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Never Say Never Chapter 279-280

Chapter 279

When Sister Zhang finished, Gu Han got up and prepared to leave, I looked at the phone he left behind and couldn’t help but speak up, “Mr. Gu, the cost of the phone ….”


“It’s here!” He held up the pastry opening in his hand and spoke, “Equivalent!”


Then he walked straight away.


Sister-in-law Zhang didn’t know him and when she saw him leave, she stood beside me and said, “Madam, he is?”


“Gu Han, Gu Hengyang’s son.”


“Oh!” Sister-in-law Zhang nodded her head and said to herself, “I don’t know him!”


I laughed and didn’t explain too much.


Sister-in-law Zhang packed the pastries and held me up, “If Mister saw you deliver them to him personally, he’d be very happy!”


I didn’t know whether he would be happy or not, but I knew he would be very busy at the moment.


I hadn’t been to many companies in the capital, so when I took a taxi to the office, I was a bit surprised.


He had taken down all three of the top buildings in the city’s central district, and they looked luxurious and grand.


The company floor was bustling with people going in and out, and Mrs. Zhang was worried about me being bumped into, so she carefully held me up and said, “Be careful!”


The front desk!


Sister Zhang asked twice, but no one paid any attention to her. The exquisite receptionist was busy with the customers who came to visit her, so she sent her away several times.


This made Sister Zhang a little angry, “You girl, please tell us the office of your president can’t even, why so no director ah!”


Her voice was a bit loud, attracting quite a few people’s attention, and the receptionist lady had to look at her, still politely, “Auntie, it’s not that I don’t tell you, our President Fu has countless people come to visit every day, but the prerequisite is to make an appointment, without an appointment we can’t let you up!”


Sister-in-law Zhang was not happy, “How busy must he be, his wife has to make an appointment to visit him?”


The receptionist was stunned and smiled, “Auntie, our president’s fiancée just went up, how could there be another wife, did you remember wrongly and find the wrong person.”


“Where would you find the wrong person?” Sister-in-law Zhang put the pastry on the front desk and said without good grace, “Mr. Fu has been married for almost three years, what fiancée, the doll is about to come out, you can’t be mistaken.”


The receptionist laughed with some contempt, “Auntie, you can’t be ridiculous, don’t we know whether our CEO is married or not? His fiancée is coming in these days, we can’t be wrong all the time!”


Sister-in-law Zhang was about to say something else when I opened my mouth and said, “Sister-in-law Zhang.”


“Little Shu!” Sister-in-law Zhang looked at me and said with concern, “What’s wrong? Are you tired, go sit over there for a while while I talk to them.”


I shook my head with a light smile, held my stomach and walked to the front desk and said, “No!” Then I looked at the receptionist and said, “Is your president’s fiancée surnamed Lu?”


The receptionist was stunned and nodded her head, “Yes! It’s the original lost lady from the Mo family, who met Mr. Fu in Jiangcheng, and the two already have a child, and I heard they’re getting married.”


“Nonsense!” Sister-in-law Zhang couldn’t bear to hear this and scolded out, “What and what is this, this woman Lu Xinran just can’t get away, she’s still pestering Mr. after all this, that child can’t be Mr.’s at all.”


“Auntie, you have to behave yourself when you speak, don’t just slander people!” The receptionist lady seemed to be defending Lu Xinran.


Sister-in-law Zhang sneered, “Slander people? Oh, if she does the right thing and acts properly, what can others do to slander her?”


Chapter 280

Looking at the quiet people in the hall, I once again looked at the receptionist lady and said, “Does Miss Lu come here often these days?”


The receptionist nodded, looked at my stomach and said with some hesitation, “Mr. Fu has been coming over since he came to the capital, Madam, and you are?”


“I’m Fu Shen Yan’s rightful wife!” Pointing to my stomach, I smiled lightly, “This is his child, soon to be born!”


After saying that, I directly ignored the half-hearted gaze of the receptionist and dialed Fu Shen Yan’s phone number.


The phone was answered after two rings.


“Hello!” The voice, the first warm female voice, was not Fu Shen Yan’s at first hearing.


It was Lu Xinran!


“Put Fu Shen Yan on the phone!” It wasn’t exactly unpleasant, it was common for a man like Fu Shen Yan to have women obsessing over him.


“He’s in a meeting! ” Lu Xinran spoke, her words a little smug, “That belly of yours should be about to give birth.”


I mimicked my eyes and hung up the phone straight away.


The first time I saw this, the receptionist laughed coldly, “You really think you can pretend to be a rich wife, what kind of person is Mr. Fu, who is worthy of him is not just some random woman on the street!


“How do you speak, do you know how to speak?” Sister Zhang’s face turned red with anger and she was about to scold someone.


I pulled her back and shook my head slightly, it’s always a bad influence with people watching in and out of here.


I dialed Cheng Junyu’s phone again, and it rang twice before it was answered.


His voice was as cold as ever, “Shen Shu, what’s up?”


“Are you in the capital?”


He answered, “Yes!”


“I’m downtown under the Triangle, can you come down and show me around? You need an appointment at the front desk and I haven’t made one with Shen Yan.” I said this shallowly, without much emotion.


“Yes!” I said back, and the phone was hung up.


The lady at the front desk looked a little pale, her eyes puzzled and seemingly a little confused.


I bowed my head and rubbed my stomach, just standing quietly and waiting as Sister-in-law Zhang gave the receptionist lady a cold look and muttered, “Dog’s eyes.”


The receptionist lady was just about to retort when someone came to ask, “Hello, I have an appointment with Mr. Fu, please pa*s it on!”


The receptionist lady nodded her head, “Okay, wait a moment!”


I heard the voice, something familiar, and couldn’t help but glance back and see it was ac president Lin Tao, dressed in black.


I couldn’t help but stare and spoke, “President Lin!”


Lin Tao also saw me and was a bit surprised, “Mrs. Fu, why are you here in the capital too, your belly is so big, I thought you were staying in Jiangcheng to take care of Fu’s!”


I smiled lightly, looked at my stomach and said, “The baby is too big to go to the company, why did you come to the capital?”


He smiled and said, “Fu’s has the intention to develop in the capital, so naturally I came for the future cooperation with Fu’s.”


ac audit is a decades old brand, Fu’s industrial chain is huge, and working with Fu’s would be enough to support ac’s income for half a year, as long as one is a businessman, one would not let go of such an opportunity.


I nodded my head and didn’t say much.


Seeing me standing here, he couldn’t help but frown, “You’re waiting for someone here?”


I nodded, “I didn’t tell Shen Yan when I came, so I waited for him in and.”


“Mr. Lin, Mr. Fu wants you to go up!” The receptionist spoke up, her gaze falling on me with some unnaturalness.


Lin Tao nodded and looked at me, “Mr. Fu should be rather busy, why don’t you go up with me, I see that you look like you’re about to give birth, I’m afraid it’s not good to stand for a long time.”