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Never Say Never Chapter 267-268

Chapter 267

His face was dreadfully grim, “No time to quarrel with me? Heh ……” The voice was horribly grim, “What do you have time for? Cherish looking back and admiring the crap Shen Yu gave you?”


Because of his anger, the force under his hands was extremely heavy, pinching me so much that I could hardly breathe, “Fu Shen Yan, you’re hurting me!”


He didn’t let go, his force was lighter, “You still know it hurts?”


This man is simply inexplicable, I was upset and pushed him away, “Fu Shen Yan, these things may be rubbish to you, but they are precious to me!”


Not bothering to say anything more to him, I turned straight away to look for another finger ring.


As expected, Shen Yu had indeed put the ring in the pastry, leaving a few things clear and clean.


I emotionally recovered super not much, see Fu Shen Yan in the living room coldly looking at me, I know he is angry, opened his mouth and said, “These things ……”


Before the words were finished, he put the phone to his ear and said in a cold voice, “Chen Yi, go and acquire all the silver and gold ornaments in the capital, as well as jade ornaments, plus bring all the latest new designs this year to the South District villa.”


I don’t know what was said on the other end of the phone.


Fu Shen Yan’s voice was extraordinarily cold as he said, “Do as I say!”


Then he hung up the phone.


Looking at Fu Shen Yan, I really couldn’t find the adjectives to describe him for a while, finally, walking to sit down in front of him, looking at him and giving him a thumbs up, speaking, “Mr. Fu, you are bold!”


What the hell is a takeover when you can just switch careers!


He raised his eyebrows and looked at me, “Throw away all the crap Shen Yu gave you, what do you want, tell me and I’ll give it to you!”


I bristled, not really knowing what to say, before finally speaking, “Mr. Fu is rich and powerful, amazing!”


Looking at what I was holding, it really didn’t seem to be worth much either, but it had great value.


I wasn’t going to argue with him, I just spoke, “Back in junior high school, I only had fifty dollars a month for food, but at that time there were many girls in school who would carry some necklace or bracelet around their necks or injuries, I had nothing.”


I sighed as I said this, “Because I liked it but couldn’t ask for it from my grandmother, I went to carry things for my uncle in the cafeteria by myself and earned a few hundred dollars for myself, and then saved to buy this necklace for myself, this belt for Shen Yu, and this finger ring for my grandmother.”


Looking at his less ugly face, I placed all three items on the coffee table cabinet and continued, “Maybe in your opinion, these things really don’t make the grade, but for me, these things, they are my memories, they are my past, they are a symbol of my former obsession!”


He looked at me with emotions I couldn’t see in his gaze, “If you want something in the future, just tell me, as long as you want it, anything, I’ll give it to you!”


I was originally in quite a low mood, but once Fu Shen Yan’s words came out, I wanted to laugh, I had recently discovered that Fu Shen Yan’s IQ was basically zero sometimes.


Chen Yi’s efficiency could really be described as second to none, and it was only an hour before he brought a bunch of people into the villa.


Several people were carrying exquisite boxes in their hands.


Chen Yi looked at Fu Shen Yan, the same iceberg face, “Mr. Fu, these are all the latest accessories this year!”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and raised his eyebrows, “Go and pick them out, see what you like and keep them.”


Chapter 268

I felt my eyes cramp up a bit as I looked at Chen Yi and asked, “Is the average marriage for these jewels expensive?”


Forgive me for being cheesy, I am a realist and have basically zero knowledge of these luxury items.


With a cold face, Chen Yi looked at the mouth very seriously and said, “All of these things are from famous hands, polished and made with patience and care, the average price is over twenty million!”


I froze, my mouth opened wide, looked at Fu Shen Yan and said very seriously, “Fu Shen Yan, I don’t like these things, you should let them take them back!”


Twenty million dollars, this is the kind of money you would spend if you ate too much.


Fu Shen Yan frowned, “Don’t like it?” He swept through all those jewels and then began to wait for my answer.


I nodded my head, very seriously, “Hmm, don’t like it!”


“Keep it all!” He spoke, then looked at Chen Yi and said, “Next time, be patient in picking things out, don’t waste your energy.”


Chen Yi froze and his face was extra serious.


Having been in the mall for two years, I could hear this, obviously knocking Chen Yi for not being efficient in his work.


Chen Yi let the people put all the packing down, then explained some chores and they all left.


Looking at the jewellery left behind, I gave a breathless glance at Fu Shen Yan, “Mr. Fu is magnificent!”


Then, turned around and went back to the bedroom.


I don’t have the habit of wearing jewellery, these things left behind are no different from scraps, this kind of wasteful handwriting to the home, I no longer know how to spit on Fu Shen Yan.


Luckily Fu Shen Yan didn’t get mad at Shen Yu for sending me these things, but he was really odd to ask me to buy him a belt!


“Fu Shen Yan, you can go to Dr. Cheng if you have brain problems, don’t toss people around here!” What the F**k kind of request is that?


“If you can earn money to buy a belt for Shen Yu, why can’t you buy one for me? I’m your husband, he’s just your brother in name only.” Why did that sound so awkward coming from him?


I laughed, “You’re still my nominal husband? Why should I buy you anything? Didn’t you never bother to look at those clothes you bought for you before?”


“Clothes?” He looked a little surprised “When did you buy them?”


“I’ve always bought them for you, at the Jiangcheng villa, but you never wear them, last time Dr. Cheng’s clothes got wet, so I took them to him, and you don’t wear them anyway.”


“Shen Shu, you don’t know where my clothes are usually kept?”


I nodded, “I know!”


So what if I knew, his cloakroom was all black and white, the clothes I bought were never in the same cla*s as his, and if I put them in his cloakroom, it wasn’t as if he wouldn’t touch them.


He glared at me, “Who did you give it back to?”


I shook my head, “No more!”


“Ask for it back!”


I ??????


Awesome, he could even say that.


“Fu Shen Yan, if you have the face you can ask for it, I am not that thick skinned you!” The things that were given out, to be able to say that you want it, if it was something else was okay, if it was something else, it was really powerful.


He took the phone straight out and dialed it, looking at him with a serious and serious look, I couldn’t help but speak, “You really want it?”


He raised an eyebrow, “What’s mine, why can’t I have it?”


I ……


Oh ……


Shameless !!!!!


“Fu Shen Yan you just go out and fight, not in the bedroom, the air is not good!” I really don’t have the face to hear him ask Cheng Junyu for clothes.