Never Say Never Chapter 343-344

Chapter 343

A little confused for a moment, I looked up at him and saw him stub out the butt of his cigarette in the ashtray before I reacted and pursed my lips, “No!”


I couldn’t think of anything else but coldness in the room before I brought up the issue.


I hadn’t thought about treating this disease since I was pregnant with my child, and with all the diseases I had, I wasn’t missing this one.


Looking up at him, I said indifferently, “If you can’t feel anything, you can look outside later.”


Fu Shen Yan’s eyebrows wrinkled up and he lowered his body with no expression, his eyes eating me up, “Looking for an outside one? Shen Shu, you really don’t have a bottom line, I let you heal because I’m afraid you’re in pain, you’re either in trouble with your heart or your body like this.”


I frowned, not liking the cramped atmosphere, and said indifferently, “The first day you knew I was sick? So many diseases, how do you want to cure them?”


When I finished, without waiting for his reaction, I shrank straight away, withdrew from his embrace and got up to go to the bathroom.


When he came out, he was sitting on the bed, the quilt covering his lower body, still holding his phone in his hand, looking at me, “Jun Yu is downstairs, change your clothes and go down …… to see the doctor!”


I ……


tossed the bath towel aside and I said indifferently, “He can’t see my illness.”


He frowned, “He’s a doctor, how come he can’t see it?”


I narrowed my eyes and looked at him, “I told Dr. Cheng that I was cold and what do you think his reaction was? That you can’t? Or is it ……”


I stopped talking at that point, knowing that he knew better than I did what I meant.


Seeing his brow furrow, I reminded him kindly, “I’m only unresponsive with you too, so, Mr. Fu, please go see what’s wrong with you first when you have time.”


Seeing his face bristle, I headed straight out of the bedroom, challenging a man’s bottom line that I didn’t think I could easily deal with.


Sure enough, just as I stepped out of the bedroom, a furious voice came from inside, “Shen Shu ……” accompanied by the sound of something breaking.


Standing in the doorway, I deliberately closed the bedroom door so that he would not disturb the people.


The first thing I did was to see Cheng Junyu sitting in the hall. Sister Zhang had prepared a number of desserts for him, but he barely touched them, just drinking a few sips of dragon well.


I guess boys generally don’t like desserts much.


Hearing the movement, he looked back at me and raised his eyebrows, “Slim!”


This …… is quite good at complimenting people.


Sitting next to him, I spoke, “You’re quite good at complimenting people.” A girl likes to be complimented on how thin she is.


He took a sip of his tea and frowned, “Does that sound like a compliment?”


“Yes!” I spoke, “At least that’s what I thought.” No one likes a greasy, chubby person!


Seeing this, he stopped talking, as if he felt that the conversation was not going to continue.


Sister-in-law Zhang walked towards me and spoke, “Little Shu, I’ve cooked some food, eat some food first and then let Dr Cheng see you!”


“It’s okay, I’m not very hungry!” After saying that, I looked at Cheng Junyu, “You look like a patient?”


Cheng Junyu raised his eyebrows, “Like! Go and eat!”


I ……


Seeing that Sister-in-law Zhang was standing and not leaving, I couldn’t help but frown, “Sister-in-law Zhang, I am really not hungry, you ……”


“Not cold so you don’t wear clothes? Go eat.” Fu Shen Yan came down from upstairs, his face as black as a bao gong.


Chapter 344

I skimmed my lips, my eloquence has grown a lot, I even know the analogy.


I wanted to dislike him, but my phone rang, and when I looked at the caller ID, it was Shen Yu.


When I saw Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu both looking at me, I said, “I’m going to take a call.”


When Fu Shen Yan saw that the caller ID was Shen Yu, he narrowed his eyes slightly and said, “Answer it right here!”




After giving him a blank look, I picked up the phone, “What’s up Shen Yu?”


“The Huayao case seems to be something Fu Shenyin is interested in fighting over, we’ve been fighting secretly for a long time, I’m letting go of this case, the chances of it falling into his hands will be high, what you need to do now is to find a way to convince Fu Shenyin to give up the acquisition of Huayao.” His voice was not loud, but the hall was quiet at the moment and he was close, so both Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu could hear this.


After looking at the two, I said into the phone, “Okay, hang up first.”


“Don’t!” Shen Yu spoke sharply, “Third Uncle’s acceptance of you as his righteous daughter will probably become a hot topic in the capital recently, you and Gu Han had better keep some distance, besides the matter of Huayao, you have to go back to Jiangcheng as soon as possible to finish it, Third Uncle will come back from his inspection in the provinces, when you are in the family tree, you can use it to do what you want to do!”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me, the corners of his mouth rose and he smiled coldly.


I ignored his expression and said into the phone, “Okay, I know, I’ll hang up first then.”


The phone hung up and Fu Shen Yan looked at me, his face, which was already not very good, darkened even more at this time, “What do you want to do? Even Shen Changlin is counted in?”


“And you …… divorce!


I had to beg him to give up the acquisition of Huayao in a moment, and if I dislike him now, I will be in trouble when we talk about the matter.


I looked at Cheng Junyu and said, “Dr. Cheng, would you like to join us for dinner?”


Cheng Junyu glanced at Fu Shenyan and saw that he did not look very well, the corners of his mouth rose and he nodded, “Just in time, I’m hungry too.”


The kitchen is near with him, sister-in-law Zhang has fried a lot of dishes, very generous, Fu Shen Yan also came in not long after.


Both of them are very well educated noblemen, so they don’t say a word when they eat.


When I finished eating, Mrs. Zhang cleaned up the kitchen, I sat next to Cheng Jun Yu and took the initiative to give him my hand and said, “I am prone to insomnia, headaches and heart palpitations lately, take a look at what is wrong with me.”


The corners of Cheng Jun Yu’s mouth rose, glanced at Fu Shen Yan who had been silent, looked at me and raised his eyebrows, “Good!”


After checking my pulse, he said seriously, “There are too many roots of illnesses, gastritis is somewhat serious pay attention to your diet in the future, insomnia caused by a poor heart rate, the heart is also bad, lack of qi and blood should be caused by your lack of attention to regulating after giving birth, these illnesses need to be regulated by you.”


I nodded and withdrew my hand, seeing him looking down to prescribe the medicine, I raised my eyes to look at Fu Shen Yan and said with a light smile, “Aren’t you going to let Dr. Cheng take a look?”


Fu Shen Yan pursed his lips, “Fun?”


I raised my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders to end the conversation.


When Cheng Junyu left, he hesitated, looking like he had something to say to me, so I offered to see him off.


At the door of the villa, he opened his mouth, “Shen Shu, has Muzi contacted you lately?”


I froze and shook my head, “No!” Thinking about the baby, I couldn’t help but say, “Have you seen her most?”


He nodded, “If you see her, please let me know!”


I answered, wondering if he knew that Muzi had a child, I had been too busy with my affairs to care about her and wondered how she was doing.