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Never Say Never Chapter 373-374

Chapter 373

She looked at me, her gaze was incomparably sincere, I froze for a moment, “What was Cheng Junyu’s reason for doing this?”


“I said there was a past between Fu Shen Yan and Cheng Jun Yu, you can ask Fu Shen Yan.”


Hearing this, I frowned, “Then why would the Mo family make a move against the Fu family, Lu Xinran is fond of Fu Shen Yan, the Mo family couple dotes on their daughter so much that they can’t possibly make a move against their own daughter’s heart.”


She suddenly sneered out, “Mr. Shen, I now know why you were brought up by Fu, do you think the Mo family couple is stupid? One can love several people in one’s life, Lu Xinran is now heartily in love with Fu Shen Yan, that’s because she can’t get it and is unwilling, the Mo family is calculating how to eat the sweet fruit of the Fu family in the name of doting on their daughter.”


After a pause, she continued, “Fu Shen Yan went to the capital to develop because of ambition, because this piece of cake in the capital is very big and sweet, but you stand in the perspective of other rich businessmen in the capital and think about it, originally five people can share a lot of cake, suddenly added a person, to be divided equally, everyone will have less in their hands, originally could have been more, just because of one more person, the The cake for yourself is less, Mr. Shen, can you accept that?”


I wrinkled my brows, Fu Shen Yan went to the capital because it had the most resources and the fastest information, he had the ability to be better, so his ambition was greater, but it was true as Han Shuang said, the resources within the capital would be distributed away for no reason, for hitting most people, it was not allowed.


The Mo family couple did find a good reason to try to pull in the Fu family in the name of doing their daughter good, once Fu Shen Yan and Lu Xin Ran were together.


Then, the two families would be alone, and the Mo family would not lose anything, instead they could gain a lot from Fu Shen Yan both in terms of resources and information, and the Mo family would only get bigger and bigger.


But what exactly was Fu Shen Yan’s past with Cheng Jun Yu?


“I’ve pretty much forgotten all about that time, I’m not really sure exactly, Han Shuang thank you so much for talking to me about this, but I have my own path to follow now, helping you would be a big risk, there’s no way I could joke with my future.”


I don’t think I’m a good person myself and would be soft-hearted, but that doesn’t mean I would help anyone.


The company’s main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to the public.


I can’t afford to offend Lu Qi, who is not on the same page.


She was a little desperate and put in her last bet, “Mr. Shen, I know what you’re worried about, but what if I trade my future freedom for yours? You know, with my education and ability, as long as I leave Lu Qi, I can definitely enter the Mo family and work for you!”


Into the Mo family?


I pursed my lips and looked at her, “No one is stupid, if Lin Wan and Mo Zhi Zhan had bothered to find out, do you think they wouldn’t know you’ve been with me for two years?”


She laughed, “You think anyone in the huge Mo family would be concerned about that?”


“You can’t erase Fu’s experience on your work resume.” It was a fact, she was highly educated and capable, there was no way she had been jobless for years after graduating.


She looked to me, “As soon as you ask, Shen Yu will help right?”


I froze, my eyebrows knitted together, she knew that much about the people around me?


Seeing me looking at her, she sat up straight, “Mr. Shen, you don’t have to worry, the reason why I know this is that when I realized Lu Qi’s hypocritical side after you left Jiangcheng, the first thing that came to my mind was that only you could help me, so I secretly kept an eye on the movements in the capital and got someone to check out some clues.”


Chapter 374

I wrinkled my eyebrows, “So, today you’re so determined that I have to help you?”


She nodded and bit her lip, “I have no way back, if you don’t help me, I will only die and live the rest of my life with Lu Qi, I will go crazy.”


I really couldn’t figure out why she was like this after only six months when she and Lu Qi looked so happy together.


“You’ve known Lu Qi for so many years, and you only found out about his vicious and disgusting side after you got married?”


At the mention of Lu Qi, she looked at me like a deflated ball and said, “Yes, I also thought that I knew him well since we had known each other for so many years, but it wasn’t just me that he had fooled with his clean and gentle ways, his parents and friends were all equally fooled by him.”


Here she looked down, her body trembling a little, perhaps because something horrible had been awakened in her memory, “If I hadn’t seen with my own eyes how brutal he was in private, I wouldn’t have thought he would be like that! After we got married he was like a different person, at first he just lost his temper with me, then he started to abuse me, I thought of calling the police at first, but all said that he was nice and good-tempered, it must be my fault that he got so angry, just like last time in the cafe, you saw it, he was suddenly angry, I had no idea why he was like that.”


“How do you want me to help you?” I spoke, not continuing on with the question.


It was always about her, and these days it was better to have one more friend than one more enemy.


She froze, probably not expecting me to suddenly agree, and was a little excited for a moment, “Lu Qi is extremely H**ny at heart, he especially likes women he can’t conquer, you’ll have a meal with me.”


I frowned, “You’ve thought of this trick for a long time?”


She nodded with a bit of guilt in her gaze, “The only person around me with the power and background to ruin Lu Qi at once is you.”


“Pretty good calculation!!!” I narrowed my eyes and spoke, “Set a time and let me know!”


“Just today!” She spoke, handing me a business card, “The address and phone number are on it, as well as the room number.”


Looking at her, I couldn’t help but purse my lips slightly, “How are you sure I’ll say yes to you today?”


“You’ve already said yes, haven’t you?” She spoke, her gaze sure.


“Good!” Taking the card, I raised an eyebrow, “I hope it’s a good collaboration!”


“It will!” She spoke, her eyes looking at me with great determination.




At 8pm, Han Shuang’s appointment was in a bar box, not very big and somewhat secluded.


The first time I arrived, Lu Qi hadn’t come yet, and it was about ten minutes before he came.


He was surprised to see me, but he smiled after just a moment, “Shuang Shuang said she had a friend who liked rougher ways and wanted to introduce me to her, but she didn’t expect it to be Mrs. Fu. So Mrs. Fu likes this kind of heavy-handedness.”


I pursed my lips and smiled lightly. Before I came, I purposely put on makeup and changed into a S*xier dress, I seldom wore these kinds of clothes in my day, so I always felt uncomfortable.


But, men like this, flirty and innocent.


“Please sit down, Mr. Lu!” I opened my mouth and watched as his beady eyes pa*sed over me again and again.


He moved much like he was admiring a work of art.


“Mrs. Fu isn’t afraid that Mr. Fu will know about this?” He spoke, the corners of his mouth swinging into a smile, “After all, no man likes his woman to have a hobby in this area.”