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Never Say Never Chapter 355-356

Chapter 355

“Who knows ah, the lifestyle of the rich who can know, moreover, Fu Shenyan and that Miss Lu engagement, so far only the Mo family is talking, Fu Shenyan from beginning to end have no response and reaction, I reckon ah may be Mo family that woman like Fu, but Fu can not see.”




The first time I heard the story, I heard it, and I heard it.


When we got on the rip, it was finally completely quiet.


Fu Shen Yan started the car, glanced at me and spoke, “Put your seat belt on!”


The car started and I took out my phone to send a message to Gu Han asking what time the flight was tomorrow.


“Do the employees of your company bully you?” I froze for a moment when Fu Shen Yan suddenly came up with this sentence.


I shook my head, “No, what’s wrong?”


He pursed his lips, “This kind of gossip often?”


I hmmed, and Gu Han messaged me back, sending me the time and reminding me of what I had to bring.


I then put my phone down and when I saw him frowning at me, I couldn’t help but say, “I was parachuted into Gu’s as a project director by Gu Han, a position that is not high to say the least, but for me, someone who had only worked at Fu’s for a few years and was eventually removed from Fu’s, it’s normal for there to be gossip in the company.”


When I was here before, I could still always hear quite a few people in the company rumouring that I was Gu Han’s lover.


That said, I did come in on Gu Han’s connections, and all I had to do now was to do my job well and make my mark, otherwise this reputation of being a connected person was what I was set on.


Fu Shen Yan drove directly back to the villa, for these gossip, he did not speak, slightly sunken eyes.


The first thing I did was to mention Fu Qingyin, “Did your aunt talk to you about anything else?”


I shook my head, “Just about Lu Xinran, she probably didn’t want the Fu family’s descendants to be stranded.”


He sneered, “You believe that child is mine?”


I raised my eyebrows, “No?”


He paused and looked at me with some seriousness, “Do you believe me when I say it’s not?”


I nodded, “There’s nothing I can’t believe.”


He froze, but smiled and said with relief, “The child is not mine, I will not marry her, as for the engagement, I was not involved from the beginning to the end, I did not explain it publicly because I had regard for Lu Yan, so I gave Lu Xinran face.”


I smiled lightly, pursed my lips and looked towards the car window, not continuing to say anything more than necessary.


Seeing that I just smiled and didn’t say anything, he thought I didn’t believe him and continued, “Shen Shu, I never touched her from the beginning to the end.”


Seeing his face turn so serious, I nodded and spoke, “I know, you don’t have to keep explaining.”


The car pulled up under the villa and I was pulled by him, my face turning very serious, “You went into Gu’s to take over the ai project so that you could use the Gu family to suppress the Mo family?”


I nodded my head, not meaning to deny it, “What’s wrong?”


He pursed his lips, “Why would you rather go to Gu Han than come to me?”


I took a small breath and looked to him, “Is the baby mine alone?”


He froze and stopped speaking, just looking at me, “I’ll get Lin Wan to give an explanation about the baby, don’t take any chances.”


Knowing he would say that, I nodded, “Yeah, I know!”


Although I didn’t know what he would do, it had nothing to do with me, I didn’t intend to ask anyone else for the suffering I had suffered, no one else but myself, everyone else was just an aid.


Chapter 356

Because I was going to Jiangcheng tomorrow, I rested earlier, but as expected, I still lost sleep.


When Fu Shen Yan noticed that I couldn’t sleep, he took me in his arms and circled me and said, “Do you want to come back for another night?”


I ……


There is a big difference between one night and one time.


“Fu Shen Yan, I’m going to Jiangcheng tomorrow, no energy!” I said as I rolled over and turned my back to him, closing my eyes and preparing to sleep.


He hugged me from behind, and although he didn’t do anything, I ……


Half a second later, I frowned and spoke, “Fu Shen Yan, there is no way I can fall asleep like you.”


“We are a couple, why can’t we?” This, he said with a straight face.


I pursed my lips and moved towards the bed to be a little further away from him.


But he stuck to me as I did, like a dog’s poultice, and I was helpless, so I simply closed my eyes and prepared to sleep.


But the more I tried to sleep, the more I couldn’t. After staying up all night, I woke up at six the next day.


I got up and got out of bed. I hadn’t slept all night, so I was drifting, my head was buzzing on both sides, and it was very uncomfortable.


Fu Shen Yan also got up, probably also did not sleep well, “I will take you to the airport later.”


“No, it’s still early, you can sleep a little longer!” I answered and prepared to go into the bathroom to wash up.


He changed into his pyjamas and pinched his brow, “It’s fine, I can rest for lunch.”


I wrinkled my brow, the words of refusal came to my lips and swallowed them, went into the bathroom, washed up and came out, he was already changed.


The airport.


Fu Shenyin pulled up outside the airport building and looked at me, “When are you coming back?”


I was in a hurry to get out of the car and responded, “I’m coming over once things are settled.”


Seeing my eagerness to get out of the car, he held me down, his dark eyes narrowing slightly, “I’ll go with you?”


I wrinkled my nose, seeing as it wasn’t long before boarding time, I was a little impatient, “No, it’s not like I’m going and not coming back.”


He moved closer to me, the corners of his mouth lifting and his dark eyes narrowing, “I’m not afraid that if you go and meet someone else, you won’t come back.”


That didn’t sound good at all.


Seeing his pair of black eyes staring out the car window gla*s, I couldn’t help but freeze, Gu Han came early and was already waiting at the entrance of the hall.


I then said why Fu Shen Yan was suddenly gloomy, sighed and looked at him, “Fu Shen Yan, I am going to talk about something!”


He pursed his lips, but nodded and said, “I know, three days, if you don’t come back in three days, don’t travel alone in the future.”


This was said casually, but in a strong tone.


I nodded and got out of the car, and in my heart I couldn’t help but feel that Fu Shenyin was managing a bit too much.


Gu Han handed me the ticket and glanced in Fu Shen Yan’s direction, narrowing his eyes slightly as he said, “He seems to be worried about you running away with me.”


I shrugged my shoulders and didn’t say much, saying lightly, “It’s getting late, let’s board the plane!”


It was a four-hour flight from Beijing to Jiangcheng, arriving at Jiangcheng just in time for lunch at noon.


Gu Han had booked a restaurant in advance and dragged me along. I originally planned to go back to Shanshui Residence first, as the boss of Huayao had an appointment to talk in the afternoon, and I could still go back to the villa to rest for a while.


But I couldn’t resist Gu Han, so I went with him to the restaurant.


Fu Shenyan’s phone call was not usually timely. I had just gotten into the car to go to the restaurant when he called.


I picked up and nodded, a little tired, not quite ready to talk, and waited for him to speak.