Never Say Never Chapter 249-250

Chapter 249

A few hours together, a woman like Fu Qingyin, a woman like a phoenix that people look up to, her plus world background, all of which would allow her to match a young and outstanding, but the attention of millions of men, why would she choose a man so much older than herself, and also carry a reputation of cursing.


I looked sideways at Fu Shen Yan and saw his pair of black eyes staring ahead, his eyes deep and unpredictable, I spoke, “Auntie should love Uncle Gu very much!”


Willing to carry so much for one person, one must love very, very much.


Fu Shen Yan narrowed his eyebrows and looked at me, his thin lips lightly parted, “What is love?”


I froze, not knowing how to speak for a moment, what is love? If you think about it, I don’t know.


When I got home, it was already dark and I was so sleepy that I was dragged by Fu Shen Yan to eat a little something and went straight to bed and fell asleep.


When I woke up the next day, it was already noon and Fu Shen Yan was not in his room.


When I went downstairs, Aunt Quan, who had been arranged by Fu Shenyan in the living room, saw me and she came forward and said with a light smile, “Mrs. Fu, Mr. Fu has gone out for something and instructed me to look after your food and drink.”


I nodded my head, probably because I had slept a bit too long, so I had a bit of a headache.


After a brief meal, someone came from home, it was Fu Qingyin.


It wasn’t a surprise to see me, the weather in the capital was hot, she wore a long dress and her long hair was pulled up Seeing that I had just finished eating, she smiled, “I was thinking that if I hadn’t eaten, we would go out and eat together!”


“Auntie, have you eaten?” I spoke up and looked at Auntie Kwon, “Prepare something for Auntie!”


“No need, I’ve eaten at home.” Fu Qingyin spoke up and pulled me along, “Go and change your clothes, we’ll go for a stroll later, you’re not familiar with the capital, I’ll take you to get familiar with it.”


I was going to refuse, but she was being kind, so it would be bad if I refused, so I nodded and agreed.


I found a white Luo Xiu dress and put it on, and Fu Qingyin dragged me out of the villa.


I couldn’t drive, so she brought a driver.


In the back seat, she took my hand intimately and chatted, which, to be honest, I was not comfortable with.


Luckily, it didn’t take long to reach the shopping mall, the centre of the capital, which was not generally lively.


Getting off with her, she instructed the driver to find a place to wait, then pulled me into the mall, “You’ve just arrived in the capital, you should have quite a lot of things to buy, besides, you’re pregnant now, it’s not convenient for you, it’s just as well, let’s buy all the things we need today.”


I nodded my head, talking less and less.


Fu Shen Yan sent a message asking where I was.


I sent him the address and followed behind Fu Qingyin, listening quietly as she shopped.


About an hour later, I was a little tired and took a moment to speak, “Auntie, I’ve bought more than I need to, let’s go back!”


It was too hot in the capital to shop for too long.


She was still staring at the bottles of milk in front of her, torn, not knowing what to choose, when she heard me speak, she couldn’t help but look at me and say, “What’s wrong? Are you tired?”


I pulled a smile, “A little!” If I hadn’t said anything, I would have had to continue shopping for another hour.


She called the driver to put the things she bought back in the car and dragged me to the cafe, “Let’s take a break when we’re tired, we’ll look at maternity products later, there’s still three months before you give birth, pregnant women’s things should also be carefully selected, after all, Shen Yan is a man, some things are not as attentive as us women.”


Chapter 250

I nodded my head, a little tired indeed.


The cafe was not crowded, quiet and elegant. She pulled me to find a seat and ordered coffee.


Looking at me, she said, “Xiao Shu, can you tell me about you and Shen Yan? He’s always been very cold in nature, and when I used to go back to Jiangcheng to see him secretly, he always avoided me until last time when he came to the capital and actually took the initiative to tell me that he wanted to bring you to the capital for a few days.”


When she said this, she was a little bitter, “I originally thought that this was all I could do in my life, but I never thought that he would still be willing to come to the capital to see me and bring you with him.”


Seeing that her eyes were a little red and swollen, I panicked for a moment and spoke, “The Fu family is auntie’s home no matter what, as long as auntie is willing to go back, you are always welcome at Fu.”


She looked at me and pulled a wry smile, “After all these years, father must not want to see me.”




I froze and looked at her, “Grandpa left a few months ago, doesn’t Auntie know that yet?”


Her hand, which had been holding her coffee cup, gave a start and looked at me incredulously, “What did you say?”


I was so shocked by her expression that I didn’t know how to respond for a moment, mentally stuttering for a moment, seeing her suddenly lowering her head, taking a long breath, her eyes a little red, looking at me for confirmation, “What happened to father?”


“Grandfather’s health has not been good over the years, rectal cancer went at the end of last year, he ……”


“Clang ……” The coffee cup in front of her hit the floor and she crouched down in a panic to pick it up as the waiter stepped forward to deal with it.


Her voice trembled as she said over and over, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry ……”


The waiter shook his head in a hurry, “No, no, it’s fine, just clean it up.”


I reached out to help her, not knowing how to say something comforting; her sorry was not for the waiter, it was for her deceased grandfather’s.


The café was a public place after all, and Fu Qingyin was an elegant woman who recovered from the panic and overwhelm she had just felt for a moment.


But the look on her face was no longer as well-controlled as when she arrived, and even though she was smiling, it looked a little far-fetched.


“Auntie, it’s getting late, let’s go back!” I opened my mouth, this kind of thing, she probably wasn’t in the mood to continue shopping either.


Fu Qingyin nodded, “Well, let’s go, you should also go home and get some rest, you’re tired after a day of shopping.”


At the entrance of the cafe, Fu Qingyin jerked to a halt, I was carrying my bag, my attention was not in front, when I saw her suddenly stop, I raised my eyes to look at her.


The injustice of the road ah !!!!!


Xu Hui stood in front of the cafe, and behind her, Gu Han had his car keys in his hand, and it looked like he had just parked his car and come in.


“Ah Han, let’s change to another one! It’s dirty here!” Xu Hui spoke, her face more than a little mean.


Gu Han swept a glance at me and Fu Qingyin, his handsome brows knitted slightly, and he nodded, “Mm!”


Mother and son turned to leave, but were stopped by the waiter, “Are you two having coffee? Inside please?”


Xu Hui looked at the waiter, her gaze fell on Fu Qingyin and said, “Your shop is also more suitable for entertaining this kind of notorious woman’s, a gathering place for juniors, quite good, but not for me!”


The waiter froze, his gaze looking towards Fu Qingyin.


The café was originally quiet, and the commotion here drew the attention of many people, with some whispering.


“How does this woman talk?”