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Never Say Never Chapter 429-430

Chapter 429

Aunt Quan looked at me and said with some hesitation, “Madam, it’s a bit late and it’s still snowing outside, why don’t you wait for Mr. to finish his bath and accompany you?”


“No need!”


I went out of the hall and coldly saw two bodyguards standing at the entrance of the hall like gods of doors, I couldn’t help but grimace, “Get out of the way!”


The two men didn’t say a word.


Aunt Quan had already gone upstairs to call Fu Shen Yan.


I frowned and couldn’t help but feel a surge of anger, but two burly men were not something I could deal with.


They blocked my way without moving a muscle.


It didn’t take long for Fu Shen Yan to come down, dressed in a bathrobe, his strong, short hair still dripping with water.


Seeing me fully dressed, he frowned, “Where are you going?”




“To do what?”


I was a little annoyed, “To see the doctor!”


He pursed his lips, “I’ll have Jun Yu come over later, you go back and get some rest.”


“No!” I spoke, “I’m going to the hospital.” Gu Han’s body was taken away, he had no relatives, the only person who could bury him was Fu Qingyin, but he was definitely not willing to do so.


This one thing, only I could do.


The depths of Fu Shen Yan’s eyebrows were all thick with gloom, his lips pursed up in a stern arc, “What are you going to the hospital to see now? Is it in the name of seeing a doctor to deal with the aftermath of Gu Han?”


I looked over at him and sneered, “Something to do with you?”


He almost laughed out loud, “What do you think? Shen Shu, if you want to make a scene, you should at least have a degree, Aunt Gu Han’s matter will be dealt with, the Gu family has others who will deal with it, what are you going to do? Do you think this will only be over when the gossip in the capital is all about you and Gu Han?”


I was speechless for a moment at his words, and gave him a fierce glare before finally heading back to the villa.


He followed me, his voice softening a bit as he said, “I’ll send someone to deal with Gu Han’s matter, you ……”


I jerked to a halt and looked back at him, my afterglow seeing the winding staircase behind him.


My anger was still intact, I raised my hand and pushed down towards him, with his reach, he could have grabbed the railing and stood firm, but he only paused for so many seconds before he simply let go and rolled down on his own.


He looked a bit of a mess, but it still didn’t detract from his handsome and reserved appearance.


I turned back and went straight back to the bedroom.


Changing into my pyjamas and lying on the bed, he came in, his gaze slightly darkened by a few moments, blood on the corners of his mouth and forehead, and his leg and elbow guarding hurt.


I just took a glance, I withdrew my gaze, closed my eyes and ignored it to prepare for sleep.


Fu Shen Yan was not angry, but his eyes grew darker and darker as he watched me walk over and sit on the edge of the bed, his voice deep, “Get up and rub the medicine for me!”


I did not say anything, opened my eyes and looked at him indifferently and closed them.


He bent down and lifted the covers, his slender body pressed against me, his nose nudging my forehead, his voice low and introspective, “Not distressed?”


I pursed my lips and didn’t say anything, was it?




But I knew that with his skills, even if he fell, he wouldn’t have any problems, at most he’d just have a little color.


Seeing that I didn’t say anything, the corners of his lips rose and he raised his smile with a bit of thinness, “Do you think that compared to Gu Han’s death, this injury of mine is nothing? It’s not worth your heartache?”


My heart fluttered slightly, a little uncomfortable, “Get up!”


He didn’t move, instead he took my hand and interlocked his fingers with mine, dropping an aggressive kiss.


There was an element of biting, and I frowned in pain, but the ninja didn’t say a word.


Chapter 430

He seemed intent on making me beg him, so his movements got heavier and heavier.


“You meant it in that moment when you stood in front of the car against all odds, didn’t you ?????” He kissed me, his breath panting a little.


Interlocking his fingers, he tightened them so much that I felt a little uncomfortable, “Was it guilt, or love, that you felt for Gu Han? The same as me? Grace?”


The emotion on his face looked a little warm, his eyes slightly narrowed as he waited for my answer.


I pursed my lips, not wanting to answer him; I couldn’t tell what love and guilt were anymore, and a lot of the time I was a blur to myself.


The longer the silence lasts, the colder the air becomes, the more inscrutable the warmth and anger of his face.


After a long time, he withdrew his gaze, his dark pupils slightly narrowed, his voice low and magnetic, “Shen Shu, how long has it been since we’ve done it?”


I subconsciously frowned and opened my mouth, “Fu Shen Yan, I don’t want to!”


My mind was filled with the image of Gu Han lying in a pool of blood, my heart felt uncomfortable and I raised my hand to push him away with some emotion, “Fu Shen Yan, I said, I don’t want to, I don’t want to, can’t you hear me?”


He frowned, his handsome features turned gloomy as he raised his hand and ripped the robe off his body, gagging my resistance into his mouth.


Seeing him go to tug at the clothes on me, I subconsciously ducked back.


“Bump!” Because I wasn’t paying attention, I bumped into the bedside table, causing some muffled pain.


In a moment of anger, I kicked him off the bed without thinking, and he rolled off almost unawares, but he was fine with the carpet under the bed.


He sat up and looked at me with a mixture of anger and laughter, then lost interest and looked at me and said, “Shen Shu, you’re good!”


I covered my head and ignored him, glaring at him and saying, “Fu Shen Yan, if you touch me again, it won’t be as simple as kicking me off the bed.”


After saying that, I pulled the quilt and wrapped it around me, then closed my eyes and prepared to sleep.


But I didn’t expect that even if I didn’t do anything, Fu Shen Yan was still looking at me with a lustful look on his face for a long time before he sulked into the bathroom.


After all that had happened, my head hurt like hell and I couldn’t fall asleep.


I fumbled with my phone and looked through my address book and called Shen Yu.


The person who answered the phone was not Shen Yu, but a woman’s voice.


So I said, “Excuse me, I’m looking for Shen Yu!”


The woman gave an enunciation and said without haste, “He’s in the shower, he’ll be out in about five minutes, if you trust me enough, you can tell me and I’ll pa*s it on for you, if not, you can call back in five minutes.”


I paused and said, “Please ask him to keep an eye on Gu Han’s afterlife for me, and also, please ask him to help keep an eye on Fu Qingyin for me, thank you!”


“You’re welcome Miss Shen!” I said thank you and hung up the phone.


I couldn’t think of who this woman was for a while, so I just didn’t care.


After hanging up the phone, it didn’t take long for Fu Shen Yan to come out of the bathroom, his body was drenched in moisture and he dried off before climbing into bed.


I wanted to avoid him and turned my back on him. He got into bed and pulled me into his arms.


He held me down, “Be good, I won’t touch you!”