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Never Say Never Chapter 325-326

Chapter 325

I was unwilling, unwilling to die like this, unwilling to die for no reason.


Seeing my eyes red, he sighed and put my hand under the quilt and spoke, “Don’t be a fool again, there’s still a long road ahead, you can still take your time.”


I nodded and stared at the ceiling as I began a long daze, how could I not have the courage to crash into Fu Shen Yan?


Sleeping again, it was late at night when I woke up.


The people who were supposed to meet on the road to the Yellow Springs were now facing each other in the hospital room on all fours.


Fu Shen Yan was still in his usual black tailored suit, probably because of the high temperature of the air conditioning in the ward, he had taken off his jacket and his white shirt was ironed flat and meticulous, so much like him.


“Awake!” He stepped forward, his eyes falling on me, reflecting a hidden and unknown light.


I closed my eyes, not really wanting to see him.


He continued to speak, “Is there anything uncomfortable?”


I didn’t say anything, didn’t have the ** to speak.


“Would you like some water?”


The back of my hand ached vaguely and I frowned, I’d had so many infusions over the past two months that the bruises on the back of my hand had been left for ages.


It never went away, and it was still annoying in real life.


My body was steadily lifted up and I frowned as I opened my eyes to see Fu Shen Yan’s magnified, handsome face.


A cup of warm water was placed in front of me, and I looked at it steadily, not reacting for a long time, and only after a long time did I lift my infusion hand to get it.


The cup was in my hand, and to be honest, it was a bit of a struggle. There was blood flowing back from the IV tube on the back of my hand, and Fu Shen Yan was looking at me with pain in his dark eyes.


I narrowed my eyes and the cup in my hand dropped unsurprisingly, “Pop!” The gla*s fell to the ground with a loud bang, shattering the gla*s.


The temperature in the air was chillingly low and I smiled lightly, “Sorry, didn’t mean to.”


Although I apologised, I looked at him with a cold gaze, not feeling guilty in the slightest.


He furrowed his eyebrows, his voice hard and stiff, “That’s okay!” He knelt down to pick up the pieces on the floor.


Perhaps the silence in the air was too much and he opened his mouth, “Do you want another drink? I’ll get another one!”


I looked down at his slightly trembling hands, and the chill in my heart grew stronger and stronger.


“He was suffocated alive, did you see that?” I knew that with Shen Yu’s character, he would definitely let Fu Shen Yan see that video.


From the moment he appeared just now, I saw the hidden and suppressed pain at the bottom of his eyes.


Yes, he cried, and as for how, it’s none of my business, all I need to know is that he was in pain and suffering.


Fu Shenyan’s hand picked up the pieces, his body stiffened, and slowly raised his eyes to look at me.


The four eyes met, I sneered and spoke, “Mr. Fu think, this way to die by the sword is painful, or slowly little by little to be suffocated death is fast?”


He didn’t say anything, but the pain in his dark eyes was clear as day.


Seeing that he didn’t say anything, I felt bored and raised my hand to remove the needle from the back of my hand.


The force was too strong and the blood spilled out, landing on the white cup in a particularly harsh way.


I lifted my foot to the ground and stepped on it barefoot. I knew the ground was full of gla*s shards, but I had no intention of avoiding them.


When the heart of my foot landed on the back of Fu Shen Yan’s hand, blood spilled out of his palm and slowly spread out, did it hurt?


I don’t know, I only know that when I held the gla*s shard in my death grip over and over again in a desperate attempt to cut the rope that bound my child’s fate, the gla*s shard pierced my palm over and over again, the blood stained the rope, even so, I still couldn’t save my child.


Chapter 326

I slowly lowered my head and my eyes fell on Fu Shen Yan’s face, which was white from the sudden pain, I smiled lightly as if nothing had happened, “Sorry, I didn’t see it just now.”


“No problem!” His voice was so light, so light that I couldn’t even hear any emotion.


Missing him, I poured myself a gla*s of water and sat down on a chair to drink it slowly.


Fu Shenyan was half-crouched, pulling out the shard of gla*s that had pierced his palm, his face impa*sive.


The blood dripped from his palm and splashed on the floor in a stinging liquid.


Did it hurt?


I couldn’t feel it, I just felt incredibly annoyed.


When Lu Xinran came, he looked at Fu Shen Yan’s bloody palm and hated to tear me apart, “Shen Shu, what the hell have you done?”


I couldn’t help but look out the window, looking at the time, it should be very late now, she was really more infatuated with Fu Shen Yan than I thought.


I raised my eyebrows to look at her, but in pa*sing, I also saw Cheng Junyu and Qiao Zhuan Yan who followed her in.


I smiled lightly, “Thank you all for coming to see me at this hour, thank you for your hard work!”


Lu Xinran glared at me and crouched down to look at Fu Shen Yan, but at that moment, I don’t know what happened, but the TV, which had been turned off in the ward, suddenly turned on.


The video inside was just as I thought it would be, allowing Lu Xinran to watch it thoroughly.


Watching it back again, I was already numb, watching each and every one of their expressions.


There was fear, heartache, consternation, and surprise.


Shen Yu was really a little genius, actually thinking of using this way to let so many people see it together.


After a long time, the video finished playing, Lu Xinran looked at me, and then at Fu Shen Yan’s hand.


I love to see her expression like this. Putting down the gla*s of water in my hand, I slowly walked towards her and half squatted in front of her, smiling lightly, “Miss Lu, did you enjoy watching the video just now? Want to know what it’s like to have a child that’s been suffocated alive and finally removed from your belly?”


She was horrified, her face white with fear, “Shen Shu, you’re crazy!”


I laughed lightly, admiring her panicked expression, my palm covering her already bulging belly, lowering my voice and laughing more and more eerily, “Do you want to feel the pain I felt then? Hmm? Your mother would have enjoyed that too, why else would she have used him on me? Wouldn’t you say so?”


“Shen Shu, you’re spouting blood!” Lu Xinran was so shocked that she fell to the ground, backing up little by little.


Qiao Zhongyan regained his composure from the shock he had just experienced and helped the terrified Lu Xinran up, “Shen Shu, on what basis do you conclude that it was auntie’s mother who did this?”


I raised my eyebrows, “Everyone, do you need to see the evidence?” Here, I paused, bored, “That wouldn’t be fun with the drama, how about this, another day I’ll show you guys what a suffocated child looks like first.”


Staring at Lu Xinran’s stomach, I laughed more and more wantonly, “It’s also just as well to let you see in advance what your own child will look like after being suffocated, how about that?”


“Take me away, take me away, she’s crazy!” Lu Xinran was so frightened that she was incoherent, pulling Qiao Zhuan Yan to her death and asking him to take her away.


Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at me with a complicated look on his face, unable to tell what he was feeling.


As soon as Lu Xinran left, I couldn’t help but feel bored, faintly glancing at the emotionally run-down man on the floor, and then at Cheng Junyu standing at the door.


Looking at the heartache in his eyes, I jerked my heart to pain and became even more annoyed.


I called Gu Han, and when the call was answered, I said directly, “Don’t you want me anymore? Don’t leave me in the hospital, I’m scared!”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, his dark eyes were deep, endless darkness that I couldn’t see my head.


He was in pain, I knew that, but so what?