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Never Say Never Chapter 333-334

Chapter 333

She smiled lightly, “There’s a lounge area outside the hotel, let’s go!”


Following her to the back of the hotel, an open-air lounge area, she found a seat and sat down gracefully, gesturing for me to sit and chat.


I sat opposite him and asked the waiter who had come to greet me for a gla*s of plain water, while she asked for a cup of coffee, specifically explaining that no sugar would be added.


I lowered my eyes and stared at her as she opened her mouth.


She was in no hurry and waited until the coffee was served, taking a shallow sip before saying, “Miss Shen never seems to touch coffee?”


I nodded, “It tastes bitter and I’m not used to it.”


She smiled lightly and took another sip, perhaps the taste was too bitter and she frowned slightly, “It’s a blessing not to like bitterness.” Her eyes fell on me and she smiled slightly away, “To be honest, you really look too much like me when I was young, if I hadn’t checked the DNA myself, I would have thought you were my daughter.”


I laughed lightly, a little coldly, “It takes several lifetimes of good fortune to be Mr. Lin’s daughter, I’m not worthy of it because I’m not lucky enough to be Shen Shu!”


The smile on her face faded and she narrowed her eyes, then let out a long breath, “Thirty years ago, I had just turned twenty, and coming from an ordinary background, I knew from a young age that if I wanted to live the life I wanted in the future, I had to work hard enough and be able to suffer enough. At twenty-three, I had just graduated from university when I met Zhi Zhi, a man who was admired and admired by all, and it was probably the luckiest thing in my life to be recognized by him in a sea of people. He was noble, elegant, a gentleman, the dream man of almost all women, and I was lucky that he and I admired and loved each other.”


I just watched her quietly, not interrupting, as she asked the waiter to refill her gla*s and continued, “At twenty-four, he and I have envisioned countless future days, and I’ve even imagined the life I’ll have when I marry him. Only the kind of child who has long been infested with the nobility of a famous family, who has an innate sense of superiority and a grace that shines through his bones, will shine in the crowd.”


She looked at me with some contempt, “A nobility that comes through in the bones that few people possess because it is carried in the blood.”


I couldn’t help but frown, but it was a tight frown, listening to her quietly.


She leaned back slightly, “Because of the difference in my family background, I was disliked and picked on by the Mo family, as arrogant as I was, I left Zhi Zhi in a fit of anger, wanting to make my own way in the world, the year I left the capital I secretly vowed that sooner or later I, Lin Wan, would stand where the Mo family looked up to me.”


The year I left the capital I secretly vowed that sooner or later I would be in a position where the Mo family would look up to me.” Speaking of this, she couldn’t help but smile to herself, “Fate was funny, I didn’t expect to find out I was pregnant after I left the capital and left in anger. I wanted to find a man to compromise my life with, but those who have seen eagles will not submit to poultry feathers, and after giving birth I went abroad alone.”


Seeing the vicissitudes on her face, I couldn’t help but to slightly narrow my eyebrows. In a woman’s life, being overly ambitious is not known to be good or bad.


Chapter 334

After a few moments she continued, “Do you know how hard it is for a woman in her twenties to live abroad? I couldn’t sleep at night, I missed my child day after day, I missed her day after day, but I couldn’t go back, I thought as soon as I had saved enough money and had a stable life I would go and fetch her, but that was ten years, when I went back to Huai’an to look for her, she had been lost by that wretched man, that was the child I had traded half my life for!”


Seeing the mist in her eyes, I lowered my eyes, my heart slightly aching, my child could not be replaced even with half my life, looking at her I could not help but sneer, “So? Is this an excuse to hurt people as you please?”


She shook her head, steadied herself and said, “Sixteen years, I’ve been looking for Xinran for sixteen years, I’ve been looking for her day and night, I’ve been worried about her day and night, in order to find her, even though I married someone else, I didn’t want to have a child with someone else, I willingly became a stepmother, for so many years, I only wanted to atone for my sins, now I finally found her and stayed with her, as a mother, you can call me selfish and cruel. As a mother, you can call me selfish and cruel, I admit it, as long as Xinran wants, I will do whatever it takes to get it for her, I’ve lived the rest of my life for her.”


I sneered, “You love your daughter like your life depended on it, is it any wonder that others don’t love their own children?”


“I couldn’t care less?” She looked at me and her voice rose a few notches, “Shen Shu, you could have had a choice, if you had chosen not to have that child from the beginning and left Fu Shen Yan, it wouldn’t have happened so much in the end, I gave you a choice, didn’t I?”


I really wanted to laugh in particular, but couldn’t. In this world, there really were people who could be so brazen as to make their selfishness and ruthlessness sound so refreshing.


“Mr. Lin, you are worthy of being someone who has experienced great storms, you can speak of your ten vicious crimes in such a righteous manner, you have the blood of my children on your hands, aren’t you afraid that your own grandson will suffer retribution?” I’m not a good person, and it’s not easy for me to listen to a few sad stories and feel sorry for others.


I couldn’t do the kind of righteousness that would make me laugh off my grudge.


She sunken her face, her face was not good, “Shen Shu, don’t think you can do anything to me just because you climbed up to Shen Changlin, to put it bluntly you are just a small worm in the dust, if I have the intention to kill you, what can you do to me?”




What an arrogant thing to say!


“This life of mine is not worth much in the first place, Mr. Lin wants to take it away, as long as you are capable, you can do as you please. It’s true that I climbed up to Uncle Shen is nothing, but just with your death of Fu Shen Yan’s child, my friendship with the Gu family, now add a Shen Chang Lin, oh yes I forgot to tell you, I also have a brother Shen Yu that you know, these people add up, do you think it’s possible to play a Mo family to death?”


“You ……” Lin Wan braked her face white.


“Little girl speaks so boldly, where did you get the confidence to think you have this ability to talk so many people into it?”


The fact is that I’m not sure when Mo Zhi Zhan came out, he walked over to Lin Wan and sat down, looked at me with raised eyebrows and said, “It’s Xiao Wan’s fault for not thinking carefully about the child, but Miss Shen, do you really think you have the ability to shake the Mo family with your own strength?”


The matter has already been opened up, naturally there is no need to hide it, “I always have to try, around I am just a rotten life, in the end the worst thing is to go to the yellow spring road to find my child.”