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Never Say Never Chapter 433-434

Chapter 433

She nodded, looked at me and said, “In addition, I have found someone to check, Chen Changhe’s wife, some years ago has been at home as a housewife, basically do not have the time and ability to run a huge scale farm, and this farm is actually Chen Changhe in a remote mountain village spent more than 100,000 to buy a hill, throw some chicken chicks into it, find a local grandfather to look after, for decades, basically did not manage. It’s been basically unmanaged for decades.”


I probably understood what he meant, this farming company, to put it bluntly, was just a gimmick, of which there was probably no income at all, and the accounts registered with this company were all points where the money and power deals between Chen Changhe and these businessmen fell into place.


No wonder Shen Changlin has been investigating for so long and has not been able to find anything, Chen Changhe has taken too long a detour.


After a pause, I looked at her and said, “Is there any transfer from Lin Wan on this farming company’s account?”


Han Shuang shook her head, “No, Lin Wan is very cautious, the company under her name has no points where she needs to cooperate with the farming company, so all her transfers are through Li An!”


“In what name did Li An transfer money with Chen Changhe?” The company Li An works for is an auditing company, and although they can have contacts with all companies, they transfer money as an output, not an input, and this auditing company making payments to the farming company is not appropriate on grounds, is it!


She smiled and said, “I was thinking the same thing here at first, then I looked it up and realised that Li An has a quick-frozen you game market under his name, so that since they have a normal market demand transaction no matter how much money they interact with, it’s all reasonable and legal.”


Highly skilled!


This is something that if you didn’t know the inside story, you wouldn’t be able to find out anything at all, and now even if you knew the inside story, it would be difficult to convict Chen Changhe, after all, these are all transactions that seem perfectly reasonable.


I had a bit of a headache, even if I told Shen Changlin about this, I was afraid that there was no way to directly explain what was wrong with Lin Wan.


Seeing me pinching my eyebrows in a tangle, she paused and said, “You can try starting with Li An, he’s not as loyal to Lin Wan as he seems, besides, there seems to be a third party involved in this matter, and there are people who want to pull Lin Wan down as well.”


“Third party?” I couldn’t help but be curious, “Who else has Lin Wan offended?”


She shrugged her shoulders and opened her mouth, “Not quite sure, but I recently found out that someone seems to have turned over the videos of Lin Wan’s rise to power when she was young, and there are quite a few of them, there are more people involved in the middle, by the way, Chen Changhe’s wife should be a good target for a raid, although you can’t find out about the power and money deal, but you may be able to find out about the power and S*x deal.”


I nodded, put away all the information she gave me and looked at her and said, “Thank you for this.”


She smiled lightly and took a sip of coffee and said, “You don’t need to thank me, you help me to fix Lu Qi, I help you to do things, this is the basic wedge contract, no need to thank.”


Seeing her like that, I couldn’t say much, and after a few words of conversation, she had something to do and left.


It was a bit late when I returned to the villa, and I was surprised to see Lu Xinran, an unexpected guest, when I returned so late.


She was in the hall with Fu Qingyin, the two of them sipping tea and chatting, seemingly having a good time.


When she saw me, Fu Qingyin smiled and waved towards me, “Xiao Shu, you’re back, Miss Lu and I were just talking about you!”


I frowned, the hypocrisy of this statement was unbearable.


Chapter 434

Lu Xinran was dressed in an ethnic white cotton dress, her hair was pulled up, looking youthful and provocative, with a small womanly air.


When she saw me, she smiled and said, “Sister Shen, you’re back, it’s cold outside, why don’t you come and have a cup of hot tea with us?”


I pursed my lips, nothing on my face, and looked to the two men, “No, you two take your time, I’ll go back to the bedroom to rest first.”


“Xiao Shu, don’t rush off, come and sit with us for a while, Auntie has been busy in the Gu family all these years, she has never sat and talked to people like this, today it’s just a coincidence that they are all here, you come over too!” Sometimes I envy Fu Qingyin’s hypocrisy, she can really do it in a natural way, without any contradiction.


The words were so clear, I had no reason to refuse, so I walked to the living room and sat down.


Fu Qingyin was making tea, Lu Xinran had a light smile on her face, and at a glance, the picture was horribly harmonious.


It seems that the three of us were originally very good friends, but only we knew it by heart.


Fu Qingyin finished brewing the tea and softly said, “The most cla*sic step of this tea ceremony is to smell the aroma, but the world is impatient and often forgets this step, today we are not in a hurry, you smell this tea cup, does it smell good, this is ten years old tea, a good tea that is hard to buy at a price!”


I was not interested in the tea ceremony, so I slowly held the cup and smelled it, it did smell very good, but it was already night time, is it appropriate to taste tea in the middle of the night?


Lu Xinran posture elegant, shallowly smell the tea cup, can not help but laugh, “Aunt this tea is really excellent, before even tasting just smell this fragrance already began to intoxicate, I am beginning to look forward to this good tea.”


Fu Qingyin smiled faintly and after dividing the brewed tea into cups, she elegantly said, “You guys try it!”


I just took a light sip and did not continue, but it was Lu Xinran, who laughed and said, “It really is good tea!”


I also admired the two of them, drinking tea in the middle of the night and still having such leisure and elegance.


Seeing that I was only taking a sip, Fu Qingyin spoke up, “Little Shu doesn’t like this tea?”


I shook my head and said lightly, “No, it’s just that I’m not in the habit of drinking tea at night, I can’t sleep if I drink too much, I tend to lose sleep!”


She nodded and laughed, “Then why don’t you drink something else?”


I shook my head and refused, “No, it’s late, you guys keep drinking, I’ll go upstairs and get some rest.”


Outside the courtyard came the sound of the engine turning off, and Fu Qingyin smiled, “From the sound of this, it should be Shen Yan coming back.”


As soon as she said that, Fu Shen Yan came in with the car keys, placing them on the shoe cabinet, he raised his eyes and looked over.


When he saw Lu Xinran, he frowned and didn’t say anything, his clear gaze looked at me and said, “Have you had dinner yet?”


I nodded my head, answered indifferently and prepared to go upstairs.


His pace was fast and I had barely taken a few steps before he caught up with me, slipping his arm around me and saying, “What did you do today, anything interesting you want to talk to me about?”


I shook my head, my mood muted.


“Brother Shen Yan!” Lu Xinran’s soft voice rang out inappropriately.


Fu Shen Yan glanced at it, his gaze faint, “It’s getting late, won’t Miss Lu go back to bed early?”


These words were clearly an order of expulsion.


Lu Xinran blushed furiously for a moment, opened her mouth and whispered, “When I came ……”


She seemed embarra*sed to say it, but it was Fu Qingyin who spoke up, “Xinran came without a driver, she came with me, it’s already late, the villa is wide, it’s not safe for her to go back alone, let her stay and go back tomorrow!”