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Never Say Never Chapter 377-378

Chapter 377

Ignoring his words, I took advantage of his lack of attention and hurt him there with my knee.


“Ah!” He ate the pain and let go of me, and I took the opportunity to push him away and climb out of the tub.


Lu Qi, a tyrannical man, reached out and yanked me by the ankles, dragging me to the ground.


Without gravity, the slam sent me sprawling to the floor, battered and in a state of burning pain.


He was out of the tub in an instant, grabbed me by the hair and ripped me up, raising his hand and slapping it down towards me.


“What are you running for, you’ve offered to come to me, why are you still being pretentious?” The man hit me extremely hard, and after a few slaps, my face had long since swollen into a ball.


He already had a propensity for violence, and now that he was unrestrained in the hotel, he was even more reckless.


Perhaps the slaps were not enough, so he lifted me up and kicked me in the lower abdomen.


I couldn’t take the force of his kick and crashed directly into the sink, my forehead and lower abdomen hurting so much I couldn’t breathe.


In between I went limp on the floor, beaten and unresisting, he hooked his lips and smiled, walking over to me and half-crouching down.


He lingered at the edge of his shirt opening and narrowed his eyes at me, “I saw you and I couldn’t resist wanting to destroy it, I wonder if Fu Shen Yan will dislike you when he sees it!”


I winced in pain and glared at him angrily, “Lu Qi, you better not let me have a chance to get out.”


“Ah!” He bit straight down in disgust, my eyes glazed over in pain and I was sick to my stomach.


If Han Shuang doesn’t come again, I’m really going to run out of steam.


There was a loud knock on the door outside, interrupting Lu Qi’s continued downward movement.


He narrowed his eyes and gave me a look, “Shen Shu, you’re looking for death!”


With that, he raised his hand and strangled me, almost as if he wanted me dead.


The knock on the door outside was still ringing, and when no one responded for half a day, the outside shouted, “Lu Qi, open the door!”


This voice …… is a middle-aged man’s voice?


Not Fu Shen Yan.


I froze, Lu Qi also froze, threw me off and got up to sound to open the door.


In just a few minutes, I had long been tortured by Lu Qi and crawled out of the bathroom for help.


What I saw was Mr Li, the middle-aged man who had kidnapped me in the car park.


When he saw me, the man froze and looked at Lu Qi and said, “What did you call me for in this situation?”


Lu Qi, still dripping with water, looked at him and said with a frown, “When did I call you?”


“Didn’t you say you wanted to speak to me about something? I wasn’t going to come over, you were the one who said it was urgent and the Mo family had given a new a*signment.” The man frowned at me and said, “What’s the situation?”


Lu Qi pursed his lips, “I didn’t call you, and Mo’s family didn’t contact me.”


The two men froze, then looked at each other and realised something was wrong.


Both of them looked at me at the same time, Lu Qi looked at me and spoke, “Did you do this?”


I climbed up from the floor holding onto the wall, calmed down and nodded, “En, since it’s sorrow, sooner or later, you have to report it, right?”


Li still hadn’t reacted and looked at Lu chee, frowning, “You got her here?”


Lu Qi nodded, his face not looking too good as he spoke, “Hurry up and leave!”


“It’s too late!” Leaning against the wall, I spoke, my body still aching unbearably, “Do you two think that after all the pain I’ve suffered, you’ll just let you go in the end?”


“Slap!” The slap was directed at Lu Qi by the middle-aged man, he was furious, “You stupid B*****d, do you know who she is? Who do you want to f*ck but her, you’re looking for death.”


Chapter 378

The corner of Lu Qi’s mouth was beaten with blood and he said disdainfully, “Fu Shen Yan is just a businessman, he’ll let me in for a few days at most, what are you afraid of?”


“You B*****d!” The middle-aged man jumped to his feet in anxiety, “Don’t you F**king know that she’s been recognized as Shen Changlin’s goddaughter in the capital, don’t you F**king know that Shen Changlin is with Bureau Chen today?”


‘”What?” Lu Qi froze, “Shen Changlin’s goddaughter?”


Lu Qi hesitated for a few seconds and looked at me suddenly sinister, “Get rid of her!”


“Heh! Are you F**king kidding me? You think there’s no surveillance in the hotel? You don’t know how to keep a secret, you brought a woman in here like this, you’re going to come in and die, do you think everyone is stupid?”


The middle-aged man should be furious, breathing heavily, “Shen Changlin is extremely protective, plus Fu Shenyan’s viciousness, Chen Bureau can’t protect you at all, I’ve been dragged down by you.”


Lu Qi looked at me and narrowed his eyes, “Shen Shu, I don’t think I’ve P*ssed you off in any way, you set up such a big game to make me look bad, I should at least know the reason, right?”


Leaning against the wall, I didn’t bother to cover up the bruises on my body, instead I let myself get as messy as I could, “Helping Han Shuang was incidental, the fact that you guys were involved in my kidnapping six months ago counts, plus I also overheard that you guys were working for Mo Zhi Zhi, it’s a bad coincidence, as long as it’s something bad for the Mo family, I’m willing to fight for my life if I catch a little bit of it.”


“You’re F**king ruthless!” At this moment, Lu Qi had long lost the arrogance he had just now.


In fact, I didn’t know at first why Lu Qi had gotten out of the police station so easily even though he had been there twice.


I didn’t know why Lu Qi was able to get out of the police station so easily on three occasions, but I didn’t know how he could rely on his position in ac and the Lu family alone.


The relationship in between, but also thanks to Han Shuang’s reminder, if she did not tell me, Lu Qi private and Chen Bureau close I would not have thought of this layer of relationship, even more so Chen Bureau and Lin Wan.


When Fu Shenyan took me to meet Chen Bureau in the Pear Garden in order to help Muzi get off the hook, it was Lin Wan who opened the door at that time.


Lin Wan only said one word and Chen did it, which means that the relationship was not very good.


Lu Qi looked at me, his killing heart still intact, and looked at the middle-aged man and said, “Kill her, as long as she is dead, we have a better chance of getting off, the surveillance can be handled by Mo Dong, he has the power to deal with Shen Changlin.”


The middle-aged man was still calm, at that moment there happened to be a knock on the door outside, he slammed towards Lu Qi.


He was already somewhat obese, and Lu Qi avoided him out of instinct, so he hit the wall directly, a large bloodstain came out of his forehead, and then he pa*sed out.


I froze and sighed in my heart, this man was really smart.


Lu Qi also reacted and cursed out loud, “Li An, you play dirty for me.”


Then a group of police and bodyguards rushed in, surrounding the room with a tightly sealed air.


Lu Qi was held down by the police, while Fu Shen Yan, Shen Chang Lin and Shen Yu came in together.


Fu Shen Yan draped his jacket over me, his gaze gloomy and frightening.


The last person to enter was the trembling Chen Bureau, who took one look at Lu Qi and, out of anger, kicked him in the stomach, “You’re a bully in Jiangcheng, you don’t have the law in your eyes.”


Lu Qi was kicked by him and if he hadn’t been pinned down by the police, he would have flown out.