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Never Say Never Chapter 303-304

Chapter 303

Gu Han nodded, his face slightly pale, I did not pay much attention.


He looked at me with a surprised look on his face and said, “You can cook?”


It was awkward to be asked that, so I turned to him and said, “You’re so mean, how come I don’t know how to cook?”


Picking out a few spices, I said, “Just wait, I’ll show you how to cook tonight!”


He laughed and raised his hand to rub my head, “Okay, I’ll wait!”


I tilted my head and smiled lightly, my eyes fell on the shelf behind him and I said, “Gu Han, help me with the spice packet, I can’t reach it!”


He didn’t respond, he just looked behind me grimly, and I froze, vaguely aware of a cold light staring at me.


Out of instinct, I turned back to look and was pulled into Gu Han’s arms as he pressed my head into his.


In a deep voice, he said, “It’s getting late, let’s go back!”


I froze, and before I knew what was happening, my wrists were yanked hard, and I was pulled out of Gu Han’s arms.


I was so shocked that I saw Fu Shenyan’s low, complicated, eager, and delighted eyes.


I was at a loss for words, my body was a bit mute, my heart began to throb incessantly, dense pain began to spread out, fear and overwhelm surrounded me.


I felt my hands and body tremble, and just for a moment I misplaced his eyes and stopped looking at him, my heart choking with pain.


I was not ready to face him, not ready to talk to him about the baby, not ready to give him the benefit of the doubt.


“Sister Shen, why are you ……” A woman’s delicate voice suddenly entered my ears and I was like a thunderstorm.


I raised my eyes to see that Lu Xinran’s stomach had bulged slightly, and she was standing next to the shopping trolley, which was stacked with a lot of baby items for the baby girl.


I suddenly remembered that Fu Shen Yan had chosen these same things before, almost exactly the same.


Lu Xinran, Lin Wan, my emotions collapsed and I looked at Lu Xinran with a scarlet gaze, unable to control myself for a moment, I violently shook off Fu Shen Yan’s hand.


I was almost frantic and rushed towards Lu Xinran, no one expected me to do this.


Lu Xinran was so shocked that she stepped straight back, I didn’t even give her a chance to react, tearing at her exquisitely groomed hair and saying frantically, “Lu Xinran, killing to pay for life, neither you nor Lin Wan can get away with it.”


“Ah …… crazy! Shen Shu you crazy, Shen Yan brother save me!” Lu Xinran was so frightened that she screamed in shock, and there was chaos for a while.


I was held by a force, tightly confined, and a low tearing voice came to my ears, “Shen Shu, it’s me, I’m Fu Shen Yan, I’m your husband!”


I lost my strength for a moment, my eyes were red and I struggled away from his arms with the only strength I had left.


Gu Han held me up and I tugged at his hand, my voice hoarse with pain, “Gu Han, take me away!”


I really can’t stay here for a minute, I’m afraid I won’t be able to control myself and will fight with Lu Xinran.


I was even more afraid that Fu Shen Yan was protecting her, and I was even more afraid that I would see them making any intimate gestures.


“Okay, let’s go home!!!” Gu Han opened his mouth and picked me up horizontally as he walked towards the outside of the supermarket.


Chapter 304

People coming and going kept looking towards us, Fu Shen Yan followed us out and blocked Gu Han’s path, his voice low and cold, eerie and frightening, “Put her down!”


Gu Han sneered and grimaced, “Do you think she’ll go with you?”


Fu Shen Yan gazed at me, slightly tightening his pupils, and said, “Shen Shu, come back with me!”


I tugged at Gu Han like the last straw, my eyes red and swollen, saying, “Take me away, take me away!”


Gu Han nodded his head, pursed his lips and looked at Fu Shen Yan, saying word for word, “Fu Shen Yan, you’ll drive her to death!”


Fu Shen Yan pursed his lips, his black eyes faintly running broken little by little, for a long time, he looked at me and slowly spat out a few words, “Good! You go!”


Without Fu Shen Yan’s pestering, I couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief as Gu Han carried me to the car and took me straight back to the Central Park neighborhood.


When we got home, he put me on the sofa in the living room, poured me water, took my medicine and squatted beside me, “Do you want more medicine?”


I nodded, reached for the medicine in his hand and stuffed it straight into my mouth, then smoothed out some emotions and leaned back on the sofa a little tired.


He sat beside me and accompanied me as I began an incredibly long silence. I felt lucky to have met a precious person to get through every accident.


The last time something happened to my grandmother, it was my grandfather who got through it with me, and this time it was Gu Han. I didn’t know how long I would last, but I always felt that maybe tomorrow, or one day I wouldn’t be able to.


I’m not sure if I’m just too weak in my heart or if I’m just meant to be.


I fell asleep in a daze, I don’t know how long I slept, but when I woke up it was already night.


There was a noise in the living room and I got up to see that Gu Han was stir-frying with his apron on, looking like a chef.


When he heard the noise, he turned around, saw me awake and smiled, “Go wash your face and come out for dinner later!”


I leaned against the door frame, watching his skilled movements, and said, “Did you go to college at the New Oriental?”


He smiled down, his eyebrows tinged with light, “Yes, I think you’re complimenting me on that!”


I nodded, not mincing words at all, “That looks like a lot!”


He turned off the fire, looked back at me and said again, “Go wash up!”


I nodded and dutifully went into the bedroom to wash up, and when I came out he had it all laid out, three dishes and a soup that smelled delicious.


Making his way to the table, he brought me a bowl of rice and said, “Eat more, we’ll go for a walk downstairs later!”


I nodded, it tasted delicious, but I still only took a few bites before I lost my appetite.


Seeing this, he didn’t force me to eat, he just said, “There’s fruit in the fridge, go and see what you want to eat, and snacks!”


I couldn’t help but smile lightly, “Didn’t you used to be good at taking care of girls?” It was so meticulous to the point that I felt admired as a woman.


He nodded, his voice faint, “That’s how I used to take care of Xiao Bai!”


I ……


Unable to chat any further, I looked in the fridge, he had bought quite a lot of fruit, I think he had gone and bought it himself when I had just fallen asleep.


Finding a box of strawberries, I took them into the kitchen to wash them and he spoke, “They’re already washed, you can eat them straight away!”


I …… well, quite meticulous.


Sitting on the sofa, he cleaned up the dishes, and seeing that I was a bit lazy, he couldn’t help but say, “Go change your clothes and go for a walk downstairs later!”