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Never Say Never Chapter 451-452

Chapter 451

She looked a little broken and emotionally unstable as she tugged at me, aggrieved and bitter, with a touch of resentment.


I know faintly looked at her, somewhat indifferently said, “Miss Lu is better to ask less about why, more about cause and effect!”


Look at Lu Xinran’s current situation, most likely Lin Wan was investigated, Shen Yu this ability to do things, not ordinary ah!


She sneered, hating to tear me apart, “That was karma for you, you deserved it, you robbed Shen Yan brother first, that child originally came at the wrong time, he didn’t want to be in this world in the first place, he deserved to die early.”


I pursed my lips, a huge surge of anger in my heart, negative emotions wrapped around me, looking at her hateful face, I was silent for half a second and suddenly laughed, “In that case, it seems that your mother shouldn’t remain in this world either, you shouldn’t know what will happen to her next, should I not popularize it with you.”


I narrowed my eyes at her angry eyes, but I became more and more indifferent, “Next, she will be bribed for money and killed, and be imprisoned by the police for conducting improper transactions, after which all her a*sets under her name will be confiscated in the form of auction and mortgage, and in the end, even if you, Mo Zhi Zang, have the ability to get her out of prison unharmed, she will have nothing left at that time. ”


When I said this, I smiled, eerily terrifying, “Do you think for a woman walking on clouds who suddenly loses everything she is proud of and ends up having to go back to square one again with nothing, can she bear it? By the way, I heard that the youngest daughter of the Mo family, Mo Fei Lin, has come back, so your mother and daughter don’t seem to be in a good position now, and if you become penniless again, it would be hard to imagine that situation.”


Looking at Lu Xinran’s white face, I shrugged my shoulders and said casually, “You don’t say, I’m still looking forward to your situation.”


“Shen Shu, you B*tch!” That scolding didn’t work, and she raised her hand to slap me across the face, but unfortunately, I stopped her.


Her angry eyes glared at me, dark with hatred, anger, and malevolent murderous intent.


I let go of her and looked at her with a faint gaze, smiling lightly, “You don’t have to look at me like that, I know you hate me, but it can’t be helped, everything you care about at the end of the day is with me, all Lu Xinran, I’m sorry.”


She laughed angrily and looked at me and sneered, “Do you really think I care about your getting anymore? I can’t be with Fu Shenyan anymore, but he can’t let me go, knowing what happened to my mother, he has already arranged my future path, even though I don’t have the Mo family to rely on, he has already contacted a place for me to go abroad, even my food, clothing and accommodation have been arranged, Shen Shu, you still have to live under my shadow after all, if I don’t have a good time, you don’t want to have a good time either.”


I was a little lost in thought, so Fu Shenyan had thought it through.


When I returned to my senses, I saw Lu Xinran looking at me with a provocative face, saying recklessly, “He is your husband, but one day he will get sick of you, time is the best explanation, by then, no matter what I become, as long as I need him, he will take care of everything for me, Shen Shu, you think you have won, but in fact you have lost.”


I shrugged my shoulders and said somewhat breezily, “Then I’ll give you my blessing in advance, no matter what he will do to me in the future, it doesn’t really matter to me now, the days are so long, who knows what will happen in the future, don’t you think so!”


She was breathing heavier and heavier, as if seeing me so calm was extraordinarily unacceptable to her, and was about to hit me, but paused and held back.


“Tell me, what else do you want to do next? Shen Shu, since we’ve already torn our faces apart, there’s no need for you to hide it.”


I smiled lightly, clasping my hands in disbelief, “Why do you have to confess after tearing your face off? I’ve been a bad person since I was a kid, I don’t just hold grudges, I also like to torture people when I take revenge, it’s only fun to torture people, to watch her lose everything she cares about, her powerlessness, her breakdown, it’s all the thrill of my revenge, what’s the point of saying it?”


Chapter 452

“Crazy!” Lu Xinran was furious to the extreme, her face grim, running, “Shen Shu, if you don’t let me get away with it, I won’t let you get away with it either.”


After all, this was my place, and although she was angry, she did not do anything wrong and left on her high heels.


Before she left, she looked at me grimly and said, “Shen Shu, if I can’t have it, you can’t have it either.”


