Never Say Never Chapter 365-366

Chapter 365

I ignored him for a moment and went straight upstairs.


“Shen Shu you stop right there!” He suddenly spoke up, and I was stopped at the stairs by his yelling.


I looked back at him and said, “What?”


He laughed in anger, “I’m F**king you, you’re justified in doing something wrong yourself, where did you get the justification?”


I pursed my lips and stared at him, “You’re right you’re justified, no?”


Fu Shen Yan ……


He let out a breath and spoke directly to the purpose, “I won’t bother with you about today, stay away from Gu Han in the future.”


“I have to work!” I said and then bowed my head, “Besides, Gu Han he was just drunk tonight.”


His wrist was pulled and he held back his anger for a long time, “Shen Shu, what else do you want from me?”


When I saw that he was really angry, I looked up at him and said, “Okay, I’ll try to see him less in the future, I’ll take care of it myself, you and Lu Xinran are like that, Gu Han and I have nothing, you don’t have to take everything so seriously!”


The mention of Lu Xinran was a habit, although I knew he and Lu Xinran were nothing, but I couldn’t help but bring it up when we argued.


His face sank horribly, “What’s that like? What do you know to conclude that I had a relationship with Lu Xinran? Is this revenge or are you just having fun, Shen Shu, what do you take yourself for?”


The conversation couldn’t go on, it was bound to lead to a big fight.


Looking at his angry face, I thought for a moment and said, “Fu Shen Yan, I was wrong, I’ll try to keep my distance from him in the future and won’t overstep.”


He froze for a moment and narrowed his eyes at his mouth, “Shen Shu, is there something you haven’t told me?”


I ……




Why do I need to apologize? Why should I be okay with being soft, I’m really speechless, this guy is simply oily.


I took a breath, and I tried to put on a nice smile, “Fu Shen Yan, I’ve said everything I need to say, next, believe it or not!”


I’m going to be P*ssed off if I say any more F**king words.


Ignoring him, I went straight upstairs.


My wrist was tugged by him.


I was furious, “Fu Shen Yan, are you done?”


“Don’t be angry, I’ll go up later, make me something to eat first, I’m hungry.” He spoke, looking much better.


I didn’t feel good, “You don’t have any hands of your own?” I guess he hadn’t been in Jiangcheng long and his nanny wasn’t staying at the villa at night.


He pursed his lips, “It hurts!” He said as he held his hand out in front of me and looked at me, “It’s from the fight just now.”


I lol!


If I hadn’t seen how he had just hit Gu Han, I would have thought he would have been really hurt.


It was just a small red patch, probably still left by accident when he punched someone himself.


“Fu Shen Yan, are your cheeks made of walls?” There was no bottom line to this F**king talk.


He raised his eyebrows, “You can touch it to see if it’s made of city walls.” He even put his face out and looked at me, “I’m really hungry, I haven’t eaten anything all night.”


I froze.


Was this one pampering herself at ……?


Was it?


I wasn’t quite sure.


After a pause, I went to the kitchen anyway, where the nanny had prepared quite a few fresh dishes.


I usually basically can’t cook and will just simply cook a noodle, so I found a tomato and a few green onions and washed and heated up the water.


Fu Shen Yan was leaning against the door frame with his hands like a grandfather, and when he saw that I had just washed a tomato and green onions, he couldn’t help but stare, “You’re going to cook noodles?”


“Mmm!” I don’t know how to cook anything other than noodles.


Chapter 366

He frowned and pursed his lips, “Shen Shu, is this how you perfume your husband?”


I looked back at him, “You can choose not to eat, or order takeaway.” After saying that, I turned off the fire.


He froze and blocked as I rubbed my nose, “It’s not like I can’t eat it, there’s something delicious about the noodles when they’re cooked.”


I lol!


Sure enough, it was boring.


I was already a little tired, after I finished making it for Fu Shen Yan to eat I left it alone, went straight back to the bedroom, washed up and went to bed.


I was a bit annoyed when I opened my eyes and saw that Fu Shen Yan had already put the phone through.


Seeing that I was awake, he raised his hand to smooth my hair behind my head and said, “Did I wake you up?”


I nodded, “Who’s calling?” Looking at the time, it was only three o’clock, something was wrong with him calling at this hour.


He sunk his eyes and said lightly, “Xinran might be in labour.”


I froze, the due date hadn’t even arrived yet, how could the baby be born before it was full term?


He was still holding the phone, not sure what was being said on the other end, his brow was furrowed deep, it didn’t look good.


“Mr Lin, I’m not in the capital, I’m sorry!” Fu Shen Yan spoke, his voice lowered to a whisper.


When Fu Shen Yan saw that I kept looking at him, he simply turned on the speakerphone.


I’m begging you, come here, as long as Ran Ran gives birth to her baby safely, I’ll grant you anything you want!”


The sound of this voice was very urgent.


Fu Shen Yan frowned, a little displeased, I raised my hand to take his phone and said into the phone, “Mr. Lin, sorry, my husband can’t leave right now.”


“Shen Shu!” Lin Wan exclaimed, emotional, “It was you who scared Ran Ran by showing her those pictures of dead babies, causing her to fall downstairs at midnight, Shen Shu, you are so vicious!”


I laughed a little, “Where did Mr. Lin get the confidence to think that I, a small person, could have any way to make your daughter look at those things that make you feel weak? Don’t hold every Sh*t towards my head, you’d better think about how many things you’ve done to hurt God and make it so hard for your daughter to have a child.”


“You ……” Lin Wan was so angry that she couldn’t catch her breath and said in a fury, “What do you have to complain about, come at me, aren’t you afraid of retribution for laying your hands on a pregnant woman?”


I said, “I’m afraid, but now it seems that you should be the one who makes the retribution, after all, it seems that I haven’t done anything so far, and your retribution has come.”


After saying that, I hung up the phone, looked sideways at Fu Shen Yan and raised my eyebrows, “Are you going?”


He hooked his lips, “Do you think I’ll go?”


I shook my head, “No!” After a pause I added, “If you dare to go, I will kill you.”


He sneered, “You want to try?”


I looked at him with my chin in the air and didn’t say anything.


He narrowed his eyes and spoke, “Are you involved in this?”


I froze and realized he was talking about Lu Xinran’s early delivery, so I frowned, “Why?”


“Not you?”


I nodded, “I’m here in Jiangcheng, how can I lay a hand on her, if I wanted to get her I would have watched her suffer personally.”


The bedside lamp in the bedroom was a little dim, Fu Shen Yan looked at me, took a slight breath, wrapped me in his arms, and suddenly and inexplicably said, “I’m sorry!