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Never Say Never Chapter 315-316

Chapter 315

Gu Han nodded and raised his eyebrows, “Rash?” He hooked his lips, the bones of the untamed and unrestrained character manifested incomparable, “you are used to the eye of the beholder, have decided that their own recommended talent can take on the big job, this I do not have no problem, extraordinarily if you decide that you have a better person than Shen Shu to take the position of project director, you can always recommend, as for the final result is ai in the domestic market in the last year. ”


Someone else picked up, “So, ai this project is not discussed for the time being to cancel or not?”


Gu Han nodded, “Yes, one year, you all can recommend talents if you decide Shen Shu is not up to the task, but my criteria is to make achievements in this piece of ai within this year, otherwise, no nonsense.”


“Yes!” Fu Qingyin opened her mouth, completely devoid of the soft temperament in the Gu family, all clothes strong woman’s aura, “ai this project we have after all invested hundreds of millions of dollars into it, it has always taken time and effort for so long, if after a year Miss Shen does have the ability to reverse the results, that is also a great joy, if not, then we will discuss the cancellation of ai this project also It’s not too late.”


A moment later, someone said, “Since Mr. Fu has said so, then we will simply try together, if the final result is good, we are all happy, if not, but also a waste of most of Gu’s a*sets, which we need Miss Shen through a low.”


I got up and spoke, “If I don’t manage to make progress with the ai in a year’s time, then I’ll bear the loss of the research Gu’s invested in the ai during that year!”


“Heh!” Someone sneered, “What kind of young lady is Miss Shen from, coming to Gu’s to experience life? This Gu’s investment in ai, a year’s a*sets are hundreds of millions, you say a word to bear all by yourself, it is easy, words easy, when you leave, Gu’s loss is still Gu’s bear.”


I smiled lightly, not angry, and said, “I use Jiangcheng Huayu as collateral, if you don’t believe me, you can sign a contract, after a year if Gu’s ai technology still has no progress, then Huayu will be subsumed under Gu’s banner in the form of being acquired, how about that?”


Although Huayu was not considered big, but all the new product research and development it was responsible for never let anyone down, and most of Fu’s economic pillars came from Huayu.


When Grandpa spoke about Huayu being under my name, the reason was to keep Fu Shenyan and I involved for life, and even if I wanted to leave completely, I would have to release Huayu from the legal entity’s a*sumption of rights, which was an extremely troublesome process.


The people in the room began to whisper, but Fu Qingyin looked at me and said, “Miss Shen, as far as I know, although you are the wife of Fu’s president, you do not have the right to control Huayu, so you are talking too much.”


I smiled lightly, “Mr. Fu doesn’t know that Huayu is owned by the Fu family, but when Grandpa Fu left two years ago, he had already arranged for his lawyer to give me the right to control Huayu, to be precise, I am now the legal entity of Huayu, Huayu only belongs to the Fu family, but the right to control is not in the Fu family.”


Her face was so gloomy that she stopped speaking.


When the crowd heard this, there were no more faults to nitpick; if Huayu came under Gu’s banner, it could be said to have added technology to Gu’s while pushing it to another level.


Chapter 316

No one would refuse such an advantage.


Coming out of the meeting room, Fu Qingyin blocked my path and looked at me and said, “Xiaoshu, let’s talk!”


It should be about Huayu, I nodded and glanced at Gu Han and said, “Let’s have dinner later!”


He nodded, “I’ll wait for you!”


Fu Qingyin watched the interaction between the two of us and frowned a little unhappily, when Gu Han left she looked at me and said, “Let’s go to my office and talk?”


I nodded, yes!


Fu Qingyin’s office was warmly decorated with flowers, when we entered the office, she gestured for me to sit first, and then poured me a cup of coffee.


Sitting on the office chair, he didn’t speak directly about Huayu, but looked at me instead and poured, “How are you and Shen Yan doing lately?”


As an elder, this question from her seemed inappropriate, so I spoke lightly, “We don’t see each other, we don’t bother each other!”


She nodded, not saying anything too unpleasant, and after a pause said, “What are your plans now?”


“Don’t know yet!” My answer has been a bit lukewarm, she seems to be a bit dissatisfied, but also not good to say more, just speak, “you and Shen Yan is a couple, no matter the other side did wrong is so, you should do each other, are to solve the problem, the couple two people live a good life, not each other gambling blame, forcing each other to leave!”


She was a little bitter, “Shen Shu, I know, you have suffered, suffered a lot, but you have to say these things, ah? We are a family, we are relatives not enemies, you should not bear the burden alone, you resent Shen Yan blame him or not, but after all you are still a couple, back under one roof, even if you quarrel, you have to solve the problem, can not face it in an evasive way.”


I lowered my eyes, a little annoyed, she was right, but nowadays, I just can’t bear to live under one roof with Fu Shenyan.


Seeing that she still wanted to talk, I opened my mouth and said, “Auntie, this is the company, not home, let’s talk about family matters when we get home and close the door, you called me over, I think you want to talk to me about company matters, right?”


As the eldest, there was nothing wrong with what she said, I understood, I understood, I even felt she was right, but in this world, the easiest thing to say is how to do it is the hardest thing.


Seeing that I was a little impatient, she stopped the conversation, sighed slightly and said, “Well then, talk about the company, you used Huayu as a bet, have you thought about what it would mean in a year’s time if you couldn’t change anything?”


I raised my eyebrows, “Is Auntie looking out for the Fu family now, or the Gu family? If it’s for the Fu family, Auntie don’t worry, since I dare to take out Huayu as a bet, I’ve naturally made good plans, besides, Grandpa had already transferred Huayu to me when he left, the processor and the decision is all mine, this matter is frankly my own business.”


This comment made her a little unhappy, she sank her voice and said, “Father gave Huayu to you because he trusts you, he hopes that you can make it better and better, he hopes that you and Shen Yan will keep going, it’s not for you to gamble with Huayu so impulsively.”


Looking at her face has lost the joy, I got up, looked at her and said, “You have said, grandfather is trust me, since grandfather trust me, I made the decision and others, then is grandfather are not able to sway, after all, suspicious people do not use!”