Seeing her surrounded by hatred, I looked faint, the sleepiness I had just felt gone, and couldn’t help but glare at the door.


“You’ve got quite a knack for offending people.” Fu Qingyin looked on, seeing that Lu Xinran had left, and looked at me to say something sarcastic.


I gave her a faint look, not intending to say much to her.


Seeing that I was ignoring her, she wasn’t angry and continued, “Lin Wan is a vengeful woman, you should either just make her unable to turn over a new leaf this time, or let her not see the light of day again, or else let her half die and you’ll have a hard time in the future.”


I looked at her faintly, “So, you’re asking me to just kill someone?”


In this world, apart from dead people who don’t have a chance to turn the tables, I don’t know of any other people who don’t have a chance to turn the tables either.


She looked at me and smiled coldly, “You can also try to get her killed outright.”


That was really, really vicious!


I didn’t continue talking to her, I had some pain in the small of my back and went into the kitchen to ask Sister-in-law Zhang to cook me brown sugar eggs!


As I chatted with Sister Zhang, Fu Shen Yan called, the man’s voice was as clean as ever, “Are you home? What do you want to eat, I’ll bring it back.”


I reported a few things I wanted to eat from memory.


“Fifteen minutes to home!”


After hanging up the phone, Mrs. Zhang looked at me and smiled, “Xiaoshu, you and your husband have become much more affectionate now, so when spring comes, you can have another child and live a good life as a family of three.”


I froze slightly, a little lost in thought, another child?


I hadn’t thought about having a child since my miscarriage, I couldn’t even protect my first child, how dare I have another one.


“Shen Shu, you’re more vicious than I thought!” Fu Qingyin suddenly rushed in and slammed the bowl I was holding onto the floor, looking at me angrily, “Shen Shu, what have I done to offend you? What have I done to you that you want to kill me?”


What was wrong with me?


I was a bit confused for a moment and frowned at her, “What did I do?”


“The headlines in the capital have exposed what happened ten years ago, and apart from the three dead members of the Gu family, only you and I know about it. If you are not the only one who knows about this matter, who else is there? Shen Shu you tell me who else would do this?”


She was so agitated that her face was filled with anger and fierceness, and she picked up the bowl fragments on the ground and slashed them towards my face.


I didn’t react in time to dodge and was about to be slashed at me when the bowl fragment in Fu Qingyin’s hand was suddenly caught in someone’s grip.


I froze for about two seconds and saw clearly that the person coming was Fu Shen Yan, and saw that his hand holding the shard was spilling bright red blood from his palm.


I raised my hand to push Fu Qingyin away and went to see Fu Shenyan, “Are you okay?”


Holding his hand, he let go of his palm, the shard pierced into the skin, leaving deep scratches, “Does it hurt?”


He looked at me and smoothed my hair with his other hand, “No, what happened?”


Fu Qingyin also just reacted and calmed down, pushed to the ground by me, did not rush to get up, but Fu Shen Yan said, “Shen Yan, ask her yourself, how ruthless this woman is, even her own relatives are counted.”


Fu Shen Yan pursed his lips and frowned at her, “Even if she was ruthless, she wouldn’t take such a sharp weapon to hurt a woman’s face.”


He looked at the fragment that had just pierced his skin, and looked at Fu Qingyin with sunken eyes.


The tone of his voice was heavy with anger.


Fu Qingyin’s face turned white, “What I destroyed was her face, but what she destroyed was the rest of my life, Fu Shenyin, you have to distinguish clearly, see right from wrong!”


Fu Shen Yan looked at me and frowned, “What is going on?”


I shook my head, looked at the blood spilling out of his palm, asked sister-in-law Zhang to get the medicine and said to Fu Shen Yan, “I’m not sure, what’s wrong with aunt?”


Fu Qingyin laughed coldly, “You don’t know? Shen Shu, you’re really good at pretending, weren’t you the one who broke the story to the reporters about the reason I married Gu Hengyang ten years ago? Wasn’t it you who broke the story about Xu Hui’s scandal ten years ago, wasn’t it you who told the reporters that it was me who forced Xu Hui to die with the secret Gu Hengyang had kept for ten years?”