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Never Say Never Chapter 299-300

Chapter 299

Watching him chew, I couldn’t help but ask, “Is it good? There’s durian in it!” A lot of people don’t seem to like durian.


He smiled lightly and nodded his head, seemingly in an extraordinarily good mood, “Yeah. It tastes good, very sweet.”


The mood is contagious, he was in a good mood and had dessert, so I relaxed a little and looked at him, “Where are we going later?”


He laughed, “To eat!”


“Eat what?” It seems that when you’re in a good mood, you talk a lot.


He laughed and said, “You decide!”


I thought about it and said, “Go for Korean food?”


He raised an eyebrow and started the car.


We found a hot Korean restaurant in the mall, and since it was after dinner time, there weren’t many people there.


We found a place with a wider view and sat down. He ordered and looked up to see some of the pastries I was still eating left.


He lifted his hand and took the pastry away and said, “Don’t eat too many snacks, you won’t be able to eat the rest later.”


I froze for a moment and then nodded, I had just eaten several bites of dessert and my stomach was indeed a bit upset.


Seeing him finish the rest of my dessert, I opened my mouth and said, “Do you like the taste too?”


He curled his lips and smiled extraordinarily, “Yes, I especially like it!”


“Then when we go back later, we’ll buy some to take back with us?”




I felt that Gu Han seemed to be in an extraordinarily good mood.


After eating the dessert, I couldn’t eat any more Korean food, and he ordered a lot. Looking at the leftovers, I said with some regret, “What a waste!”


He smiled lightly, “We’ll pack it up and take it with us later!”


I was stunned, he didn’t seem like such a frugal person, and he seemed to be a very picky eater at home and very particular about his food.


Why did he not only eat my leftover cake today, but also pack it up?


When I looked at him round-eyed, he laughed, “There are a lot of strays and stray dogs around the corner, so we’ll send them there later and they’ll go there when they’re hungry.


I froze, my heart felt indescribable for a moment, a rich boy like him, I originally thought he was unaware of the hardships of the world, but ……


“Mmmmmm, good!” I asked for the lunch box and packed all that I could.


When I left the restaurant and followed him, he looked back at me after a short walk and said, “Are you tired?”


I shook my head, “No, I’m not tired!”


“Yeah, we’ll be there in a minute!”


The city centre, originally an extremely prosperous and extravagant place, but I didn’t expect that there would still be forgotten corners of such a place.


It was a place that was not easy to be found, the corner was relatively hidden, there was a lot of food flush next to the bin, Gu Han put down his lunch box.


I took a look around and saw that the area had been cleaned up very well, even next to the bins, and the lunch boxes left next to them were all clean and neat.


After walking with him for a few steps, I couldn’t help but look up at him and smile, “Gu Han, in this city, there are actually quite a lot of warm and kind people, aren’t there?”


Seeing me smile, he froze for a moment and nodded, pulling me along and saying, “Eh, there’s a lot more!”


Tears streamed down my face unconsciously, and he raised his hand, pulling me into his arms, and said soothingly, “No matter what, make sure you stand in the sunshine!”


I nodded, crying a little out of control, and took a long time to get out of his arms, looking extremely comical as I wiped many snot and tears from his fine suit.


I couldn’t help but laugh, my voice muffled, “Your clothes?”


He sighed helplessly and took out a tissue and handed it to me, “You made your own mess, take care of it yourself!”


Chapter 300

I took the tissue and wiped it clean for him, there were still some marks.


I looked at him from my balcony and said, embarra*sed, “I don’t think it will wipe off.”


He lifted his hand and flicked my forehead, laughing, “You’ll just have to send it back to be washed.”


I nodded, and that was all I could do.


With the food out of the way and the walk out of the way, I did feel a lot better.


Walking around to the mall’s car park, he went to his car and I waited for him at the exit, standing bored and dazed in the sun.


The autumn sun wasn’t as hot, but you could get dizzy after a long time in the sun.


“Jon, your driving skills have regressed, isn’t it just backing up a garage? You’re such a novice?”


The voice was so familiar that I stiffened and subconsciously made to turn around to look.


But it stopped, the voice came from behind me again, it was Jon’s, “Stop your noise, the baby is almost out, can’t you stop for a moment.”


“Of course I can’t!”


Hearing the two voices, Gu Han’s car also drove over, he also saw Qiao En and Muzi, and saw that I looked bad.


He frowned, “Want to go and meet them?”


I shook my head, got into the car and spoke, “Let’s go!”


I was half dead now, and seeing them would be a way to worry them, so I might as well wait until I was better.


He paused and didn’t say much as he drove straight back to his villa in the suburbs.


On the road, the scenery kept flashing by and I was lost in thought as I watched.


I faintly heard a sigh, “You always have to walk out on your own.”


I was silent, I knew that I could only walk out on my own, only by myself.


The rest of the day pa*sed quite peacefully, Gu Han was a particularly caring person.


But I couldn’t just stay here and rely on him all the time.


At the beginning of October, I had been avoiding everyone for two months, not wanting to see anyone, not even looking at the news on my mobile phone or TV, and it was a quiet day.


Gu Han came home extra early in the evening and saw me sitting in the hanging basket in the courtyard reading a book.


He put a blanket on my lap and said, “It’s cold, so keep warm and don’t get sick.”


I closed the book and looked up at him with a light smile, “You’re a bit like my grandmother!”


He raised his eyebrows, not offended by my comparison of him to an old man, but just smiled lightly and said, “What do you look like?”


I C*cked my head in thought and said, “Well, they’re both nagging.”


He laughed, “I guess I’ll have to change that, otherwise you’ll be disliked.”


The nanny came out from the hall and said, “Miss Shen, Mr Gu, the bowls of rice are ready.”


Gu Han answered and jerked the book out of my hand, glancing at it, he couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow, “Dream of the Red Chamber? You seem to have been reading it recently?”


I nodded and got off the hanging basket, smiling, “When I used to read it, I just lamented the love between Daiyu and Baoyu, but now it seems like I can see the lives of every single person in it.”


He nodded, put the book on the shelf and said, “Dinner first!”


The villa was large but not empty, and at the table, seeing that I had taken a few more bites of the carp soup, Gu Han served me another bowl straight away, saying, “Drink more if you like. ”


I smiled and couldn’t help but touch my face and look at him, “Do you see any changes in me lately?”


He nodded his head and looked at me very seriously and said, “Eh, thinner!”


I ……


had obviously gained weight, and these days, he was trying to get me to eat in any way he could, and there was flesh on his otherwise withered face.


When I saw him put down his bowl and chopsticks, I thought he had finished eating, so I paused and said, “Gu Han, I want to talk to you about something!”