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Never Say Never Chapter 245-246

Chapter 245

“Eat it and you’ll like it!” Jon was in a good mood and did give him a dish every now and then, looking extraordinarily ambiguous.


A meal was not very good.


Cheng Junyu was originally going to be hospitalized, but he didn’t want to stay in the hospital, so he hired a private doctor and went home, and Muzi was almost well enough, so naturally he didn’t want to be hospitalized.


Jon tossed me the car keys and said, “I’m also getting ready to go back to M. Feel free to call me if you have any problems.”


Fu Shen Yan and I had a plane to catch, so we also went straight back to the villa to pack our things.




When we arrived in the capital, it was already ten o’clock at night, and someone at the airport had a black red flag waiting outside.


The first thing I did was to get out of the car, and a middle-aged man got out, very respectfully to, “Fu Shao!”


Fu Shen Yan nodded, handed him the suitcase, then helped me into the car, I was a little sleepy, listened to Fu Shen Yan and said, this man is An Bo, the housekeeper of her aunt’s family.


I nodded slightly in greeting, not long before I fell asleep leaning on Fu Shen Yan’s shoulder, perhaps because of the long plane ride and the running during the day, I slept extremely heavy.


I didn’t even know how Fu Shenyan had brought it back.


The next day I woke up, I was confused, looking at the familiar furnishings in the room, I slightly paused, obviously yesterday Fu Shen Yan and I had arrived in the capital, how?


I noticed that although the furnishings in the bedroom were the same as those in the Jiangcheng villa, here things were a bit newer and largely untouched, less popular, presumably because they had just been finished.


The bedroom has the same configuration as the villa, with the same brand of toiletries, and Fu Shen Yan seems to have set it up according to my habits.


When I came out of the bathroom, I saw Fu Shen Yan standing in the bedroom in a black suit, smiling lightly when he saw me and said, “Did you sleep well last night?”


I nodded, looked at his black tailored suit and after a pause said, “You can try another colour!”


I had bought him other colours before, but they were basically hanging in the cupboard untouched.


He raised an eyebrow and walked towards me, “You can try it on!” Pulling me to get ready to leave the bedroom.


I froze for a moment and said, “I’ll change my clothes!”


“Go down to breakfast first and then change later!”


I frowned, “We’re not at my aunt’s house?”


He nodded and took my hand, “It’s noisy there, I bought a separate house, I’m afraid you won’t sleep well, the bedroom is exactly like the one in Jiangcheng, but the area here is much bigger than there, so it’s convenient for the kids to come out later.”


I was a bit surprised and taken aback by how thorough he was, and a few warm feelings welled up in my heart as I smiled, “Has Sister Zhang come over too?”


“No!” Pulling me out of the bedroom, he said, “I need someone to take care of the Jiangcheng side, I’ve hired a part-time worker, a doctor and a nanny, all living in the building next door.”


I didn’t understand what he meant at first, but then I realised that the villa Fu Shenyan had purchased was a compound villa, in an elegant Chinese style, with a large area, and a total of three sets of rooms, the main building was designed with two floors, the one where Fu Shenyan and I lived, and the other two buildings next to it were for the doctor, the aunts who cleaned the house and a few personal bodyguards.


The front and back yards are planted with seasonal flowers and plants, the back yard is mostly fruit trees lute, the front yard is a rockery with small bridges and water, and seasonal fruits and vegetables.


Chapter 246

It was really big. After breakfast, Fu Shen Yan took me for a walk around the courtyard, and then asked me to change my clothes, saying that he was taking me over to visit my aunt.


It was my first time in the capital. As the capital of the country and the capital of the province, the prosperity of the capital is a prosperity that is permeated with historical memories, elegance and nobility, and a prosperity that flourishes and soars in the new era.


The trouble with big cities is probably the traffic jams. Fu Shenyan held the steering wheel with one hand, his fingertips tapping the steering wheel once or twice.


I looked out of the car window, a little distracted, face look is not moving, but the heart is a little panic.


I have never seen Fu Shenyan’s aunt before.


The city’s natural development park, inch of land, living in the rich and famous people, the car parked in the car park.


When I got out of the car, I looked up and saw a forest of shrubs and precious trees, and in the middle of the forest was a pond of lotus flowers, if any, filled with white and pink water lilies, which was particularly eye-catching.


Fu Shenyan pulled me along the cobbled path and walked up the steps for a few moments before I saw a large, elegant Chinese-style villa.


Having been with Fu for two years, I had seen many luxurious and grand villas, but the one in front of me was so prominent that it was inevitably the most shocking.


At the entrance stood an elegant, calm, chrysanthemum-like woman, embroidered with daisies on an ink-coloured cheongsam, who looked no older than about thirty.


When she saw us, she greeted us with a smile, her eyebrows tinged with a bit of joy, “I said I was coming in the morning, I made breakfast and waited for you for a long time, but now that I’ve arrived, I’ll just have to eat lunch.”


“The road was jammed, so I came a little late!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his eyes light and slow.


He looked at me, his big hand holding me as he looked at the woman and said, “Shen Shu, my wife.”


The woman’s smile grew stronger as she pulled me along and said, “You really are the woman father chose, generous and elegant, and you look so good even when you are pregnant with a child.”


I grinned, “Good day, Auntie!”


Master Fu had three children in his life, two sons and a daughter, the eldest died young and left behind a son, the second son was a free spirit and did not like to be involved in the business, the youngest daughter Fu Qingyin was rarely known.


The villa is a simple, whitewashed building with top quality materials and design.


The villa is next to an open-air garden, under a sunshade, a man is drinking tea and reading a book, a grey Tibetan mastiff is lying on the gra*s next to his feet, I don’t like dogs, especially dogs that look scary like this.


I don’t like dogs, especially dogs that look scary. I leaned towards Fu Shenyan and instinctively took his elbow.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.


“He is Gu Han, your uncle Gu’s child.” Fu Qingyin looked at Fu Shenyan and smiled lightly, “He’s the same age as you!”


Fu Shen Yan nodded and said no more.


From the moment I stepped into the villa, I had a strange feeling that Fu Qingyin looked only a few years older than Fu Shenyan, and when she introduced Gu Han, she used the words ‘your Uncle Gu’s son’.


Fu Shenyin had never told me anything about Gu Qingyin, and although I had doubts in my mind at this point, I couldn’t ask more questions.


The man’s appearance is extremely outstanding, wearing a beige casual jacket on top, grey casual trousers on the bottom, and white slippers for home use, with a simple, but different temperament, from a distance, makes people feel noble and elegant.