby isn’t developing that well, and we’re not familiar with the capital, so what if something happens over there?


Perhaps knowing my worries, he said, “President Lu has arranged for an obstetrician and gynaecologist to go with us, and I have also arranged for a doctor in the capital, so don’t worry.”


I couldn’t help but nod my head and thought about it, “Mu Zi and Dr. Cheng are still in the hospital, so if we go there now, there’s no one to take care of us, right?”


“Jun Yu is fine, she’ll be fine after a few days in the hospital, and the doctor on Muzi’s side said she can be discharged, so if you’re not sure about her, let her come over with us.” He had made such clear arrangements, I couldn’t find anything to say for a while.


Chapter 242

After thinking about it, he said, “Aren’t we going to the old house to say goodbye to the second uncle and the second aunt?”


He looked at me and stopped speaking, his dark eyes fixed on me for a long time before he said, “Shen Shu, you don’t want to go to the capital?”


I froze and shook my head, “Not really, it’s just that I’m used to staying in Jiangcheng and going to the capital is basically unfamiliar, and I’m not sleeping very well right now, so I’m afraid it would be even harder to sleep in the capital.”


I didn’t like and didn’t want to go, Lu Xinran’s biological father and mother were in the capital, their power was all there, I always had a feeling that I would end up incomplete if I went there.


“I contacted the doctor, this time to go will not go for a long time, at most a month, after meeting aunt, we see the doctor will come back, will not stay for a long time, you are sick, need treatment, for your sake also for the sake of the child, I know that doctor Qiao is around you, but he and you are friends, many times, with personal feelings, not good to make a judgment!”


This, he said in a serious way, I can not deny it, nor can I deny it.


I looked down at my palm and nodded, “Well, I’ll do whatever you want! What time is the ticket for the evening?” I’d go see Muzi and Jon later, calling Jon back from all the way to the capital, I couldn’t just leave for the capital by myself without saying a word.


“Six o’clock!”


I nodded my head and said lightly, “I’ll go to the hospital later to see Muzi.”


“I’ll go with you!”


I was about to refuse, but shut up when I thought he was going over to see Cheng Junyu too.


After breakfast, I went into the kitchen and lit the fire to cook noodles for Shen Yu. Sister-in-law Zhang wouldn’t let me smell the fumes and drove me out, so I couldn’t say much, so I just let her do the three points.


The journey from the villa to the hospital was not far, Fu Shen Yan drove quite steadily and quickly, and it did not take long to arrive.


He answered the phone in the lift and was originally going to go with me to Muzi’s ward first, but it wasn’t convenient to answer the phone, so he kept calling at the stairs.


When I entered the ward, Muzi looked at me with anticipation and said pitifully, “You’ve finally come to see me, I’m getting mouldy in the hospital, hurry up and help me with the discharge procedures later, I don’t want to stay in the hospital, I’m suffocating.”


I laughed, handed her the noodles and said, “I just cooked them, hurry up and eat them, they’ll pile up later, you eat first and I’ll send these two portions, otherwise they won’t taste good later.”


“Two portions? Who else and who else?” She looked at me with a curious face.


“Cheng Junyu and Shen Yu!”


She opened her mouth, “I know about Cheng Junyu’s hospitalisation, but what about Shen Yu?”


I had a bit of a headache, it was hard to explain, so I simply said, “He was beaten up by Fu Shen Yan, I’ll tell you about it later!”


When I left the ward, I ran into Qiao Zhuan Yan and Lu Xin Ran. Lu Xin Ran looked at me, her gaze was light, these days, I always feel that she seems to have changed a lot, more quiet than before.


Handing the lunch box to Qiao Zhongyan, I said, “Would Mr. Qiao mind taking this breakfast to Dr. Cheng’s ward by hand?”


Qiao Zhongyan raised his eyebrows, “You made it?”


“Fu Shenyan made it!” Seeing him take the lunch box, I didn’t say much and went straight to the surgery floor.


Shen Yu was really good at tossing people around, and when I reached the door of the ward I heard his cold voice telling the nurse’s aunt to get lost.


The nurse’s aunt came out of the ward with a white face and when she saw me arrive, she pulled, “Miss Shen, I have to talk to you, I have something going on at home tomorrow and I may not be able to continue coming, so hurry up and reconnect with the next nurse.”