Never Say Never Chapter 271-272

Chapter 271

The conditions are pretty good, the child and I have no more worries, and I can find a kind and generous man to father my child without having to worry about him not having a father.”


“Heh!” He started the car and raised his eyebrows, “You’ve got a good plan, aren’t you afraid that this kind and generous man will take all your money away?”


I glanced at him, “Don’t think so badly of human nature! There are always good people in this world.”


“What’s a good man?” He countered, “Mr. Shen asked me to leave you to save a place for her daughter, and the terms were quite generous!” I leaned against the car window gla*s and touched my stomach, it was a bit up, I think I had eaten too much.


At the traffic lights, he stopped the car and looked at me sideways, “What are the terms?”


“Two companies plus a generous amount of a*sets, which by the math would be enough for me and the kids for the rest of our lives.” The way rich people handle things is different from us ordinary people.


He sneered, “You accept?”


I raised an eyebrow, “Why not? asked, hitting the steering wheel, his gaze somewhat casual.


I couldn’t answer for a moment, and he continued, “There is a real father you don’t let your child recognize, you have to find a stepfather? Shen Shu are you having a problem with your brain?”


“You’re the one with a problem?” I stared at him and said, “Why would I want to find a stepfather for my child? It’s because his real father has problems.”


He sneered, “What problems? You’re so fond of taking things for granted, why don’t you think about why Lin Wan was willing to spend so much money to get you to leave me?”


“Because Lu Xinran likes you.” I spoke, “Lin Wan loves her daughter and wants her to have a smooth life for the rest of her life, she likes you, so naturally Lin Wan wants to make her whole! " I didn’t think there was anything wrong with my analysis.


But he gave me a contemptuous look and said, “It’s true that one pregnancy is silly.”


I ?????


couldn’t talk anymore.


“Don’t see Lin Wan in the future, Lu Xinran and I have nothing from beginning to end, what they want is not important to me or you, what is important is that you give birth to the child in peace and we live our lives well,”


As we entered the natural area of the city centre, Fu Shen Yan continued, “The Fu family has enough money for you to spend, don’t worry that I can’t afford to support you and your daughter.”


I didn’t say anything, just looked out of the car window, my voice was light, “You and Lu Xinran just never had anything to do with each other, why would she be pregnant?”


He frowned, his gaze falling on me, “Her pregnancy has to be about me?”


“She likes you!” How could it not be related to everything that had gone on before?


“Heh!” He sneered, “According to your logic, Shen Yu likes you and the child in your belly is also his?”


I ……


“Can it be the same?” This was clearly a fallacy on his part.


“How is it not the same?” The car had arrived under the Gu family villa, he stopped the car, helped me out of the car and looked at me, “Lu Yan gave him to me, it was my duty to take care of her and protect her, that’s all, nothing extra.”


“If the baby isn’t yours, whose else would it be?” I pursued, a little undeterred.


“Does it matter whose it is? It’s her own life, why are you so concerned?”


I ……


It wasn’t concern, I just thought, besides Fu Shen Yan, whose else could the child be, not to mention, Lin Wan was so big this time to force me to leave Fu Shen Yan, if not because of the child, because of what?


Chapter 272

It’s hard not to find Fu Shen Yan, the cheap father?


I walked through the cobblestone path, went up a few flights of steps, and found the Gu family’s luxurious villa building.


I was a little tired from the walk, so I stopped to catch my breath.


A black object ran towards me, and I shouted in shock, “Ah!”


Fu Shenyan was quick to kick it away.


The last time I came to see him lying next to Gu Han, he was quite well behaved.


How this time ……


The mastiff was kicked to the ground by Fu Shen Yan, and perhaps it was kicked hard and kept lying on the ground whimpering.


The people in the villa heard the commotion and came out, Gu Han saw the Tibetan mastiff lying on the ground and frowned slightly, his eyes fell on Fu Shen Yan, “Mr. Fu is good at it!”


These words were obviously tinged with anger!


Fu Shen Yan sank his eyebrows, his voice was low and cold, “I’m eager to protect my wife, I’m sorry to offend you!”


Gu Han didn’t say much, his gaze fell on me, I was really frightened just now, hiding behind Fu Shen Yan, my body was still shaking, seeing him looking at me, I couldn’t say anything for a while, I just slightly lowered my head.


Fu Qingyin trotted out in her high heels, took a look at the Tibetan mastiff lying on the ground and then dropped her gaze on me, as smart as she is, she naturally knew what had happened.


She hurriedly walked to my side and pulled me along, “Did you get scared? Why are your hands shaking so badly, do you want to go to the hospital?”


She said this loudly, Gu Hengyang who came behind her, his old face was filled with anger, his cloudy gaze looked at Gu Han, his voice was serious and cold, “Kill the beast for me, there’s no rules for rampaging, it’s good that no one was hurt now, if someone was hurt, your life and this beast’s life wouldn’t be enough to pay for it!”


Gu Han sneered, his gaze violent, “In your opinion, there is no difference between me and it, right?”


These words were sarcastic.


Looking at the despondency in Gu Han’s eyes, I couldn’t help but speak up, “Uncle Gu, I’m fine, today is supposed to be a happy day, let’s not hurt each other over this trivial matter.”


Fu Qingyin also took over and said, “Yes, after all, Xiao Shu is not a big deal, there are many mosquitoes outside, go inside, dinner is almost ready.”


Gu Hengyang’s face narrowed and eased a bit, looking at me and Fu Qingyin, “It’s hard for you two to be so understanding, let’s go inside and rest, it’s getting late, are you hungry?”


I shook my head with a light smile, “No, I’ve been eating from morning till night, and Shen Yan has been raising me like a pig!”


“Hahahahaha!” Gu Hengyang laughed loudly, “You’re a girl, you’re always teasing an old man like me.”


“That’s right!” Fu Qingyin said, “This child is smart and clever, no wonder she’s the one Daddy likes.”


At this point in the conversation, the mood was finally better.


I couldn’t help but glance back at Gu Han, who was standing next to the Tibetan mastiff, his face was as cold and silent as a god of death in the darkness.


When we entered the villa, Fu Qingyin greeted us in the living room for tea.


Fu Qingyin took out the gift box she had brought with her and looked at Gu Hengyang, “I heard from my aunt that Uncle Gu likes porcelain kilns, so I saw this at the last Jingde auction and thought Uncle Gu would like it, so I brought it.”


Gu Hengyang saw this, smiled very cheerfully and said, “You have a heart, male, this thing, I sent someone to look at it, said it was taken by someone first, I originally thought who was it, but it turned out to be you.”