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Never Say Never Chapter 441-442

Chapter 441

“Eh, you wait at Gu, I’ll come and pick you up later.” This man really is, I said half the time, how he still continues to stare at this point, brain Val.


Drawing a breath, I said calmly, “Don’t you come, I’ll be ready to go already.”


The lift arrived just in time, I hung up straight away and got in, it was only a few minutes away in total, he wasn’t going to fly over.


But after all, I was overthinking it, because I met, no, to be precise, sought out Fu Shen Yan at the entrance of Gu’s. He was dressed in a handmade custom black suit.


He was dressed in a handmade black suit, and his long, slender figure with his handsome features stood out in the crowd.


When I saw him, I subconsciously tried to dodge, but before I could react, he was already striding towards me.


He took me in his arms and said, “How long are you going to be in a temper?”


I pursed my lips and didn’t struggle too much because of the crowd, keeping a fake smile on my face, “I’m not having a tantrum!”


He pulled me out of Gu’s and a flashy red sports car jerked to a halt, ushering in a lot of attention.


The cool car door swung upwards, extraordinarily conspicuous, and Shen Yu, wearing sungla*ses and with a cool air, got out of the car.


Seeing me being held in Fu Shen Yan’s arms, he took off his sungla*ses and narrowed his eyes at Fu Shen Yan and said in a cold voice, “Can’t Mr. Fu see that she has resistance to you written all over her face?”


Fu Shen Yan gave him a disdainful look and his gaze fell on me, coldly, “Is that why you tricked me out of the car for him, and you’re still ready to hide from me?”


I ……


This was completely slanderous.


“No!” I opened my mouth and said indifferently, “I don’t know what he’s doing here.”


It was already troublesome to deal with one Fu Shen Yan, and with another Shen Yu, I had a bit of a headache.


Looking at the two men, I said, “I’m going to see the doctor!”


After saying that, I directly got into Fu Shen Yan’s car.


A third-rate hospital.


Mental Disease Control Centre.


In the large ward, only the psychiatrist and I were sitting opposite each other, the doctor was an old man of advanced age, surnamed Dong.


“Old man Dong, this is for you from Mr. Fu.” The nurse in white came in and handed the document in her hand to Elder Dong, giving me a very serious look as she walked away.


After reading the document, Elder Dong held up his presbyopic gla*ses and looked at me, “Shen girl, is this insomnia of yours still frequent lately?”


I thought about it and said, “I tend to lose sleep when I’m emotionally unstable, so I don’t know if that’s frequent.”


He said, “This is a psychological pressure, you have to learn to vent these emotions yourself, come and sit with me more often, don’t have too many things on your mind, people, this life is very fast, before you can figure out a lot of things, you will be old.”


I nodded, agreeing with him.


He looked down and wrote something on a piece of paper for me and looked at me and smiled, “Do what you want to do, it’s not necessary to be so burdened.”


I took the prescription and froze, it was mostly some calming and sedative medicine, after a pause, I said, “These medicines?”


“The same as before, it’s been so many years and you know in your heart that you can only rely on yourself for a cure, all the doctor can tell you is to look forward!” He spoke, his pale face devoid of emotion.


I nodded my head and didn’t ask any more questions.


When I came out of the psychology room, Fu Shen Yan and Shen Yu both looked at me and said, “How did it go?”


Chapter 442

I froze and couldn’t help but laugh as I handed the prescription in my hand to Fu Shen Yan and said, “The doctor said to drink more hot water.”


“What?” Shen Yu was puzzled, “Doctor Dong really said that?”


I nodded and C*cked my head at him, “So, the doctor said I’m not sick anymore, you guys aren’t going to let me keep going to the doctor, are you?”


Shen Yu frowned, “Then who is …..” When he said this, he glanced at the sullen Fu Shen Yu, then stopped talking and looked at me, “Third Uncle asked you to go to the Shen family with me next week, so we can all have a meal together and get to know the Shen family.”


I froze, but nodded after thinking about it, and couldn’t help but yawn as I looked at Shen Yu and said, “I didn’t sleep well last night, I’ll go back first!”


He was going to say something else, but when he saw how sleepy I was, he stopped, nodded and said, “Then go back and rest early.”


He glared at Fu Shen Yan sarcastically and said, “Isn’t Mr. Fu tired?”


Fu Shen Yan hooked his lips, “I’ve always been in good health!”


Shen Yu was so angry that she left directly.


Once Shen Yu left, Fu Shen Yan narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at me and said, “The prescription?”


I pursed my lips, tightened the prescription I was holding in my hand and said indifferently, “There is no prescription, the doctor said to drink more hot water.”


“Shen Shu!” He spoke, a little heavy-toned.


I was a little annoyed, didn’t say much to him, went straight out of the hospital and got straight into the car.


He followed me down, not in a hurry, but looked at me and said, “Zhuan Yan is inviting you to dinner in Nandu, want to go?”


I subconsciously wanted to refuse, but after a pause, I looked at him and said, “Why are you inviting me?”


He started the car, “What happened last time on the phone!”


I froze, so he was planning to apologise to me?


They say that when you live with a man, all you have to do to know if he loves you or not is to look at the way his brother treats you.


After thinking about it, I looked to him and nodded, “Hm!”


It was still early, when Fu Shen Yan brought me to Nandu, I originally thought it was still early and spoke, “Don’t you think it’s too early?”


He enthused and spoke, “Finish eating early and go back to you to rest well.”


I ……


In the private room!


Looking at the three people sitting inside, I couldn’t help but want to laugh, glancing back at Fu Shen Yan and saying sarcastically, “So, it’s a Hongmen Banquet?”


Fu Shen Yan frowned, narrowed his eyes to look at Qiao Zhuan Yan, thin lips lightly opened, “What’s going on?”


Qiao Zhuan Yan got up and said with some embarra*sment, “Third brother, Xinran has been in the hospital before and hasn’t come out for a walk for a long time, she just came over for a walk, I’m sorry for not talking to you in advance, but I promise, nothing will happen.”


Cheng Junyu sipped his tea indifferently, looking as if he had stayed out of it.


Fu Shen Yan faintly glanced at Lu Xinran who was sitting at the table, pitiful, sunk his dark eyes and looked at me, “Still eating?”


Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at me somewhat apologetically and said, “Third sister-in-law, I’m sorry, I ……”


“Since when have I become superfluous here?” Lu Xinran opened her mouth, a clear little face dripping with condescension and resignation, “Since everyone thinks I’m superfluous, then I’ll leave you all alone.”


After saying that, she got up, picked up her bag and prepared to leave.


Qiao Zhuan Yan looked at me with some difficulty and said, “Third sister-in-law, sorry, I’ll go see her off!”


“No need, we’ve all asked to come out for dinner together, since we’re all together, let’s have a nice meal!” I spoke up and looked at the pretentious Lu Xinran and said, “Would Miss Lu mind eating together?”