Never Say Never Chapter 283-284

Chapter 283

It was Chen Yi, “Mr. Fu, what’s up?”


“The receptionist downstairs in the company has been replaced, never hire!” After that, he continued, “Don’t let anyone in without my permission in the future.


Chen Yi was a bit baffled, “Mr. Fu, who is the irrelevant person?”


“Lu Xinran!” After saying that, Fu Shen Yan was ready to hang up the phone.


Chen Yi’s side hurriedly said, “Miss Lu is here with Mr. Qiao, President, this matter, I can’t interfere!”


Fu Shen Yan frowned, “Find a way to solve it!”


After saying that, he hung up the phone, looked up at me and said, “How about this way of handling it?”


I nodded my head, “Simple and brutal!”


He frowned, “Satisfied?”


I bristled, “What’s it to me if it’s your business?”


Not bothering to argue with him, I handed him the pastry I’d brought and said, “Sister-in-law Zhang said you’d like it if you knew I’d made it.”


He took the box, looked at it and his eyes fell on me, “Did you really make it?”


“I do odd jobs!” Sister-in-law Zhang and Aunt Quan both did, and it wasn’t just me who did the work.


Seeing this, he smiled lightly, “It looks a bit ugly, but it should taste good.”




I ……


It was already afternoon time, and when it was time to leave work, sister-in-law Zhang called and said she was going back first, asking me to wait for Fu Shen Yan to leave work and go back together.


I know that sister-in-law Zhang is interested in arranging a chance for me and Fu Shen Yan to spend time together, so I didn’t say much and agreed.


Fu Shen Yan usually does not like to eat pastries, simply ate a few mouthfuls and put it down, I did not say much, leaning on the sofa phone.


The phone was taken away, “Look at the phone less, it’s not good for your eyes!”


“Do not look at the phone to see you?” I was really bored, plus I was made very uncomfortable when I came just now, and I wanted to dislike him when Fu Shen Yan spoke.


He laughed out loud instead and said without a care in the world, “Well, you can look to enough!”


I gave him a blank look and said, “You’d better let Lu Xinran watch it, I’m not interested!”


“Still angry?” He spoke, pulling me into his arms, helplessly, “There are a lot of people in the company, so it’s inevitable that there will be incidents, why do you have to take it personally?”


I sneered, “So, you knew from the start and just let it go? If I hadn’t come today and this hadn’t happened, wouldn’t you have enjoyed it? The red flag at home is going to have a baby, and the colourful flag outside is also having a baby, one husband, two daughters, this is going to be born, maybe you will have both children? It’s the best of both worlds!”


Seeing the barbs in my words, he pinched his brow, “You know a lot and you know about red flags and coloured flags, you have such a good brain, why don’t you use it to think about the problem.”


I snorted, “Think about what? Thinking about how you and Lu Xinran are tangled up in each other’s arms and how you’re lying in private?”


He frowned, a little grumpy, “I told you, there was never anything between me and her, why do you always like to hold on to this? Is there no way to get past this?”


“How?” I was upset and my words didn’t ring true, “You let her come in and out of your company, let the employees up and down the company call him the president’s fiancĂ©e, and finally act as if it had nothing to do with you, Fu Shen Yan, are you lying to yourself or to me? Are you funny?”


He met my eyes and suddenly laughed, “You let Shen Yu shush you and send you fruit and memories, how come you can’t stand it with just one Lu Xinran by my side?”


I didn’t expect him to rehash these things, anger flared up in my heart and I stood up violently, but didn’t stand still and almost fell, he reached out to help me but I pushed him away, “Stay away from me!”


Chapter 284

He then went straight out of the office, the office door pulled open, and saw Qiao Zhongyan standing at the door who was raising his hand and knocking, his face a little embarra*sed.


It looked like it should be that he had more or less heard what he had just said.


“Third sister-in-law!” He spoke coldly, and I froze for a moment, reacting to the fact that he always seemed to like to call Fu Shen Yan third brother.


“There’s no need for Mr. Qiao to shout nonsense, your third sister-in-law is not here!” With that, I staggered out of his way.


Fu Shen Yan took a few steps forward and pulled me in, “Shen Shu, where do you want to go?”


“It’s none of your business!” I shrugged him off and tried to leave, but he pulled me back onto the sofa and he looked at Qiao Zhongyan and said, “What’s wrong?”


Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at the situation and said with slight embarra*sment, “The case in Western Europe is finished, Jun Yu and I are going to celebrate together tonight, are you going?”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and raised his eyebrows, “You think I can go?”


Qiao Zhuan Yan was dumbfounded and after a pause was not afraid to say, “You bring your third sister-in-law along, just don’t drink!”


“Want to go?” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his arm still over me.


“Is Lu Xinran going?” I looked to Qiao Zhuan Yan and spoke, a bit of stubbornness in my gaze.


Qiao Zhongyan froze and nodded, “Go!”


I nodded, “I’ll go!”


Qiao Zhongyan looked at me, then at Fu Shenyan, and went out without saying much.


Fu Shen Yan pulled me along, “What do you want to do?”


I laughed, “What can I do? The Mo family is so big, I can’t possibly kill Lu Xinran. I just want to go along and watch my husband.


He was helpless, “The baby is coming out soon, it’s not safe to run around!”


“Isn’t Dr. Cheng here?” .


“Jun Yu is very busy these days, he doesn’t have time to take care of you.” He said this, making me sound like a burden.


“Fine, I won’t go!” I’d be ashamed to be more brazen than that.


Seeing this, he said no more.


Looking at me, he said, “What do you want to eat tonight?”


I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to eat for a while, so I thought about it and said, “Hot pot!” I guess pregnant people have heavy tastes, I rarely ate it before, I was afraid of the spicy and heavy taste, I didn’t like it that much, but now I feel that if I don’t have a meal for a long time, I feel that something is missing in my heart.


He frowned, guessing he didn’t like hot pot very much, and said, “Change it.”


“Why?” I especially didn’t like this, “You asked me what I wanted to eat, and you didn’t want to do it after I said it, so what do you want me to do?”


He wrinkled his nose, “Hot pot smells too much and it’s not safe with all the people!”


“It’s safest not to eat anything!” I think Fu Shen Yan is really annoying sometimes, “That’s right, you’re a reserved and elegant big president, most suitable for going to a western restaurant with an elegant and noble woman like Lu Xinran, enjoying the music and romantic time per second, going to a noisy and crowded environment like a hot pot restaurant is not worthy of a nobleman like you.”


When people are in a bad mood, they can say anything.


He pursed his lips, “Shen Shu, can’t you be cute like for a normal woman? Is it fun to be so sarcastic?”


I laughed, “Lu Xinran is funny, go find her, what’s the point of you being sarcastic here?”


It was getting late, so I didn’t dwell on it with him, I got up and left the office, looking at him lightly, “If you don’t like hot pot, it’s fine, if you’re worried about your son, just wait for me outside the hot pot restaurant and send me back when you’re done.”