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Never Say Never Chapter 31-32

Chapter 31

As I walked down the stone pebble path, I saw a man of about thirty-five years old with a child breaking green branches in the yard.


When he saw me walk in, he saw me too and put down his hands and greeted me, “Hello!”


I smiled back, “Hello!”


The child he had with him looked like he had just learned to walk, and when he saw me, he let go of him and ran towards me in a crooked way.


Since he couldn’t speak, he opened his eyes wide and handed me the little yellow flower he was holding.


I was overjoyed for a moment and couldn’t resist the urge to pick him up, not wanting to be stopped by the man, “You’re pregnant, he’s naughty and worried about his body!”


I froze and looked at the man in surprise, “How did you …… see that I was pregnant.


This, I did not ask out.


He then said, “You don’t need to be surprised, I know a little bit about medicine, and looking at your face and the way you unconsciously protected your belly when you were walking just now, I think you should be pregnant.”


I nodded my head, and couldn’t help but admire the man a little.


“This courtyard has a special view.” I spoke, saying, “It’s a bit like a vegetable garden!”


The man lost his smile and corrected, “To be precise, this is a medicine garden, there are more than 2,000 kinds of herbs, some of which are on the verge of extinction, all cultivated here.”


I froze and looked closer, and indeed it was, there wasn’t much room for vegetables, but there was certainly a lot of unidentified vegetation, and a cactus that had grown old.


“This was originally called the Medicine Garden, River City has the most comfortable climate in the country and the best vegetation to cultivate, so it became a concentration of medicinal herbs in the country, not many, but all the varieties are preserved.” The man tidied up the green branches he had broken from the book and finished with me before preparing to pull the boy away.


I nodded and watched as he pulled the child away, not having looked at the place carefully.


I hadn’t taken a few steps when the man suddenly stopped and looked at me and said, “Mrs. Fu, don’t stay here for too long, some of the medicine is not good for the baby!”


I froze and looked back at him pulling the baby away, he knew me?


It wasn’t long before Fu Shen Yan came out and saw me squatting by the creek watching the ants, he stood by me coldly and said, “Let’s go!”


I was so absorbed in watching that I almost slipped when he suddenly made a noise, but he was quick to lift me up.


His eyebrows knitted, “No brains?”


I smiled at him and said awkwardly, “I was lost in thought!”


Without saying more, he turned around and walked away.


I always felt that Fu Shenyan had treated me a little differently in the past two days, as if he wasn’t so cold anymore?


Following behind him, I plucked up the courage to say, “Wasn’t this herb garden originally a place to eat?”


“Mmm!” He spoke, not meaning for me to say more.


He walked so fast that he was back in the courtyard in no time, and the meal was already served, and there was an extra family of three at the table where there had only been four of us.


The man and the child were the two I had just met in the courtyard, and the woman was the man’s wife.


When he saw me, the man smiled and looked at his wife and said, “Go to the kitchen and bring Mrs. Fu the squid and red dates soup, it’s good for the baby!”


I was stunned and smiled as I said thank you, but Qiao Zhanyan looked uncomfortable and muttered in a low voice, “What’s the use of good soup when the baby is gone?”


Fu Shen Yan gave me a look that made me a little panicky, and for a moment I was worried about what Fu Shen Yan had heard from this man, so I looked to Fu Shen Yan and said, “You haven’t introduced this gentleman to me yet!”


I said this in a soft and gentle way, looking like a qualified and virtuous wife.


Chapter 32

Fu Shen Yan’s dark eyes froze slightly, his dark eyes fell on me for a moment and began a brief introduction.


This man is the owner of this courtyard, called Liu Yiheng, the son of a medical family, because he is extremely pa*sionate about ingredients and herbs, so he cultivates the country these herbs in this courtyard.


The elegant and beautiful woman just now was his wife, and the one-year-old doll was his son.


After a brief greeting, I was a little apprehensive. I had only managed to fool Fu Shenyan about my pregnancy, so what if I was inadvertently told by Liu Yiheng here?


I was a little worried and looked at Cheng Junyu, hoping he would think of something.


At this moment, Mrs. Liu came in with the stewed cuttlefish soup, looking at it and smiling, “Mrs. Fu, try it, when I was pregnant with Duoduo, I loved this soup, the taste is strange, but my husband added some herbs to nourish the blood, it is special for the body, how many weeks is the baby?”


I was in a cold sweat for a moment and looked at her and laughed, “Originally six weeks, neither Shen Yan nor I had any plans, so we aborted the baby.”


Hearing me say it, she froze, looking at me in surprise and with some uncertainty, “It’s not like you ……”


“Mrs. Liu, she is a false pregnancy after a small birth, after a while it will be fine, must not admire you two couples, the Chinese medicine is born into the world, watch the five colours to know the cause.” Cheng Jun Yu, who was originally drinking tea, finally opened his mouth.


For a moment, Liu Yiheng slightly narrowed his dark eyes, and for a moment he smiled and said no more. On the contrary, Mrs. Liu, who seemed to think that I did not look too much like a fake pregnancy, smiled for a moment and chatted with me for a while longer.


It was hard to get through until we finished eating, Liu Yiheng whispered something in his wife’s ear, then his wife looked at me, froze, nodded her head and went out.


Liu Yiheng looked at Fu Shenyan and said, “It’s rare for you to come over, I’ve prepared some body toning medicine for Mrs. Fu, take it back and take care of it, it’s not difficult to have a baby!”


Fu Shen Yan nodded his head, his dark eyes looked at me with little emotion, and I couldn’t figure out what he meant for a while.


I couldn’t figure out what he meant for a while. I always felt that he seemed to have brought me over here on purpose to show Liu Yiheng, but as for the purpose, I couldn’t figure it out for a while.


I couldn’t get it right in my heart, so I didn’t say a word until I left.


The first time I got into the car, it was already evening, Qiao Zhuan Yan how to look at me is not good, urging Fu Shen Yan to hurry to send me back, he looked at me distracted.


I didn’t bother with him, knowing that they might still have things to do, I simply got out of the car and said I would take a taxi back and let them get busy.


Fu Shenyan didn’t say much, just told me to be careful on the way, and then a few people left.


I wanted to ask Cheng Junyu about it, but he was with Fu Shenyan, so I couldn’t ask him, so I went straight to the Time Bar.


It was already dark and there were quite a few people in the bar one after another.


When she saw me, Muzi looked like a ghost and said, “What are you doing here if you’re not at home?”


“To relieve my boredom!” Throwing her two words, I found a seat and sat down.


She held her forehead and was about to explode, “Miss Shen, you’ve only had a miscarriage for a few days, please be kind to yourself, wouldn’t it be better if you recuperated properly at home?”


Knowing she was worried, I looked to her and said, “Give me a gla*s of orange juice and come and talk!”


“I’m not relieving boredom!” With that she went straight to the bar.


I pinned my chin and looked at the people coming and going in the bar, but in my mind I was thinking about the purpose of Fu Shen Yan taking me to the herb garden today.