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Never Say Never Chapter 395-396

Chapter 395

He spoke, moving very calmly, “Wait to dry your hair!”


I ……


grinded for half a day and only after his hair was dry was he ready to go.


I went straight to the office after seeing him out the door, originally intending to talk to Gu Han about the ai, the project had just started and I hadn’t figured out many things yet, so I wanted to talk to him carefully.


But after looking around, I heard from the a*sistant that he had gone to the hospital, saying that Gu Hengyang’s health was failing.


I called Gu Han, but several times I couldn’t get through, because I didn’t know the situation, so I called Fu Qingyin.


When the call was answered, it was all heartbreaking cries, not Fu Qingyin’s.


I couldn’t help but speak up, “Mr. Fu, how is Uncle Gu doing?”


“Talk to Shen Yan, he’s gone, let him and you come over to the hospital, and let Gu Han discuss your uncle Gu’s funeral with him.” Fu Qingyin’s voice was calm, I could not hear any emotion.


I froze slightly, for a moment still a bit overwhelmed, how could Gu Hengyang have left?


I thought it was fine before.


I asked for the address and went straight there. Fu Shenyin took into account that he was busy and never answered his phone, so I just sent him a message telling him the address and went there myself.


When I arrived at the hospital, Gu Hengyang was already dead, Xu Hui was sitting half-paralyzed at the door of the ward, her face was haggard and her whole body didn’t have any spirit.


I don’t know where Fu Qingyin had gone, and Gu Han wasn’t there either. When she heard the commotion, Xu Hui looked up at me, not knowing why, and suddenly rushed towards me, throwing me to the ground, shouting, “There is no one good in the Fu family, your aunt stole my husband, you stole my son, you are not good people.”


Xu Hui was overly emotional, pulling me and hitting and cursing me, I was unprepared and with the deadly force she used, my whole body was pinned to the ground and my face and neck were scratched with blood by her.


She tore a lot of hair out of my head. Seeing this, a nurse stepped forward and dragged her away.


She should have been struck, the whole person is a bit crazy, desperately towards me cursing, “Your Fu family will create retribution, all of you shall not be good, Fu Qingyin, you don’t think you have won by taking the Gu’s inheritance, I will fight with you to low in my life, you shall not be good to die.”


Gu Han was to Gu Hengyang to do the death formalities, when he came back to see this, he could not help but look at me and say, “What’s wrong?”


I was so shocked by Xu Hui like this that I didn’t react for a while, and looked at him and shook my head, “I don’t know, she was like this just after I came, maybe she was too sad.”


Fu Qingyin also arrived and looked at Xu Hui who was already half mad, just frowned and looked at me and said, “Are you okay?”


I shook my head and couldn’t help but worry a little about Gu Han, his father had just left and his mother was like this, he was also human, on the surface he looked calm and quiet, I didn’t know how he was doing in his heart.


The body of Gu Hengyang was sent directly to the funeral home for cremation, the burial time is scheduled for next month, Gu Han handled everything, after arranging for Xu Hui to be sent away.


He looked at Fu Qingyin and said, “Father has given you the management of Gu’s, I will do a handover of the company as soon as possible, and then go back to M.”


Fu Qingyin nodded lightly, the emotion on her face was very light.


I hesitated for a few seconds, reacting to the fact that it was Gu Hengyang who had handed over all of Gu to Fu Qingyin, for a moment I was puzzled, Gu Han is Gu Hengyang’s own son, how did he ……


The first thing that I did was to go to the hospital, and I didn’t know how to comfort him, “Gu Han, have you eaten anything?”


Chapter 396

“Not hungry!” By the sound of his voice, he didn’t seem too willing to talk to me.


I didn’t know what to do for a while, so I followed him to the car, grabbed the driver’s seat and looked at him, “I’ll take you back home.”


It wasn’t safe for him to drive in the state he was in.


He narrowed his eyes and looked at me with a scowl, “What? Are you taking pity on me?”


I frowned, “No!” After a pause, I started the car and said, “We’re at least friends, you helped me, there’s no reason for me to stand by.”


“Heh!” He sneered, “So you’re paying your debt?”


Knowing that he was in a bad mood, I didn’t say much more, started the car and went straight to the Gu family.


The car stopped and he leaned back in the car seat with his eyes closed, a dark blue under his eyes, his voice was extraordinarily tired, “You can stay in Gu’s business, in the future Fu Qingyin will manage it, she is Fu Shenyan’s aunt, she won’t do anything to you.”


I pursed my lips, “What about you?”


“Back to M!” He pinched his brow, “I only went back to China to take care of my mother, now that her ties are gone, it’s good for me to stay and go back to M.”


I didn’t know much about the entanglements in Gu Hengyang’s marriage, and there was no way to determine who was right and who was wrong, so there was no reason to say more.


I was silent for a while and said, “Let’s go, I’ll send it up, you eat something, get some rest, and plan for the future later.”


He looked at me sideways, his gaze deep and unpredictable, “Shen Changlin should be planning how to write you into the Shen family tree, in the future your path, will get better and better, the Mo family, just do it to a certain extent, push it, there are many accidental deaths under Mo Zhi Zhan, you be careful.”


I nodded and looked at him with a slight sigh and said, “Do you have to go back to M? The Gu family is so big, even if Gu is not managed by you, but there is still the Xu family, isn’t there?”


He smiled lightly, his mouth a little dry, probably from being too anxious and on fire these days, “Are you caring for me? You don’t want me to leave?”


I didn’t mean it like that, I said after a moment, “I really don’t want you to go, I owe you so much in my life, I’m afraid there’s no way I can pay it back, if you go back to M, the mountains are far away, it’s even more impossible to pay it back.”


He sat up straighter, his dark eyes deep, “Do you really want to repay your kindness?”


I nodded, if he hadn’t come just in time to keep me alive until dawn, I would have been dead twice by then.


He hooked his lips and said, “If you want to repay the favour, stay with me tonight!”


I froze and stared at him blankly.


Seeing me like this, he smiled coldly, “What? You don’t want to? You are already married, so it is impossible for me to marry you, so I can only stay with you for one night.”


I pursed my lips and looked at him a little unsure of what to do before I said, “Are you sure?”


He laughed, “It’s only to stay with you for one night, why are you reacting so strongly? Although Gu Hengyang didn’t treat me well, I was born when he and my mother were in love, and although he didn’t treat me intimately all these years, he was still father and son.


After a pause, he said, “If you stay with the Gu family, at least it won’t be so empty.”


I froze and opened my mouth, for a moment I didn’t know what to say, I thought ……


Seeing my expression change several times, he smiled lightly, “What did you think I was planning to do by keeping you?”