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Never Say Never Chapter 361-362

Chapter 361

Gu Han’s face was not very good, sullen.


I unconsciously raised my hand to reach for the gla*s, my hand was held by her, her voice low and cold, “Too much to drink!”


All the people at the table looked at him and I. I drew my hand back and said indifferently, “It’s a bit too much.”


It was really uncomfortable to be watched like a monkey, not to mention Gu Han’s intention to make things difficult for me, so I had a hard time sitting still.


As usual, he gave me food and didn’t allow me to drink, but he was kind enough to ask me for a gla*s of milk.


He was being overly obvious, and everyone at the table seemed to know it at a glance, each knowing it by heart.


I was a little uncomfortable, something that if I explained it would rather appear to be here than not.


Long gone are the signs, there is a message from Fu Shen Yan on the phone screen, “What are you doing?”


I: “The contract is signed, I’m eating out!”


Fu Shenyin: “Drinking?”


Me: “Well, not much.”


It took a while for the other end to send me four words, “Give me your address?”


I pursed my lips, he was in the capital, he couldn’t fly to pick me up, so I typed in a few words, “Fu Man Lou, I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


I put the phone down and got up to go to the bathroom. I had just drunk three gla*ses of white wine and was a little dizzy.


I rinsed my face with cold water in the washroom and accidentally bumped into the wine delivery waiter on my way out.


“Sorry, sorry!” The waiter apologised repeatedly.


I was a little dizzy and shook my head and waved my hand, “It’s okay, just be careful.”


“Director Shen!” A shocked voice rang out and I couldn’t help but freeze, raising my eyes to look over.


It was Han Shuang who was wearing a wig and heavy make-up, she was wearing a super short skirt and looked like a nightclub girl.


I couldn’t help but frown, it seemed like quite a coincidence to see her twice a day, but …… I couldn’t help but speak up, “Why did you make it look like that?”


How did she get like this after being domestically abused in the morning and coming to buy alcohol at night?


She lowered her head and her voice was extremely small, “Mr. Fu gave a deadly order in Jiangcheng’s personnel circle, Jiangcheng so the real estate companies drinking technology companies will not hire me, I have no choice I must live, I can only come to buy wine.”


I was puzzled, “Why did Fu Shen Yan do that?” He was a nasty guy, but he wouldn’t target a person like that.


She raised her eyes to look at me and bowed her head slightly, “It’s because I was involved in ac and Huayu before, and you were removed from Fu’s name, mostly because I did what I shouldn’t have done in the middle, a lot of the information from ac, I signed it myself imitating your handwriting.”


I was aware of these things, I was really angry in my heart at the time, but for the sake of her being with me for two years, I only gave a verbal warning, and then she left Fu’s.


But there was no thought of that!


So, Fu Shen Yan was also aware of this matter?


After a pause, I looked at her and said, “This matter has already pa*sed, I will go back and talk to Fu Shen Yan, you are good at it, he was probably just angry for a moment, I will solve this matter clearly, you don’t work here, besides, since Lu Qi is not a good person, you’d better find a way to leave!”


Life is short, and meeting bad people is not what she would have wanted.


I was a bit dizzy and thought of going back early for a while, so I patted her shoulder and prepared to go.


I didn’t want her to suddenly pull me and fiercely kneel down, momentarily kneeling on the ground and crying in a small voice, “Superintendent, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been so wrong in the first place, I was wrong and I was punished.”


Chapter 362

I wrinkled my eyebrows and looked down to pull her, she didn’t get up and continued to cry, “Director, only you can help me now, Lu Qi is for the devil, in order to get a firm foothold in ac, he instigated me to do things I shouldn’t have done, later I learned after I was with him, he is violent and terrible, he beats me at every turn, scolds me, sometimes he even throws me out of the house in the middle of the night, I can’t stand it, I have no family and friends, only You’re the only one who can help me!”


I didn’t know what to do, so I said, “If you’re unhappy, you can divorce him, isn’t he in jail now? You can just get a new job and get on with your life, what do you want me to help you with?”


She kept shaking her head, tears and snot all over her eyes, “It’s no use, when he started to abuse me, I called the police and they detained him, but within a few days he was out and started to torture me more and more, I can’t help it, I want a divorce, but he won’t agree, it’s just going on, I really don’t know what to do, please help me! ”


“How can I help you?” I didn’t know what to say, it was her family business, what could I do to help? Besides, she was the only one who could help herself with this kind of thing.


She tilted her head, her eyes red and swollen, “Lu Qi relies on the president of ac, or the Lu family, if these people don’t help him, he will be detained by the police for more than three years, the couple will be separated for three years and he and I will automatically dissolve our marriage, I will be free, director, Mr. Fu loves you so much, as long as you ask, he will definitely help you.”


I wrinkled my brows, a little speechless, when did Fu Shen Yan love me?


Opening my mouth, I was just about to speak when I was interrupted.


“She can’t help you.” Gu Han didn’t know when he had already come out, his slender body walked towards me very Han Shuang, and said to Han Shuang, “She can’t protect herself now, she can’t help you, what happened today, she was too impulsive, she didn’t even think about the consequences, you should know better than her in your heart if she helped you, how would someone as extreme as your husband, who finally came out from prison, retaliate against her? ”


After saying that, Gu Han pulled me away, I froze and turned back to see Han Shuang still on her knees crying her heart out.


“Actually, she might really want my help!” Following behind Gu Han, I couldn’t help but speak up.


“Ah!” He stopped cold, and I didn’t pay attention and ran straight into his back, hitting my nose and making me tingle in pain.


“Shen Shu, do you know how ridiculous your rotten good intentions are?” He looked at me, his gaze sullen, his dark eyes tackled with anger.


I didn’t know why he was suddenly angry and rubbed my nose, “I’m not rotten with kindness, she’s been with me for two years and I ……”


“So what? She’s still with you now? Or is she your a*sistant? And doing things for you? Shen Shu, do you have any bottom line, whether male or female, you are so overwhelmed with sympathy? What do you want? Do you want to create an image of a saintly mother for yourself? Want people to worship you?”


He was emotional, his voice was low and intense, his alcoholic breath sprayed me, his eyes were red and he looked drunk.


“Gu Han, have you had too much to drink?” I spoke, reaching out to help him, and he shrugged it off.


He grabbed my shoulder, his gaze fixed on me with a deadly stare, and spoke, “Are you also quite sympathetic to me? Fu Qingyin came after me and dried my mother out of my life, and I had to watch her with an indifferent face as she talked and laughed with my father and put up with my father’s cold stares, do you feel quite sorry for me?”